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on different Planet…


In other cultures on different Planets the act of ”death” had a very different definition which in fact described the very experience what was happening and that was correctly defined because we knew we did not die since act of death and its definition is strictly human experience-belief-consideration.

We have known, were aware we separated  and  that separation  caused dissolving or ”’  going vapor” of what we were experiencing:

Here this  act is labeled going exterior…

to believe that we die is indicator: hitting the bottom on the TS.

PS; Death the consideration that its real and it exist keep the believe in place that we have a life…….we live… these considerations is the base—the very existence of human the human race which I call Human Cluster.


Being here… to is a consideration

 Being here  to is a consideration

just had a realization  .

we have a consideration- belief of ”being here” and this belief is imbedded into constant sensation which can be felt -located on the lower part of the body all the way down to the ground.

This sensation is a heavy mass and have become to us essential as a fixed position and we got this by simply ‘’’grounding self’’ into the soil-our surrounding and of course we are not this sensation but what we continually experiencing is the vibration of the ground the Earth itself.

To exteriorize effortlessly is not as easy: by postulating, far from it.

PS: the above consideration is only one out of hundreds of other reasons why we cant.


We got personalities= downloaded.:)

Implants. I will tell you what I know of implants. This of course is my reality, and understanding how they work since I have stumbled on them in sessions.

Waaaay back I have no idea how it have started but I have arrived into a new place a huge city, full of Beings every kind -every make. Here I found something new; I found that one could buy personality. One could change into different role whatever one desired.  It was very simple one just went into the store, the outlet and looked over their list of personalities what was available to BE.

But first one had to buy a basic personality a platform on which one could build on.  Makes lot of sense to me if you would ask. Sure lets go for broke, the whole hog. Why not, what we have to lose?

Also you could see the results of those wonderful personalities in the city itself walking about on the streets and each being was the great advertisement of those wonderful enticing products.

One could see a new novelty: a beautiful created woman and one clearly notice just how much admiration she has collected, everyone loved its energy flows they were very stimulative as she was sashaying down on the street.

Wow one would think: That can be fun to cause such a big effect, just got to buy it too, a must have!

Plus one finds out in the store yes, that item the “beautiful woman” is on the bestselling list. But one more thing if one pays a little extra than can get different versions of that “beautiful woman”. Example, classy lady, cocotte, gipsy girl, good person, bad person, old and wise lady etc… etc.. etc.

Gets down -loaded and now you are a beautiful woman you too can emanate those lovely energy flows-vibrations and get admiration.  You are now being that loveliness. You buy clothes for it you dress it, show it off everywhere. You are in the middle of everything, you are wooed. Courted by the “Male” personalities and handsome they are too. WOW!!!

After a while one can become bored with that personality, that game so you become a warrior, huge game, it has many complicated sides, variety, complexities like  winning and losing, conquering, going to places, demolishing others. Great game to experience and all that power, much better than being a woman since her personality does not have that complexity as the warriors has.

But just how long one can be a soldier even if one plays the role from the lowest foot soldier to the highest, and have the control by being a commander. So in this game new learning new understanding one can be controlled and one can control and control is better since it has the winning personality.

Of course in each game were rules had to fallow in order to reach that end part of that game than you got some rewards and the knowledge you have ‘WON”. You are good, capable, better than others you have not lost that personality [died, eliminated in the middle of that game]  And being the woman one learned how beauty can pull in admiration and how one can manipulate others by having wanting that admired person, personality. Sticky stuff to lure in with beauty than you can kill the beggars off one by one but love am to death first. Naturally!

Let’s say next game one buys is a” professor” who has great knowledge, combination of items in that personality on many different subjects. One can dress accordingly and one would be instantly recognise what role one plays from ones dress mode and behaviour. And knowing that rumpled looking being who has that ruffled hair, carelessly dressed person but under that exterior is great, formidable knowledge is hidden. So don’t mess with that person.  He knows that he knows!! 🙂

Next could be on “architect”, what a wonderful down load what a brilliant knowledge!

