Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I just found something you might be interested to know.

That happiness, that feeling we feel when we have the cognition is not only the keyed out—getting out of that bad sensation-belief but that sensation is part of the IMPLANT, that happy sensation is HAVING_NESS..

This sensation grows its becomes bigger better IT SEEM as we advance, as-is unwanted because we can feel-have more…

The difficult thing, the difficult level is when we as-is so much that we feel less and less, and this is because we have less heavy stimulations therefore our having-ness is less, so it APPEAR to our reality.

WE believe that we are GOING DOWN TONE and we seem becoming depressed, lifeless, empty… and the purpose to feel these fabricated sensations=beliefs is to go back to MAMA = the Implant and to remain there because that is HEAVY HAVING_NESS and the reality by now that is Life itself!!

 That Happy sensation is a trap.. huge trap…because we have that sensation only if we have solid- items-pictures.

 I have written to you about the MIND it is a heavy subject and In this Item=mind all sensations aches pains-pleasure moments-happiness, pictures, every considerations-agreements we ever known, ever made belong into the MIND.

Of course you know this… so I am not writing to inform you, but just writing…putting it out.

But when the cognitions vaporizes so is that happy sensation going with it and that too means the having-ness that incredible delicious sensation gone with it.

By the way cognitions do not vanish they can’t, I have written in my earlier posts what cognitions are.

I have missed that sensation so much over the years and I wanted it back permanently and every time it has come with each cognition I thought: finally it will stay… but never has so far…Because now I know why this happy-delicious sensation is contains-made of mass-holds mass and it is a consideration-belief..



Comments on: "Note to Maurice, on happines…" (2)

  1. The happy feeling is such a trick, a misleading sensation.. I’ve become fed up of chasing this thing called Happiness.
    Ml Maribel

    • It is real but not as that sensation which is called ”happiness” by people.
      Everything is very different after stepping out of the human body. While being that human body a SET OF BELIEFS go with that body… but when those considerations-beliefs are no longer =as-ised= we are no longer stimulated by them…out of the way..than the Entity can decide for self what is ”happiness”…
      Chasing happiness is like chasing contentment, while one has the ”body” =influenced by the body neither can be achieved permanently.
      The body is a major control mechanism, and this mechanism is powerful beyond understanding by this I mean while the being believes its existence is needed for survival…for having ”life”.

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