Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Just how DESPARATEDLY WE HANG ONTO the bodies, want to stay connected, and fear so intensely of nothingness— the so called nothingness we move into after leaving the body hehehe which is certainly not nothingness -emptiness or void but the real existence!


Look at the condition the bodies are in, go visit a nursing homes, visit mental institutions, and visit hospitals, or just be truthful for yourself and summon up how well-or badly you are doing and NEVERTHELESS the results you come up with you stay with the body same as others do and as in so many conditions the body has become useless piece of garbage, yet the Being hangs in there petrified of stepping out—going exterior from that unbelievable bad condition is in.

DESPARATE???? BEING DESPARATE, DREADING to move out is so heavy -so concrete that the Being rather endures hardship-suffering because that by now has become familiar…since everyone is in that condition=misery has become on agreed upon reality therefore OK TO HAVE!

Anyone thinking that scientology has failed and auditing don’t work?

Well, it works.. but the obstacles has to be confronted before what we want could happen.

HEHEHE… Beings stay in half dead bodies because their fear being without is bad!



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