Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

win or lose

I am having the session on ‘’’RESTRICTION’’’  and having mind boggling cogs… and of course we know that  restriction are is the content of implanted material= the bank= the content of the mind=all what we believe in regardless what we think –how we have evaluated is good or bad=on the negative or positive side of thinking: that don’t make any difference at all : we consider therefore its exists and that is our life!

But I just had a blow down: that into this material  to keep it going-keep it permanent—solid the DESIRE was inserted-added  and  this reality- the desire  to remain within this implanted beliefs ensures -keeps the person trapped.

Of course restriction is now the laws, group-agreements, the must to do this way or that way: things should be, what they are accepted to be.

By the way  just how long the body will work that too is restricted, so is the movements of the body, hearing -picking up sounds, the range of the voice how far it can go-expand.

Wages-money is restrictor-controller itself but the major restrictor to all abilities are our own beliefs [we know this] and + having the body.. the body alone  is so incredibly suppressive-limiting a controlling device because most of the time we evaluate our abilities accordingly what the body can do or can’t do.


Given a Body+ set of believes and these beliefs include what you are believing is REAL with this views in place –enforced, the persons freedom, power – abilities capabilities are eliminated ———– : the Infinite is out of the universal game = sitting in oblivion.

By the way that silly notion that: everyone is in the same boat: what we have, what we can do is just part of life here… how we live is typical, these circumstances are normal.. well, they are not.

The ‘’DOWNWARD SPIRAL’’ is in place and ‘’winning’’… making it go right, staying happy all the time, to feel on the top of the world at all times through all experiences well that is not included in the downward spiral..

TO have negatives experiences that is normal here, no one has to fight to achieve that because the odds are not against to lose, to suffer, to become ill, to choose a bad marriage partner or be in a car accident… all the odds are in favor..

But to win lotto let say $50 mill. Jackpot well the odds are 24.999.99 million to on, because they need sell 25 mill. ticket  in order to have that much in the pot.!! BUT to lose on the same draw the odds are reversed is 24.999.999. 00 LOL .. losing is guaranteed at all times. OK.. I understand that if there is 50. mill in the pot than cant be 50 million winners  , I am just giving on example. I know a person who has bought a ticket to every draw in the past 23 years and haven’t won bigger amount at one times as $20.00 so figure. I might be wrong calculating the odds, I am bad with numbers. 🙂

There is no restriction for losing on this planet, none what so ever but try to make it go right!!

Of course I had session on concepts : suppressed, walled in, limited, stopped, not allowed, held back, blocked and dozens of  other similar beliefs I had which acted -restricted my abilities.

As  🙂 you can see I am having a grand time-morning here!






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