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Veil of Death….

which blocks off the past.

It has been a great interest to me why we don’t remember from one life time to the next Example: language we knew and have spoken.

Before this life I lived in England and of course I was fluent in English in fact I was speaking the Queens English and not a dialect which was spoken some parts of England.

Here I was fluent not long back just in the earlier life yet, not one word I could recall plus I had great difficulty learning English this life, because I have dyslexia. I cant memorize.

Same goes with speaking Italian, not one word I understand yet I live in Italy in the later part of 1400 to early 15 hundreds.

So this reason I had the great interest to discover the WHY’s, over the years I have taken into sessions countless considerations, agreements on the subject which included on ‘’’memory, remembering, forgetting, recalling,” etc…etc.. every possible ways and in 4 flows etc.. had lots of cognitions of course but I never really discovered the WHY’s.


I am very excited.. blown out but of course I realized that this new ‘’’realization’’ is just on opening into what is there, yet to be discovered-understood and perhaps by as-ising  intentions the standing-existing considerations I have on this new –item-subject I will be able to recall languages I have spoken and other abilities which were stopped-blocked off at the DEATH OF THE BODY.

The block is a powerful VEIL which is a Standing Wave which greatly effects not only our recall of the past life-times but controls our present time -recall- memory we have.

🙂   🙂 🙂  : development, further realization: Standing Wave has nothing: no color, don’t have sound, its vibration is Standing still so it cant be felt, it don’t contain pictures, therefore don’t contain identities… nothing, zilch .

Now when the spirit, OT, person, being, soul, entity, what ever you want to call self  is hit by this wave, blanketed, covered the person in that moment EXPERIENCES ONLY THIS STANDING WAVE, therefore all other experiences are — become none existent. Therefore the Entity is  in total full blown amnesia. I also call this experience becoming the OUTSIDER, we leave the mind-bank-implanted memory state and we are in of course now in the ghostly state our original none-shape.

This Standing wave has other names: void, emptiness, nothingness.

Now every time any one is hit by or re-stimulated  into this Wave.. looses all experiences-their memory etc.

WHEN WE ARE HIT BY OR RE_STIMULATED onto this standing wave we are in fact ””experiencing  our entry to the MEST UNIVERSE!””’ We did not enter into the Universe with dictionary under our arm and we did not have one belief, one though  and we were not AWARE being AWARE!  That has come much later, much… much later. 🙂

You might not realize the mind boggling significance of this realization.. but that too is part of the experiences , no problem!

hehehe I still cant speak Italian!!!!

PS:When those who practice meditation and reach the so called empty state, void, nothing-ness in fact they hit the wall of Standing Wave… and of course this wall is void the content of the Mind-Ego- Bank.

But this State is not easy to maintain so those who practices pack it with all sort of symbols and give this state a description a selected language: spiritual state!

But is it a spiritual state? Not in my reality-experience.

In spiritual -free state we can move freely and we can be aware of anything in this Universe, all we need to do is put our attention on the subject-object.

PS: there is a saying that ”’CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU.” How true.





Entities for company!!!! I love it!

This answer stumped me for a few second hehehe of course for on Entity walls, barriers don’t exist they don’t see these objects because they don’t look with eyes…

Same as when I said earlier that I was on a spiritual journey … the Entity turned into a question mark… you see folks, for the Entity spirituality, its meaning is incomprehensible concept.

I bought from a super market a barbequed leg of the chicken, I seldom eat meat but I though hell, why not: I opened the box and I put the leg on the plate with some potatoes.. I heard: what is that disgusting thing?

I totally agreed with the Entity.. as I proceeded to bite into it  I heard another remark: like eating your own body.. well the chicken did not taste very good… not at all.

This Entity really questions   the reason for bodies since to them this contraption is a total mystery.

I am given lessons and these lessons are about Intentions… While in communication I don’t see pictures, any form of mass and what I understand is what they intend for me to understand.

These Entities are truly free in fact I haven’t really understood how they operate-live but I know that they Intend and that is easy for me to pick up because I interpret their intention into ‘’thought mode’’.

Please understand that these Entities are not what LRH referred to as BT’s and Clusters or the kind of beings who are trapped in some incidents David St. Lawrence’s group working with.

These Entities live and operate on one of the Planets not so far from Earth.

I have reached the so called level where bodies don’t have any meaning—don’t have role.

If any of you have questions please feel free to ask.

