Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

What makes the Ghostly State unreal, dreamlike, not accepted, not believed in its existence as real but labeled as on illusion delusion and only the deception of the mind therefore is dismissed by most as foolish -silly idea…

What makes the Ghostly State just that: In that State the Entity don’t have—experiences of the tactile-physical sensations –vibrations which are generated-caused when two subject or object become into contact: which are named as feelings-sensations.

Example: fingers touch on ice cube or on the mouthful of hot coffee or looking at a horrific car accident, stabbing the big toe etc…all these experiences are caused by the collisions of different matter hence the new vibration.

Also the ‘’eye’’ see pictures.. Regardless that these pictures are flat as a windowpane the Entity supplies the debt to these images+ other information etc.. so they become dimensional and informative too: having life, real. LOL.

In the Ghostly state these strong constant supply of stimulants don’t exists and the Eyes don’t supply pictures… therefore this state is very different in reality.. and by my own comparison and evaluation this Universe is the true Universe where the Entity don’t have the need or the want the tactile solid contact –experience and really here the idea don’t exist that this is not existent.

In this State the Entity perceive dimensionally + all the info is there in what is perceived—or created for others to experience. The Entity-Spirit don’t need have to rely on shapes-forms or thoughts-beliefs, beingness in variety in order to be Aware.

There is no uncertainty here since doubt only exists when the truth is not known.

PS; after the so called ‘’death” which is only the death of the body…when the Entity believes that has died too because the missing tactile sensations are no longer there to supply the constant heavy vibrations=experiences, and without these the Entity believes that h/s no longer exist either!

True life carries on for the Entity after the death of the body and this Universe into which we re-enter I call Enchanted Realm.

What the LOSS the GRIEF IS ABOUT FOR THOSE WHO STAY BEHIND are the SAME AS FOR THE DEPARTED: MISSING OF THE PHYSICAL –FULL- HEAVY was shared: hearing, seeing, touching, smelling.



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