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BEING HERE and to be some other place: go exterior? How? Astral walking?

BEING HERE and to be some other place: go exterior? How? Astral walking?

BEING HERE IS THE MOST VALUABLE – IMPORTANT-ESSENTIAL- VITAL- belief the person has, can have: and that is the only truth which can’t be as-ised in session !

This belief establishes creates on unwavering – solid- firm viewpoint, a viewing platform and from here, from this point all is viewed seen noticed: experienced. And being ‘’here’’ means inside, center of.

Being ”here” is eternal timeless and this viewpoint alone gives the being the reality of existing and the most important factor that being solid!=that is a lie of course!

But what is being ‘’here’’, ask that question not just once but stand there and ask this same question till you run out of answers!

LOL….. only objects –things are viewed-seen-observed.

In my reality what I have seen so far in 42 years’ worth of daily sessions I never ever were, never been without that viewpoint, regardless I considered I was  inside the body or had a Ghostly form.

I always have seen what I experienced from the core –place-spot and now I have total understanding WHY IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO SEE INTO DISTANCE and BEING THERE AT THE SAME TIME….. WHILE STILL IN THE “”HERE”” HAVING my ESTABLISHED LOCATION!

When we lose the body…. at that moment we still don’t lose the location but being without the body we gain different reality on what is ‘’’being here’’’.

Since we use the ‘’eyes’’ as a tool when having the body and when dropping—–parting from the body we do lose that belief that we see with the eyes because we no longer have that tool and now we do ‘’see’’= ‘’observe’’ our surrounding in very different way… no longer a flat picture, but now we do ‘’experience’’ the complete dimensions, we experience everything as they truly are without alteration.. in this ‘’here’’ there aren’t any deceptions –assumptions—evaluation– judgments–guessing there aren’t any  beliefs which existed while the Infinite had the connection to the body: all that have fallen away in the moment of disconnection-separation.

“Death’’ in reality is nothing more than ‘’Separation’’ from established beliefs which went with the body and that location where the body was.


And that reality is establishing the very fact that we are INFINITE!!!!!

In Ghostly Form: not having the body :WE STILL CANT BE IN OTHER PLACE AT THE SAME TIME WHILE WE ARE “”””HERE”””: since ‘’here’’ is always remain here, and ‘’there’’ represent a different location.. which of course no longer exist for the INFINITE as belief-reality after dropping the body because: That reality ‘’there’’ is part of the human belief-package.

While we are experiencing ‘’’here’’’ now’’’, because we really can do that and all  we can do and when some claims astral walking  if that would be really true, the fact  than that same person could be experiencing every so called ‘’location’’, not just ASTRAL WALKING!!!


 the person in reality walked among what ever and has described the space to a minute detail what has he seen than that same person could describe the Oval Office, what Obama is doing, or Putin, what these persons could be doing at any moment.

Or describe any happening at any moment on this Planet… including the start of the tornado-its location and experience that reality-power-movements’ what that tornado doing in minute detail!!!!

SO THOSE WHO CLAIM ASTRAL Walking AND CANT DO: be other places beside that, well, and describe those experiences in detail than they are full of shit.. and people buy that load because they simply don’t have the understanding what is happening.

When we are outside of the body and we experience being ‘’here’’ regardless where is that ‘’here’’, there is no guessing-estimating in our part for the reason that we know we have experienced that reality, we perceived every little detail to the smallest atom.

This is my reality and till I find different will remain as is..

I don’t claim that this is IT…. and cant be any other ways…because tomorrows’ session could bring totally different cognition which would change everything and by the way I never speak for others.


read it..or dont…up to you.

On Willpower.

In my recent wandering around the universe, I bumped into a minor god who was sort of standing’- levitating  beside a large heap of nice vibrating mass of energy but the god looked terribly bored stiff.

Looking at him I was wondering why was he so bored and why was he standing there beside that heap of something?

So I figured might as well find out his reason for looking so sour, down on the mouth and since  at a moment  I had nothing better to do, place to rush off in the hurry and I was really curious what is that lovely heap of vibrating could be representing and why was he standing beside it.

So I greeted him: Hi there good god…

He looked through me and said: greetings human..

Now, I realized I pegged him right  that this god was really minor-uneducated  because he did not know if I  was a human, I could not see him, talk to him and know what he was saying, and I would not be floating about….but I let that ride, not much point making him wrong, no gain in that.

I inquired : what is that heap you are standing beside?

Oh, he said: Willpower.

Willpower, wow I though, now that is fantastic I would not mind having some.

I asked: are you selling the stuff?

Oh… no…said he, I want to give it away but no one wants it, few have  come by and one taken some but  brought it back, he said it is not working has to be defected…LOL… I laughed, silently of course … LOL.. now that is funny!

He continued: than small group come by they talked it over but decided against but before they left explaining it to me, if someone has willpower, than has to take responsibility for their action and they were not about to do something like that, it was not in their bag start some stupid fad that way, no, they did not want anything to do with willpower.

 The poor god poured out rest of his unhappy story, he said; two others come and they had sniff and taste but they did not say a thing just left, they did not even bother to say good bye!

