Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Veil of Death….

which blocks off the past.

It has been a great interest to me why we don’t remember from one life time to the next Example: language we knew and have spoken.

Before this life I lived in England and of course I was fluent in English in fact I was speaking the Queens English and not a dialect which was spoken some parts of England.

Here I was fluent not long back just in the earlier life yet, not one word I could recall plus I had great difficulty learning English this life, because I have dyslexia. I cant memorize.

Same goes with speaking Italian, not one word I understand yet I live in Italy in the later part of 1400 to early 15 hundreds.

So this reason I had the great interest to discover the WHY’s, over the years I have taken into sessions countless considerations, agreements on the subject which included on ‘’’memory, remembering, forgetting, recalling,” etc…etc.. every possible ways and in 4 flows etc.. had lots of cognitions of course but I never really discovered the WHY’s.


I am very excited.. blown out but of course I realized that this new ‘’’realization’’ is just on opening into what is there, yet to be discovered-understood and perhaps by as-ising  intentions the standing-existing considerations I have on this new –item-subject I will be able to recall languages I have spoken and other abilities which were stopped-blocked off at the DEATH OF THE BODY.

The block is a powerful VEIL which is a Standing Wave which greatly effects not only our recall of the past life-times but controls our present time -recall- memory we have.

🙂   🙂 🙂  : development, further realization: Standing Wave has nothing: no color, don’t have sound, its vibration is Standing still so it cant be felt, it don’t contain pictures, therefore don’t contain identities… nothing, zilch .

Now when the spirit, OT, person, being, soul, entity, what ever you want to call self  is hit by this wave, blanketed, covered the person in that moment EXPERIENCES ONLY THIS STANDING WAVE, therefore all other experiences are — become none existent. Therefore the Entity is  in total full blown amnesia. I also call this experience becoming the OUTSIDER, we leave the mind-bank-implanted memory state and we are in of course now in the ghostly state our original none-shape.

This Standing wave has other names: void, emptiness, nothingness.

Now every time any one is hit by or re-stimulated  into this Wave.. looses all experiences-their memory etc.

WHEN WE ARE HIT BY OR RE_STIMULATED onto this standing wave we are in fact ””experiencing  our entry to the MEST UNIVERSE!””’ We did not enter into the Universe with dictionary under our arm and we did not have one belief, one though  and we were not AWARE being AWARE!  That has come much later, much… much later. 🙂

You might not realize the mind boggling significance of this realization.. but that too is part of the experiences , no problem!

hehehe I still cant speak Italian!!!!

PS:When those who practice meditation and reach the so called empty state, void, nothing-ness in fact they hit the wall of Standing Wave… and of course this wall is void the content of the Mind-Ego- Bank.

But this State is not easy to maintain so those who practices pack it with all sort of symbols and give this state a description a selected language: spiritual state!

But is it a spiritual state? Not in my reality-experience.

In spiritual -free state we can move freely and we can be aware of anything in this Universe, all we need to do is put our attention on the subject-object.

PS: there is a saying that ”’CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU.” How true.





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