PS:  ever since OT3 in 76 I am in the company of Entities and to me this is truly natural, I just haven’t been writing of my experiences…. so to me this is not new, but of late totally real and normal 🙂 I cant imagine existence without…any other way. I am truly looking forward the day when this body stops  functioning and I be free too. I wont be noticing walls or doors! 🙂

PS..PS..: What is happening is not my ”imagination  fantasy illusion or day-dreaming” but for real, we all went into the scn.. wanted auditing to have to gain different viewpoints-reality of the Universe.

99.99% stopped short from that wanted whatever that was and haven’t continued, I on the other hand went ahead, and I am still relentless in the search of different realities. That flame which got ignited when had my realization that I was not a body but on Infinite still burning… its roaring 🙂





Just how desparate-afraid the being can be?

Just how DESPARATEDLY WE HANG ONTO the bodies, want to stay connected, and fear so intensely of nothingness— the so called nothingness we move into after leaving the body hehehe which is certainly not nothingness -emptiness or void but the real existence!


Look at the condition the bodies are in, go visit a nursing homes, visit mental institutions, and visit hospitals, or just be truthful for yourself and summon up how well-or badly you are doing and NEVERTHELESS the results you come up with you stay with the body same as others do and as in so many conditions the body has become useless piece of garbage, yet the Being hangs in there petrified of stepping out—going exterior from that unbelievable bad condition is in.

DESPARATE???? BEING DESPARATE, DREADING to move out is so heavy -so concrete that the Being rather endures hardship-suffering because that by now has become familiar…since everyone is in that condition=misery has become on agreed upon reality therefore OK TO HAVE!

Anyone thinking that scientology has failed and auditing don’t work?

Well, it works.. but the obstacles has to be confronted before what we want could happen.

HEHEHE… Beings stay in half dead bodies because their fear being without is bad!


Note to Maurice, on happines…

I just found something you might be interested to know.

That happiness, that feeling we feel when we have the cognition is not only the keyed out—getting out of that bad sensation-belief but that sensation is part of the IMPLANT, that happy sensation is HAVING_NESS..

This sensation grows its becomes bigger better IT SEEM as we advance, as-is unwanted because we can feel-have more…

The difficult thing, the difficult level is when we as-is so much that we feel less and less, and this is because we have less heavy stimulations therefore our having-ness is less, so it APPEAR to our reality.

WE believe that we are GOING DOWN TONE and we seem becoming depressed, lifeless, empty… and the purpose to feel these fabricated sensations=beliefs is to go back to MAMA = the Implant and to remain there because that is HEAVY HAVING_NESS and the reality by now that is Life itself!!

 That Happy sensation is a trap.. huge trap…because we have that sensation only if we have solid- items-pictures.

 I have written to you about the MIND it is a heavy subject and In this Item=mind all sensations aches pains-pleasure moments-happiness, pictures, every considerations-agreements we ever known, ever made belong into the MIND.

Of course you know this… so I am not writing to inform you, but just writing…putting it out.

But when the cognitions vaporizes so is that happy sensation going with it and that too means the having-ness that incredible delicious sensation gone with it.

By the way cognitions do not vanish they can’t, I have written in my earlier posts what cognitions are.

I have missed that sensation so much over the years and I wanted it back permanently and every time it has come with each cognition I thought: finally it will stay… but never has so far…Because now I know why this happy-delicious sensation is contains-made of mass-holds mass and it is a consideration-belief..


scary-cold-reality- realization

Scary realization: IF  we truly existed-lived infinite lives-times in this Universe than we hardly know anything at all do we?
 By now I don’t write my experiences…  tooooo way out.. toooo science fiction example the understanding I have gained: example how the planets orbit around the SUN,  what holds them in place and why only the Earth has life: greenery  etc… why the other Planets become lifeless and what the future will be for Earth.
No… my reality is not the same as the explanation from the scientists… NO… that is the reason I no longer write what I see.
Can any of the scientist explain why the planets rotate? Why they remain on the same spot and why asteroids are seldom hit our planet? The explanation is very simple.
I have regained immense understanding on variety of the so ”called” illnesses: what is cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, dyslexia: they are not illnesses but conditions which were used -or were useful on different times on the Track…but not one person would believe what I have seen realized why these conditions exist here and why solutions-remedies -cures never will be discovered, so I don’t write … I just have to live with the discoveries.
How many persons do you know who can see holographic images when looking at things, I am that person who has regained that ability beside others I wont mention.
The auditing Tech works and when it used and has to be used continually because immenseness of collected masses of energy+ the added considerations… but it works and slowly  as-is the beliefs which are the barriers to awareness-different experiences-unknown to humans  which lays outside the human realities-beliefs.
I have gained immerse insight  in general about the Universe yet I found mind-boggling how little I truly know.
But tomorrow is another day and I will continue with the daily sessions which will bring new realizations.