Let’s look at a personality of the “Doctor” who has downloaded all the knowledge how to cure, fix up bodies of those who’s abusing of different personalities caused to the basic personality disharmony, aberration. Because of the programme he the “doctor” could now coordinate, harmonize that Being that personality, more likely what he was doing is that he has downloaded again  the first program that basic personality to which one could add again new personalities.  So after all the good Doctor cured nothing, maybe the saying-indicator being a “quack” originated from there.:)

One has become cured by having the basic personality re-installed once more, great stuff but good grief, what a mess that basic program has created since the all-every programs were still there but covered up now!

The games have become very popular since they were simulative, had lots of diversity,  just look around you still can see the roles-valances the beings still in and out there in every walk of life and truly believed that they are that being=personality.

Of course in each game were rules had to be fallowed in order to reach that end part of that game than you got some rewards and the knowledge you have ‘WON”.

And the acknowledgement you got that you are good, capable, better than others because you have not lost that personality [died off, eliminated in the middle of that game]

Again just look around you. People killing each other with full zests, enjoy every minute of it, if not than they would not be doing it,  beauty queens sashaying on stages and receiving admiration, attentions, they are being imitated, copied etc., good selling item.

There is a doctor in every bush and we have millions of variety of dwellings and actors are highly paid to play out, dramatize their own and the valances of others.

But that was not the end of the making of implants. There were many created and have become more complex.

I could go on for hours writing of complexities, days in fact.

Let’s skip the development. Finally a game was created where everybody could buy into, have different roles to play in.

Huge item instantly went on the bestselling list.

Here in this game were hundreds of different personalities created and were included from every imaginable variety of doing-ness, art, science, religion, murderers, healing, wars, winning, farming, heaven, hell, rubbery, family games, learning,[ know and not know] rulers, high ranks, low rank players..

One could buy the role in this new game, the co-op, the jointly owned game. And that way one could partake and see how others were fairing, doing, winning losing and we could be there too cheering them on or feel glee and throw few stones at the buggers the loser or poison the whole lot off.

To be a king one could become, but that role was very expensive. So only few were sold it was cheaper to be a foot soldier, for the middle fee one could buy the role of a Dr.[ you got your middle class established]

Role of on artist was very expansive to buy since to be on artist needed lots of creative ability, and different energy flows which were very different from the lower=heavier stimulation level personalities. They have become eccentric rare birds, nutty as a fruit cake, “free in spirits”.

In this new co-op game stops were created, if one was doing something wrong one would have to go back to the beginning[ died and th a new body] being born in order to continue the game.

Look around you that Is all about

Now there were interesting items featured in the game if you did something wrong as a penalty you could be out of the game or become a lessor player, lost your position and become a servant in a lesser role  “below” others serving others.

If you were good you could win a higher role and continue with that new role in the next game [lifetime]. That was the greatest program ever created, since it has also contained boundaries, punishment if one fouled up the order, it had laws to go by, rules and regulations.

Many rewards were given out, like going to Heaven if one had no penalties going through the Game.

If one did lots of wrong could end up as punishment in HELL.

One could always work out of each role and better self in the game and then the reward would be a better more valued role which was more costly but one did not had to pay for that personality one could simply win it if one was a good player.

Also one could be punished with being cut out of the group and isolated because broken the rules of the game. You got your “prison” here established; the “solitary confinement” where one loses self, the acknowledgement that one do not exists.

One is forced out of the game for a “period of time” as a punishment for not being the good player not fallowing the rules.

You can see every aspect played, dramatized around you. It is called the “Human life”.

One of the millions of problems the beings have because  the programs were never erased just over ridden because the person become bored and just bought a new one. And there was no technology created to reverse the affects of the implants.

I hope by reading this you no longer wonder why is so much confusion the humans have in life, by playing the game.

Only the tech of LRH’s can reverse the conditions, the effects of the implants galore by confrontation; erasing them in sessions.  The name of the game the most complicated well designed implant name is the “Human life”.

Which is the most valuable role?

There is no value in any personality all of them need to be confronted, as-ised in session by each individual and have cognitions on what was the reason one went into such a game.

There is no waving with the magic wand which could erase all that or find that bottom within the boundaries of science that would work to erase the effects of one’s activity, ones very own created history=universe.

If there would be, again only self would lose out, since there would not be learning and cognitions which is the knowledge one can walk out with from this MEST. Universe, the grip from the Implants.

