Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Cognition -realized having the belief  ”location” what really means and do.

Location-Position-going exterior: Want to be some other place: do things–see things without the body?

With the beginning of Track we were Establishing location and by having on location, being on location, with that positioning ‘’self’’ into dense mass-vibration and accepted this belief as fact- reality plus trusted in the collected agreements from others and having this collection of agreements further solidified the beliefs of ‘’self’’: having location: that YES I am here, I have vicinity- domicile- I am established body! I walk on solid ground!

And now want to go EXTERIOR? Want to move freely in the Universe?

It has taken Eons to create to form- establish the very beliefs that solidity existed, to have, be able to experience permanency immovability and from these beliefs were born the reality because we were solid in form therefore we had prolonged existence that means believing that there is ‘’time’’ + there is stage of development: birth continuum death–age .

To establish all the above was a solution the answer to the earlier state the ‘’self’’ was in: which was a ghostly state… not much to the body but a wisp of illusion but there was freedom and into this state considerations haven’t been entered yet, but we had LIFE and this had no location-boundaries: this is the Magical the Enchanted the Supernatural Universe!

So… want to exteriorises from whatever you are in… and what you are in is what you believe you are in and that is simply you; that is your locality –residence and limitations- restrictions.

PS; I know some people can  go out of the body and have experiences on different local and that is fact,  but  this accuracies are out of the ordinary and seldom happens  out of free will.

Those who can leave their body by simply putting their attention on different location and experience that designated place… these Entities retained this even after when ”become human”.

To be mobile , with this I mean have the ability to change view-points, to focus on different location-subject or objects and see-experience those is normal to the Entity, it is what we can do.



Comments on: "Location-Position-going exterior: Want to be some other place?" (2)

  1. How can I say I love you, too you? Maybe some day I know how to. In the meantime have a nice life.

    • Jon-Atle Babsvik …You already know how to say “I love you” so you no longer have to wait, I thank you for the most delightful and welcome comment… please accept a Hug!

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