TIME acts as GLUE.

TIME acts as GLUE.
This morning I had a realization about TIME.. this concept is a major GLUE which keeps things in place and solid… by putting years- weeks, centuries on items that ”it has happened than”” with that consideration we solidify that item.. Example: I was born in 1939 November 4… when that number, is repeated that keeps ”me” in that mass, in that picture, in that incident.

If the PC= solo auditor wont give up or cant give up ‘time” than cant leave the ”human cluster” either because the base of this cluster is imbedded in in the belief that time is holding everything in place..
Time dont exist in reality..it is just a consideration, clocks, watches are not time it self they are machinery, TIME it self is intangible.

LOL…..LOL…..LOL…Cognition now this is fun…..

LOL…..LOL…..LOL…Cognition now this is fun…..

Once upon a time in other place on other Planet -Galaxy we as Entities needed to be stabilised in order to remain in permanent position: To keep our own ‘’space-territory’’ on the surface of the Planet.

Scientifically calculated energy-masses were created tailor-made for each individual and these individualized vibrating masses of energy were in harmony with the original vibration the Entity had but these created ‘’portions’’ of mass had to be periodically added back to the persons space because the outer energy: the Planets energy mass effected-corroded this personal energy mass: when that happened the Entity therefore ‘’felt’’ weight-less-not stable.

Now because the energy-mass would slowly corrode thin out.. the Entity had to get a new portion to keep self–in steady condition…LOL… now you know why we eat and why the size of the  food portion matters.

Food: every kind has its own level of vibration since it is only energy.

Example: Heavy lunch sure will put someone into that unconscious condition for a good hour which is called sleep.

Eating a 10 once stake+ baked potato+ sour cream, large slice of apple pie can be taken by the person whos own vibration is solid as on brick outhouse.. but that same ‘’meal’’ would be deadly: totally overwhelming for a Entity who for example had over 100000 hours as-ising the effects therefore the tolerance of heavy energy.

After LIFE: ghostly state: the real life.

What makes the Ghostly State unreal, dreamlike, not accepted, not believed in its existence as real but labeled as on illusion delusion and only the deception of the mind therefore is dismissed by most as foolish -silly idea…

What makes the Ghostly State just that: In that State the Entity don’t have—experiences of the tactile-physical sensations –vibrations which are generated-caused when two subject or object become into contact: which are named as feelings-sensations.

Example: fingers touch on ice cube or on the mouthful of hot coffee or looking at a horrific car accident, stabbing the big toe etc…all these experiences are caused by the collisions of different matter hence the new vibration.

Also the ‘’eye’’ see pictures.. Regardless that these pictures are flat as a windowpane the Entity supplies the debt to these images+ other information etc.. so they become dimensional and informative too: having life, real. LOL.

In the Ghostly state these strong constant supply of stimulants don’t exists and the Eyes don’t supply pictures… therefore this state is very different in reality.. and by my own comparison and evaluation this Universe is the true Universe where the Entity don’t have the need or the want the tactile solid contact –experience and really here the idea don’t exist that this is not existent.

In this State the Entity perceive dimensionally + all the info is there in what is perceived—or created for others to experience. The Entity-Spirit don’t need have to rely on shapes-forms or thoughts-beliefs, beingness in variety in order to be Aware.

There is no uncertainty here since doubt only exists when the truth is not known.

PS; after the so called ‘’death” which is only the death of the body…when the Entity believes that has died too because the missing tactile sensations are no longer there to supply the constant heavy vibrations=experiences, and without these the Entity believes that h/s no longer exist either!

True life carries on for the Entity after the death of the body and this Universe into which we re-enter I call Enchanted Realm.

What the LOSS the GRIEF IS ABOUT FOR THOSE WHO STAY BEHIND are the SAME AS FOR THE DEPARTED: MISSING OF THE PHYSICAL –FULL- HEAVY was shared: hearing, seeing, touching, smelling.