PS:  I nearly forgot the most interesting personality which was outlawed but was sold in the black market, under the table.

Naturally it has sold most in number, huge profits were made.  Every person who had the means bought or had a copy made, “Counterfeit’ originated from here.

The personality was: get ready!!!!! “INVISIBLE”

Location-Position-going exterior: Want to be some other place?

Cognition -realized having the belief  ”location” what really means and do.

Location-Position-going exterior: Want to be some other place: do things–see things without the body?

With the beginning of Track we were Establishing location and by having on location, being on location, with that positioning ‘’self’’ into dense mass-vibration and accepted this belief as fact- reality plus trusted in the collected agreements from others and having this collection of agreements further solidified the beliefs of ‘’self’’: having location: that YES I am here, I have vicinity- domicile- I am established body! I walk on solid ground!

And now want to go EXTERIOR? Want to move freely in the Universe?

It has taken Eons to create to form- establish the very beliefs that solidity existed, to have, be able to experience permanency immovability and from these beliefs were born the reality because we were solid in form therefore we had prolonged existence that means believing that there is ‘’time’’ + there is stage of development: birth continuum death–age .

To establish all the above was a solution the answer to the earlier state the ‘’self’’ was in: which was a ghostly state… not much to the body but a wisp of illusion but there was freedom and into this state considerations haven’t been entered yet, but we had LIFE and this had no location-boundaries: this is the Magical the Enchanted the Supernatural Universe!

So… want to exteriorises from whatever you are in… and what you are in is what you believe you are in and that is simply you; that is your locality –residence and limitations- restrictions.

PS; I know some people can  go out of the body and have experiences on different local and that is fact,  but  this accuracies are out of the ordinary and seldom happens  out of free will.

Those who can leave their body by simply putting their attention on different location and experience that designated place… these Entities retained this even after when ”become human”.

To be mobile , with this I mean have the ability to change view-points, to focus on different location-subject or objects and see-experience those is normal to the Entity, it is what we can do.



GREAT WIN..not mine…Huge!

alone-black-and-white-boy-child-Favim.com-1653486 I call these cognitions “CROSSING OVER” because The cognize is stepping out of human reality and re enters the Magical Universe in which the Cognize realises  meaning of Eternity-Infinite.

 By Chris Black

I have been auditing a pc and friend lately on False Purpose RD auditing. We have been delving deep into the basics of Life and Theta. After a few spectacular sessions, he sent me this success story today. He asked that the picture be included as that is how he feels:

“I was very senior to MEST once and I co-existed with it so to speak.

“I came to it once in a while to see what was happening, to get/create an effect, to make something happen, to be entertained, to find friends.

“I would go in and out of the Theta and MEST universes quite willingly and I knew what I was doing and sometimes the two universes came crashing and it was not so smart and the intention behind it was not my own. It felt more like it was a compulsion or a command coming from elsewhere — for me to BE or become what I was not, to become something other than me. It was FALSE!

“It was NOT me.

“This is my biggest win today – to finally get a subjective reality on both universes and to discover my own truth.

“It is a big win.

“I am instead being gifted with an unshakeable reality of not only who I am but who I was and what I am at the core: A very simple being.

“I have a huge desire to be simple. What a relief!

“To look at things simply … how OT!

“Gone is the desire to be overly admired and liked, gone is the desire to cave myself or others in, gone is the desire to hate, to confuse, to trick, to stop, to be doubtful, to be scared, to be less than who I know I can be.

“It is replaced with the utmost desire to BE. To be CAUSE on my own terms if that makes sense.

“It is replaced with a desire to be ME, alone or with others doesn’t matter – but happy with ME.

“SUCH a relief and such calm in my space. No desire to go and “find something or someone to make me happy” – I can be alone and happy.

“You CAN be alone and happy you know – you once were and you only starting losing yourself once you had a thought to become something or do anything other than being you.

“What a great feeling of love. I miss the good old days.

“I have found myself mumbling more and more with my auditor Chris Black as we get into the early days of my track. Everything was so simple and free.

“Great sessions, great wins.

“Two floating TA’s today. Tons of charge blown.

“A very good day indeed.

“I found myself today – quite by surprise!