Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

GREAT WIN..not mine…Huge!

alone-black-and-white-boy-child-Favim.com-1653486 I call these cognitions “CROSSING OVER” because The cognize is stepping out of human reality and re enters the Magical Universe in which the Cognize realises  meaning of Eternity-Infinite.

 By Chris Black

I have been auditing a pc and friend lately on False Purpose RD auditing. We have been delving deep into the basics of Life and Theta. After a few spectacular sessions, he sent me this success story today. He asked that the picture be included as that is how he feels:

“I was very senior to MEST once and I co-existed with it so to speak.

“I came to it once in a while to see what was happening, to get/create an effect, to make something happen, to be entertained, to find friends.

“I would go in and out of the Theta and MEST universes quite willingly and I knew what I was doing and sometimes the two universes came crashing and it was not so smart and the intention behind it was not my own. It felt more like it was a compulsion or a command coming from elsewhere — for me to BE or become what I was not, to become something other than me. It was FALSE!

“It was NOT me.

“This is my biggest win today – to finally get a subjective reality on both universes and to discover my own truth.

“It is a big win.

“I am instead being gifted with an unshakeable reality of not only who I am but who I was and what I am at the core: A very simple being.

“I have a huge desire to be simple. What a relief!

“To look at things simply … how OT!

“Gone is the desire to be overly admired and liked, gone is the desire to cave myself or others in, gone is the desire to hate, to confuse, to trick, to stop, to be doubtful, to be scared, to be less than who I know I can be.

“It is replaced with the utmost desire to BE. To be CAUSE on my own terms if that makes sense.

“It is replaced with a desire to be ME, alone or with others doesn’t matter – but happy with ME.

“SUCH a relief and such calm in my space. No desire to go and “find something or someone to make me happy” – I can be alone and happy.

“You CAN be alone and happy you know – you once were and you only starting losing yourself once you had a thought to become something or do anything other than being you.

“What a great feeling of love. I miss the good old days.

“I have found myself mumbling more and more with my auditor Chris Black as we get into the early days of my track. Everything was so simple and free.

“Great sessions, great wins.

“Two floating TA’s today. Tons of charge blown.

“A very good day indeed.

“I found myself today – quite by surprise!



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