Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Listen to this…. you know the saying ”’ don’t make waves” means don’t cause trouble, just stay with the flow, stay in agreement.

I have been continuing with the session on ”want…wanting”’ and the cogs are rolling in by the dozens, by having these new realizations they have open up awareness to new levels of understanding.

I just experienced on incident and its energy made the heart beat faster. Good thing that this heart is used to by to these huge blasts!

In this incident I wanted something different what the place I was in, the group I belonged with was offering; In other words I wanted change and of course this WANT, my reality had a different wavelength from which the group, the society was sitting in and  instantly ” my want- the desired” wavelengths-vibration was detected by some kind of radar and in that instant of detection the machine sent a wave back to me: the source, which not only destroyed that wave I created by wanting the change but I too were sent to oblivion.

At the same time wave of energy-vibration smoothed back the space to its original state=level of vibration.

Now, One should never wonder why we don’t have here Free Will.

In other Incident I was standing front of the High Courts and I was given the ‘’sentence’’ for my braking-not obeying- submitting to the Laws of the Planet by exercising Free Will of my own and with that I committed high crime because I have destabilized-undermined the Basic Energy Level Of the Planet.

This means By allowing my own reality come forth that effected the Planets energy level= which of course was Standing Wave.

My sentence? Elimination of my ability to exercise Free Will and that was ‘’forever’’ and my presence to was eliminated from the Planet.

I was ‘’told’’ that I need to go wonder around the Universe and learn the values, what they are if I want to be the part of the society.[ group reality is implanted crap]

I was put through a ‘’door’’ a porthole and by the time I went through my memory, the knowledge I had till than too has vanished.

Heheheh.. here was I bare assed outside in the void: I did not have the body anymore and minus awareness of course.

What I have found in these sessions that our Free Will… can be called Intention, the desire of ‘’’wanting’’’ has been the most supressed item I ever encountered in all these years in sessions!

I never ever seen so much determination – effort power put into any other project to erase-supress, eliminate, and remove, take out, make it none-existent as toward the ABILITY to exercise Free Will, that desire to that WANT; make it happen, that self –determination to materialise our dreams and wishes as I have seen experienced with this Subject.

The Infinite is rendered helpless but the same time made to believe given a falsehood-fiction that s/h is at cause.

of course  I have seen dozens of other incidents too beside the above and in every one of them I was punished ”’severely” for wanting -desiring more than what the society offered- believed in.

The key control factor is: must obey  or else! I think that is called black mail.

For that to happen this was needed: I went into total agreement, I have assigned  Power to them, in other words I believed in their game: what they were doing therefore my own belief have reduced me to NOTHING. I have become the victim of my own reality!

PS; I am talking here Track stuff…and my reality how I see the Universe, My beliefs are not Laws.. hehehe just experiences.



Comments on: "Free Will, Self-Determination totally f-up, missing." (4)

  1. Hi.. thanks for your post.. what is this standing wave you’re talking about and is this the responsible for our loss of perceptions?

  2. Hi… you can look up Standing Wave what ”is” on youtub.. that will give a scientific explanation, but to me is much more than that… sorry I will not go into it because the explanation would take pages in writing and these explanation still would remain irrelevant because when you will discover what Standing Waves means to you and that reality-understanding will be very different from mine and your cognition- understanding will be the truth for you and what I know -written would remain just a second had info… no value to it what so ever, none.. and that is the way… the right way! 🙂
    All through the blog… and you have read everything here, so you know what I written and in these cognitions were immense amount of subjects and explained why this or that happens or cant happen.
    All these sounded like I BLAME THE UNIVERSE FOR WHERE I AM AT… please I emphasize ”blame” because it seems that the universe made me a victim… hehehe…
    No Maribel… NO… the universe or the standing waves haven’t caused the beliefs that I have lost my perception.. lost my abilities, my will power and therefore I am a victim…NO the Universe haven’t done that: BUT MY OWN BELIEF MADE ME THE VICTIM!

  3. Hi.. thanks for your writing.. sorry for the delay in replaying I was away on holidays and didn’t get hold of a computer and internet. Ml Maribel

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