Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Scary realization: IF  we truly existed-lived infinite lives-times in this Universe than we hardly know anything at all do we?
 By now I don’t write my experiences…  tooooo way out.. toooo science fiction example the understanding I have gained: example how the planets orbit around the SUN,  what holds them in place and why only the Earth has life: greenery  etc… why the other Planets become lifeless and what the future will be for Earth.
No… my reality is not the same as the explanation from the scientists… NO… that is the reason I no longer write what I see.
Can any of the scientist explain why the planets rotate? Why they remain on the same spot and why asteroids are seldom hit our planet? The explanation is very simple.
I have regained immense understanding on variety of the so ”called” illnesses: what is cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, dyslexia: they are not illnesses but conditions which were used -or were useful on different times on the Track…but not one person would believe what I have seen realized why these conditions exist here and why solutions-remedies -cures never will be discovered, so I don’t write … I just have to live with the discoveries.
How many persons do you know who can see holographic images when looking at things, I am that person who has regained that ability beside others I wont mention.
The auditing Tech works and when it used and has to be used continually because immenseness of collected masses of energy+ the added considerations… but it works and slowly  as-is the beliefs which are the barriers to awareness-different experiences-unknown to humans  which lays outside the human realities-beliefs.
I have gained immerse insight  in general about the Universe yet I found mind-boggling how little I truly know.
But tomorrow is another day and I will continue with the daily sessions which will bring new realizations.

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  1. Hi.. Yeah it’s daunting to think the amount of work needed to uncover stuff because of how infinite the universe is…
    So, why is Earth the only planet to hold greenery, life forms?.. and what will the future be for Earth?
    Thanks for your post.

    • The Earth is sitting on a Standing Wave, this wave has the same vibration what is needed allows growth.
      Other Planets have life forms— but it can be perceived by the human eyes—by looking.. The human race believes if other don’t look like SELF-BODY than they are not real.
      Human race believes that to have life one must have what Earth has–water-oxygen soil, etc..etc..
      hehehe.. not all being need to eat, have sex, sleep, or have the need to communicate with words. Human race is not on aware race.. having the ”eyes” looking is what keeps them blind.

      • Thanks for that, I didn’t know about the standing wave.. but I knew about life in other planets that can be perceived through other means without the eyes.. yes, awareness on this planet is low, I agree.. at the same time there are some very aware individuals, in comparison.. it’s kind of a mix, them being minority of course.

        • 🙂 Have a very lovely weekend! 🙂
          PS; I by now ”measure awareness” if it is real or mere learned stuff, the means was used how that awareness has been attained… words -concepts-symbolisms, quotations from those who have long left that body, no longer confuse me.

    • The Earths days how long it will be here was ” numbered” when it was created… sooner or later everything is destroyed by heavier vibration..but its life span how long it could be here or how long it will be here is two different thing.
      The human race is really doing its best to shorten that span of time.
      The other factor is if a very strong explosion happens nearby in space… well that vibration could effect-destroy the Earths standing wave on which is holding it in position.
      my reality, what I have seen-experienced and through this experience I understood what is.

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