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win or lose

I am having the session on ‘’’RESTRICTION’’’  and having mind boggling cogs… and of course we know that  restriction are is the content of implanted material= the bank= the content of the mind=all what we believe in regardless what we think –how we have evaluated is good or bad=on the negative or positive side of thinking: that don’t make any difference at all : we consider therefore its exists and that is our life!

But I just had a blow down: that into this material  to keep it going-keep it permanent—solid the DESIRE was inserted-added  and  this reality- the desire  to remain within this implanted beliefs ensures -keeps the person trapped.

Of course restriction is now the laws, group-agreements, the must to do this way or that way: things should be, what they are accepted to be.

By the way  just how long the body will work that too is restricted, so is the movements of the body, hearing -picking up sounds, the range of the voice how far it can go-expand.

Wages-money is restrictor-controller itself but the major restrictor to all abilities are our own beliefs [we know this] and + having the body.. the body alone  is so incredibly suppressive-limiting a controlling device because most of the time we evaluate our abilities accordingly what the body can do or can’t do.


Given a Body+ set of believes and these beliefs include what you are believing is REAL with this views in place –enforced, the persons freedom, power – abilities capabilities are eliminated ———– : the Infinite is out of the universal game = sitting in oblivion.

By the way that silly notion that: everyone is in the same boat: what we have, what we can do is just part of life here… how we live is typical, these circumstances are normal.. well, they are not.

The ‘’DOWNWARD SPIRAL’’ is in place and ‘’winning’’… making it go right, staying happy all the time, to feel on the top of the world at all times through all experiences well that is not included in the downward spiral..

TO have negatives experiences that is normal here, no one has to fight to achieve that because the odds are not against to lose, to suffer, to become ill, to choose a bad marriage partner or be in a car accident… all the odds are in favor..

But to win lotto let say $50 mill. Jackpot well the odds are 24.999.99 million to on, because they need sell 25 mill. ticket  in order to have that much in the pot.!! BUT to lose on the same draw the odds are reversed is 24.999.999. 00 LOL .. losing is guaranteed at all times. OK.. I understand that if there is 50. mill in the pot than cant be 50 million winners  , I am just giving on example. I know a person who has bought a ticket to every draw in the past 23 years and haven’t won bigger amount at one times as $20.00 so figure. I might be wrong calculating the odds, I am bad with numbers. 🙂

There is no restriction for losing on this planet, none what so ever but try to make it go right!!

Of course I had session on concepts : suppressed, walled in, limited, stopped, not allowed, held back, blocked and dozens of  other similar beliefs I had which acted -restricted my abilities.

As  🙂 you can see I am having a grand time-morning here!






General practice…. LOL….

When something ails the person,

AILS: troubles, pains, effects, distressed, bothers, upsets, afflicts.

Than that person goes to another person whom he/she believes have the ability to help to ease-eliminate that bothersome ailment.

SO ACCORDINGLY TO THE COUNTRIES, what is practiced by the group: the person can get drugs;

compounded chemicals

weeds to brew and drink in form of tea

droplet made out of different elements

given diets.. which will eliminate that pesky problem

being told to change attitudes

advised to pray to the mighty and ask for help

get off his/her ass and do some exercise

go into Sweat Lodges in order to eliminate the poisons

hire a witch doctor who knows his business and will chase that evil away.

Get the palm reader locate the answer, or tarot reader to point toward the solution.

Sniff or smoke weeds.

Go to confession to unload what ever sins were committed and ask for forgiveness: that will eliminate the suffering.

NOW THESE what I mention here ARE JUST A FEW – INSIGNIFICANT amount of cures offered but there are tens of thousands available to choose from and not one really have cured any one permanently:     BUT IN THE GOOD OLD DAY: WAY BACK ON THE TRACK those bothersome problem which heavily effect your lifestyle weeeell were handled in very different manner.

LOL… LOL… was simply blanketed-overlaid with invisible energy field and that field in place made us believe that the problem has vanished:

Out of mind, out of sight… but not having memory of it that did not mean those bothersome pesky incident no longer existed..

