Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

When something ails the person,

AILS: troubles, pains, effects, distressed, bothers, upsets, afflicts.

Than that person goes to another person whom he/she believes have the ability to help to ease-eliminate that bothersome ailment.

SO ACCORDINGLY TO THE COUNTRIES, what is practiced by the group: the person can get drugs;

compounded chemicals

weeds to brew and drink in form of tea

droplet made out of different elements

given diets.. which will eliminate that pesky problem

being told to change attitudes

advised to pray to the mighty and ask for help

get off his/her ass and do some exercise

go into Sweat Lodges in order to eliminate the poisons

hire a witch doctor who knows his business and will chase that evil away.

Get the palm reader locate the answer, or tarot reader to point toward the solution.

Sniff or smoke weeds.

Go to confession to unload what ever sins were committed and ask for forgiveness: that will eliminate the suffering.

NOW THESE what I mention here ARE JUST A FEW – INSIGNIFICANT amount of cures offered but there are tens of thousands available to choose from and not one really have cured any one permanently:     BUT IN THE GOOD OLD DAY: WAY BACK ON THE TRACK those bothersome problem which heavily effect your lifestyle weeeell were handled in very different manner.

LOL… LOL… was simply blanketed-overlaid with invisible energy field and that field in place made us believe that the problem has vanished:

Out of mind, out of sight… but not having memory of it that did not mean those bothersome pesky incident no longer existed..

The new experience that invisible energy field which did not contain anything: pictures-suggestions-believes but were pure undiluted vibration given the illusion that our problem –ailments no longer existed: we were cured! LOL.. “ amnesia –oblivion blank-ness, forgetfulness is the results of those old cures.”

So quack doctoring is not original to this planet here… LOL… that practice  is ancient as us who have been looking for cure- remedy in order to eliminate the unwanted.

But not only the unwanted bothersome things were eliminated- forgotten But the reality who we are, what our abilities are to were eliminated – totally forgotten.

Those methods were like the Magic Wand— waved over the problem and bingo the problem was gone and the person felt reborn… but  the use of these magic wands were not selective what they have covered over.. they have not recognized, or could select but simply covered everything.. left no trace…





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