Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

on different Planet…


In other cultures on different Planets the act of ”death” had a very different definition which in fact described the very experience what was happening and that was correctly defined because we knew we did not die since act of death and its definition is strictly human experience-belief-consideration.

We have known, were aware we separated  and  that separation  caused dissolving or ”’  going vapor” of what we were experiencing:

Here this  act is labeled going exterior…

to believe that we die is indicator: hitting the bottom on the TS.

PS; Death the consideration that its real and it exist keep the believe in place that we have a life…….we live… these considerations is the base—the very existence of human the human race which I call Human Cluster.


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    • Thank You Luciano for the link.. A.W.’s is talking about the Human Race..human realities and the above post is about different reality on other planet… Yes, it is true when we learn who we are than we find out WHAT WE ARE NOT…but in my realities are no longer on the level of A W.s since he strictly speaking on human level. In Auditing-sessions-cognitions do discover realities which are far beyond what human understanding allows.

    • Luciano….PS: what I write here is my cognitions my own realities how I see-understand self and the Universe around me which include the Universe it self.
      For information I do not go to the internet but I go into sessions and I find out my own realities how I have created what I believe in.
      What I write is not second hand information… not quotations from others but realizations of my own… which are totally unique: which never been read by others or collected agreements …. these posts are my truth..

    • PS… I need to let you know that I haven’t the clue who is A. Watts.

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