Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Are you looking for what suppresses your beliefs-reality-having-ness?

The word: BUT itself represents: Objection opposition, not allowing, controlling factor, opposition a ”major stopper”, defeater, denial, rejection, rebuff, suppressor, contradictory data, make one believe of in inferiority, being a failure, don’t know, not being right, etc..etc.. in other words NOT ALLOWING THE BEIGNESS of the other person.

That word not only applies cancels-stops your intention when others say it to you…its counts all right: What is totally-completely effective as when you believe IN THAT BUT: and for every positive belief we have one BUT…. And that is the Negative aspect –side of that belief which is holding –supressing that positive viewpoint.

You see, the negative viewpoints are denser, heavier, solider therefore they will not allow that light-vibration= intention to surface ‘because they are supressed and the negative will remain effective.

 About the rules = what steps are needed to attain ones dreams ……………. all rules regardless  what order they need to be or to do  are  not valid… rules do not apply because rules belong with implanted material.

First at all times Dreams are in the Spiritual Realm… they born there first… always do.:)

PS: what I cognate on is my reality.. only mine and will remain mine… I cant tell you what is your reality.. 🙂 I can assume “but” my assumption are just that: assumptions.:)



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