The new experience that invisible energy field which did not contain anything: pictures-suggestions-believes but were pure undiluted vibration given the illusion that our problem –ailments no longer existed: we were cured! LOL.. “ amnesia –oblivion blank-ness, forgetfulness is the results of those old cures.”

So quack doctoring is not original to this planet here… LOL… that practice  is ancient as us who have been looking for cure- remedy in order to eliminate the unwanted.

But not only the unwanted bothersome things were eliminated- forgotten But the reality who we are, what our abilities are to were eliminated – totally forgotten.

Those methods were like the Magic Wand— waved over the problem and bingo the problem was gone and the person felt reborn… but  the use of these magic wands were not selective what they have covered over.. they have not recognized, or could select but simply covered everything.. left no trace…




The TRUTH what IS: how we see where others are.

What ever we believe, how we see others, their actions, who they are, what they are  that reality  which we believe and swear by that is true, they are the facts   well… those facts are only true for us… we ”assume” that they are the truth and fact.

We never ever can know,  experience what other feel, how they see the Universe.. we just assume  that we know.

example: how could any one taste that apple for me and tell me what that bite tasted like?

not one person could.. but every one could assume what I tasted because they had tasted apples too.

So our reality of others who or what they are: good -bad-ugly-smart, crazy ..whatever–is just assumptions and nothing more. 🙂


Free Will, Self-Determination totally f-up, missing.

Listen to this…. you know the saying ”’ don’t make waves” means don’t cause trouble, just stay with the flow, stay in agreement.

I have been continuing with the session on ”want…wanting”’ and the cogs are rolling in by the dozens, by having these new realizations they have open up awareness to new levels of understanding.

I just experienced on incident and its energy made the heart beat faster. Good thing that this heart is used to by to these huge blasts!

In this incident I wanted something different what the place I was in, the group I belonged with was offering; In other words I wanted change and of course this WANT, my reality had a different wavelength from which the group, the society was sitting in and  instantly ” my want- the desired” wavelengths-vibration was detected by some kind of radar and in that instant of detection the machine sent a wave back to me: the source, which not only destroyed that wave I created by wanting the change but I too were sent to oblivion.

At the same time wave of energy-vibration smoothed back the space to its original state=level of vibration.

Now, One should never wonder why we don’t have here Free Will.

In other Incident I was standing front of the High Courts and I was given the ‘’sentence’’ for my braking-not obeying- submitting to the Laws of the Planet by exercising Free Will of my own and with that I committed high crime because I have destabilized-undermined the Basic Energy Level Of the Planet.

This means By allowing my own reality come forth that effected the Planets energy level= which of course was Standing Wave.

My sentence? Elimination of my ability to exercise Free Will and that was ‘’forever’’ and my presence to was eliminated from the Planet.

I was ‘’told’’ that I need to go wonder around the Universe and learn the values, what they are if I want to be the part of the society.[ group reality is implanted crap]

I was put through a ‘’door’’ a porthole and by the time I went through my memory, the knowledge I had till than too has vanished.

Heheheh.. here was I bare assed outside in the void: I did not have the body anymore and minus awareness of course.

What I have found in these sessions that our Free Will… can be called Intention, the desire of ‘’’wanting’’’ has been the most supressed item I ever encountered in all these years in sessions!

I never ever seen so much determination – effort power put into any other project to erase-supress, eliminate, and remove, take out, make it none-existent as toward the ABILITY to exercise Free Will, that desire to that WANT; make it happen, that self –determination to materialise our dreams and wishes as I have seen experienced with this Subject.

The Infinite is rendered helpless but the same time made to believe given a falsehood-fiction that s/h is at cause.

of course  I have seen dozens of other incidents too beside the above and in every one of them I was punished ”’severely” for wanting -desiring more than what the society offered- believed in.

The key control factor is: must obey  or else! I think that is called black mail.

For that to happen this was needed: I went into total agreement, I have assigned  Power to them, in other words I believed in their game: what they were doing therefore my own belief have reduced me to NOTHING. I have become the victim of my own reality!

PS; I am talking here Track stuff…and my reality how I see the Universe, My beliefs are not Laws.. hehehe just experiences.