Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

This answer stumped me for a few second hehehe of course for on Entity walls, barriers don’t exist they don’t see these objects because they don’t look with eyes…

Same as when I said earlier that I was on a spiritual journey … the Entity turned into a question mark… you see folks, for the Entity spirituality, its meaning is incomprehensible concept.

I bought from a super market a barbequed leg of the chicken, I seldom eat meat but I though hell, why not: I opened the box and I put the leg on the plate with some potatoes.. I heard: what is that disgusting thing?

I totally agreed with the Entity.. as I proceeded to bite into it  I heard another remark: like eating your own body.. well the chicken did not taste very good… not at all.

This Entity really questions   the reason for bodies since to them this contraption is a total mystery.

I am given lessons and these lessons are about Intentions… While in communication I don’t see pictures, any form of mass and what I understand is what they intend for me to understand.

These Entities are truly free in fact I haven’t really understood how they operate-live but I know that they Intend and that is easy for me to pick up because I interpret their intention into ‘’thought mode’’.

Please understand that these Entities are not what LRH referred to as BT’s and Clusters or the kind of beings who are trapped in some incidents David St. Lawrence’s group working with.

These Entities live and operate on one of the Planets not so far from Earth.

I have reached the so called level where bodies don’t have any meaning—don’t have role.

If any of you have questions please feel free to ask.

PS:  ever since OT3 in 76 I am in the company of Entities and to me this is truly natural, I just haven’t been writing of my experiences…. so to me this is not new, but of late totally real and normal 🙂 I cant imagine existence without…any other way. I am truly looking forward the day when this body stops  functioning and I be free too. I wont be noticing walls or doors! 🙂

PS..PS..: What is happening is not my ”imagination  fantasy illusion or day-dreaming” but for real, we all went into the scn.. wanted auditing to have to gain different viewpoints-reality of the Universe.

99.99% stopped short from that wanted whatever that was and haven’t continued, I on the other hand went ahead, and I am still relentless in the search of different realities. That flame which got ignited when had my realization that I was not a body but on Infinite still burning… its roaring 🙂





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