Here I was thinking… this good god was lucky that they were humans or some other breed because if this taster were dogs more likely they would have peed on pile before they left.

He continued: I really would like to get rid of this heap here because six galaxies away there is someone giving lessons in square dancing and I want go and learn… you see, she gives discount on the lessons now because it is a slow season.

I laughed I could not help myself since this made total sense to me after all  I thought: every god should know how to square dance, but I just said: since you are giving it away I would not mind having some of this Willpower, will you give me some?

He noticeably perked up and asked: how much you want? Well,  I said ‘’ I take it all’’, thinking: I had nothing to lose by having it.

As he looked at me measured me up and he wrinkled his godly eyebrows: That is a lot of willpower here, he said, are you sure you want it all? can you handle it? I just have to tell you I don’t have a manual, it got rotted away by the passing of time. Sure you want it?

Sure I am sure : I answered,   I figured what I don’t want I will sell  on E-bay.

 Well, to make this story sort, here I am stuck with a large load of willpower…love the stuff.

And now because humans don’t have any of this commodity therefore many of you can go on selling ideas and make a good living offering courses that teaches: yes: you can do it!

This blog here is my Journal – diary!!!

This blog here is my Journal – diary!!!

Someone just written to me privately of course not under their own name inquired how come I believe that I am so smart!!!! LOL. it was not meant to be a compliment.

I figure I answer that question – accusation here in my blog:

Well you faceless-nameless critic… If I would think-believe that I am so smart and know it all than I would not be in session daily and some days much as 10 hours but I am doing these because I know: the concept I take into sessions are not right, valid therefore not true, but altered crap and I want to have the real reason why these concepts come into existence.

And I believe that you are smart and it is you who believe that you know it all and that is the reason you are not having sessions but are a ‘’critic’’= because you do already know it all!

Now you got my answer…  have a lovely day! and do keep it in mind for you reading these cognitions is total waste of time!

How we gained ”permenent position”when the universe was forming.

Cognition from todays session.

Being in stable, permanent position, have locality of self  and from this point the Infinite views  other  viewpoints.

This position was gained long before solidity, density or even shapes have come into existence… this was the beginning of the beginnings stage where the Universe, the energy masses were moving fluidly. [ 🙂 they still do!]

Was no stability yet  and the INFINITE moved traveled -drifted with these energy masses: there was no destination yet.

But for of unknown reason to me, [which I haven’t yet seen -experienced=understood why. ] the waves of energy come from two different direction and both of these waves had the same vibration therefore they did not alter each others flow.

As these two flow has flown into each other  they have cancelled out the sensation of the movements and with that this new phenomenon had the appearance of not moving: being stable, and permanent.

This is called by scientist ” standing wave” and because the Infinite gotten stuck in this ”standing wave” with this gained a permanent position.


This permanency has become the most valuable reality which is still in affect.

Up until now I believed because I have learned that we cant move, we are stuck yes, that is true, but we are only stuck in our own beliefs.

As on Infinite we have the ability to view…. therefore to experience anything we desire to do so by simply putting our awareness- attention on the item.

Example: see that beautiful apple, now taste that apple, first hear the sound the crunch as you bite into than taste -savor that sweet juice. 🙂  you just experienced being outside of your body= being in the Spiritual Realm!

That was not difficult! 🙂


How the AGREEMENTs were BORN and WHAT WAS their original PURPOSE.

part of todays session.

Hi….. having a great day… dozens of cognitions and here is one I would like to share with you.

About agreements how they originated.

I have seen in the incident in session when an ”unwanted dream –vision- fantasy” was going to materialize which was not going to benefit the communities’ survival.

Soon as the group become aware of this incoming negative ‘‘mass ” counter intention was created by the group.

Every member went to the meeting place to the center of the community:  forming the circles within circles and were standing close to each other all facing -toward the center in order to have more power -concentrated power and every person concentrated- held the picture in mind= color- dimension etc which were agreed upon and this approved picture pushed away the unwanted..

By the time the picture-reality become ”stable” through their connection to each other with that certainty -permanency was established and the negative vanished.

to see-understand this to me is  incredible 🙂


Seeing the future, the yet to come

So far I have taken off hundreds of layers.. had same amount of cognitions why we are not able to see what  the next step brings.. I am not talking about making that cup of coffee, the motions we do in order to taste that liquid.

But I am talking of days- weeks ahead  how things will be with the situation we are sitting in the ”present” time… how it will turn out, how it will end.

Today I hit pay dirt…Realization: everything possible -imaginable was done in order to erase -eliminate  this ”major ability”: by achieving this the Infinite has become totally helpless —believing that we are helpless and by not seeing what is coming at us we cant change our situation and remain helpless. It is like sitting in a boat and not having paddles… we just drift helplessly.

Those earlier cognitions to had equal importance… there are no lesser or more important realizations  they are equal because cognitions are not born out of evaluation.

