Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

LOL…..LOL…..LOL…Cognition now this is fun…..

Once upon a time in other place on other Planet -Galaxy we as Entities needed to be stabilised in order to remain in permanent position: To keep our own ‘’space-territory’’ on the surface of the Planet.

Scientifically calculated energy-masses were created tailor-made for each individual and these individualized vibrating masses of energy were in harmony with the original vibration the Entity had but these created ‘’portions’’ of mass had to be periodically added back to the persons space because the outer energy: the Planets energy mass effected-corroded this personal energy mass: when that happened the Entity therefore ‘’felt’’ weight-less-not stable.

Now because the energy-mass would slowly corrode thin out.. the Entity had to get a new portion to keep self–in steady condition…LOL… now you know why we eat and why the size of the  food portion matters.

Food: every kind has its own level of vibration since it is only energy.

Example: Heavy lunch sure will put someone into that unconscious condition for a good hour which is called sleep.

Eating a 10 once stake+ baked potato+ sour cream, large slice of apple pie can be taken by the person whos own vibration is solid as on brick outhouse.. but that same ‘’meal’’ would be deadly: totally overwhelming for a Entity who for example had over 100000 hours as-ising the effects therefore the tolerance of heavy energy.

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