Incident from the past:

I am still at looking why  cant I see the future events, the continuation of the so called present time… if we are believing that we are watching on implant than that has continuum… even if the implant is in segments, than we still could -be able to  see part of the video which is available…is our life.
 On the track in one incident I could see the future and I went to the Court told the good king what I have seen… what is coming. The good king did not believe me in fact he ordered to have my eyes seared out and he said if  I after still can see what is coming than he will act accordingly but not until than.
 My eyes were burnt out with the hot burning end of stick and I was of course blinded.. immense searing pain come with that experience.
The good king asked what I can see now and of course I could not see anything because the ability I had was overpowered by this incredible dramatic experience I was sitting in.
I could not see beyond this present time drama…. the good king had me than beheaded for lying and with that he put fort on example for others to see-understand that no one but non one can see into the future.
Did the good king committed on overt? The king has to answer for his own beliefs and I do the same for mine.
I have seen lots of O/W’s I have committed against those who could see the continuums of the events..so getting some back is no problem and I do not feel I am a victim.
I am only victim of my own beliefs.
We can ask if I could see into the future why I have bothered to go to the king and beheaded because of this?
Oh… the question entered my mind: I was not seeing my future but the countries and I did not see individuals what will happen to them therefore I did not see the head being severed from the body but soon as that happened I was out of that incident and was looking down at the crowd in amusement and I have seen the future becoming reality in the form of earthquake which separated the land and swallowed that small kingdom with all its habitants.
was this born out of imagination???….. NO…. we don’t have imagination.. there is no such ability. 🙂

Raging Evil Spirit

Raging Evil Spirit…dream snatcher.

I just seen in session a raging violent Evil Spirit who come at us from above disguised as a Huge Black Cloud, and soon as we have seen her approaching we taken cover inside a hut.. huddled together forming a circle holding-supporting each other by our arms draped over shoulder head bowed, and eyes closed as who stood in circle.

By creating this circle we have known our power could not be broken- diminished but will hold steady and balanced as we stood there holding unto each other and  concentrated on the forever-burning life force.

We knew she was after us, wanted to take us and with that our power to make herself even more powerful.

The Evil One already sucked the colors out of the land and the light and now she covered the terrain with her veil blue-grey veil fury interwoven -slashing lightning aiming them toward the hut with sizzling molten evil but could not touch that flame which held us.

On the top hut a tall rod has been installed which run down on the side of the hut and was directed deeply into the Earth’s surface as the Evil Spirit sent down her destructing fiery arms to destroy us burning us to cinders, the sizzling fiery bolt hit the rod and she could not stop her flow of power but that liquid fire was channelled sucked into the ground and with that the Evil Spirit was forever imprisoned into the dense darkness of the Earth.

Her flying days were over.

Why I have seen this incident? Because I am exploring beliefs-realities on what is destroying the dreams we have, why they can’t materialize… I been working on this subject off and on ever since I am solo auditing and I  put in hundreds of sessions over the years but in the past 15-16 months I am concentrating on the subject and on is myriad other forms –consideration and by now I know -understand that the daydreams are real but we have hundreds-hundreds of whys and wherefores why we believe that they are ineffective.. and they are dismissed as illusions –delusions- aberrations.

The Infinite is imprisoned by the harsh-hard world of reality: with the identifications of the solid forms.


PS; ONE of the major reasons dreams not allowed to become reality  because they would alter the agreed upon state..Example : every one want to live in a hut and they all do but suddenly someone’s dream becomes real and suddenly a skyscraper appears amides the hut… well guys that would just not work… LOL… same goes for few believing that auditing tech. works… well… we just don’t fit in anymore with those who do not believe in is workability . 🙂 but do we have fun ferreting out different universes- realities.

To us the daily use of the Tech brought experiences unimaginable to those who  discarded it as: not working, useless piece of shit and was dreamed up in order to make money. 🙂

PS: when in the hut, having that experience and believing that the electric storm was on Evil Spirit was nothing more than an ARCBx, not understanding. simple is that. The hut was built on flat land and the highest point was the hut… so being stupid, uninformed paid off well!

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT…but, BUT!!!!!

Are you looking for what suppresses your beliefs-reality-having-ness?

The word: BUT itself represents: Objection opposition, not allowing, controlling factor, opposition a ”major stopper”, defeater, denial, rejection, rebuff, suppressor, contradictory data, make one believe of in inferiority, being a failure, don’t know, not being right, etc..etc.. in other words NOT ALLOWING THE BEIGNESS of the other person.

That word not only applies cancels-stops your intention when others say it to you…its counts all right: What is totally-completely effective as when you believe IN THAT BUT: and for every positive belief we have one BUT…. And that is the Negative aspect –side of that belief which is holding –supressing that positive viewpoint.

You see, the negative viewpoints are denser, heavier, solider therefore they will not allow that light-vibration= intention to surface ‘because they are supressed and the negative will remain effective.

 About the rules = what steps are needed to attain ones dreams ……………. all rules regardless  what order they need to be or to do  are  not valid… rules do not apply because rules belong with implanted material.

First at all times Dreams are in the Spiritual Realm… they born there first… always do.:)

PS: what I cognate on is my reality.. only mine and will remain mine… I cant tell you what is your reality.. 🙂 I can assume “but” my assumption are just that: assumptions.:)