Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

OCCLUSION as on item has countless related meanings and each of them represent on different incident and to become free off occlusion of these items they have to be confronted separately till that is not done, well… those will continue to block- are the walls- clogging- shutting off different realities-views of the Universe the person has been aware, has experienced.

Few days back I was confronting ‘’occlusion’’ again and I found on very interesting incident in which we were[ group] taking some sustenance in order to block out the “””””incoming broadcast”= thoughts!!!

Wow… I never seen anything like this incident before and this picture-incident holds great importance to me because over the years I often wondered from where the thoughts which is ‘’inside the so called head space’’ is coming from, where that has originated. I know that their source was implant, but I never experienced before clear broadcast of flowing thought.

And finally here I was experiencing on incident in which we were receiving unwanted considerations and we knew, we were aware that these broadcasted material were harmful so we wanted to block this out by taking something.

This ‘’something’’ we were taking was like what medicine, glass of wine, or whisky would be doing these days to alter our personal feelings-sensations which we experiencing but don’t like: and these elements have their own vibration which can overpower other delicate –slight vibrations. Example: beef’s vibration over powers-covers the energy-vibration of vegetables.

But what we did not realised than that we could not eliminate the effects of the sustenance which caused the ‘’occlusion’’ and top of that we still were affected by that broadcasted material: which made us belief that we were thinking, that those beliefs become permanent to us.

Heavy stuff.

By now I don’t have continual flowing thought.. they were slowly eliminated over the years and when now when I have a though, a consideration-on idea these I take into sessions because I know from experience that they are left over material from the bank: therefore worthless.

Now, this morning I was looking for ‘’thoughts’’ to have thoughts… I don’t want them but the idea that I miss them is on ITEM because missing something-not having something is part of the implanted beliefs.

Than I had this idea to look for ‘’missing thoughts-not having thought’’ in other than human form…hehehe.. Instantly I was inside a gorilla’s form and experiencing this valance I knew, sensed that I missed something but I did not know what because I as on gorilla did not have thought. I as on Entity had enough awareness even inside this Valance that I knew something was not there, but not aware enough to know what it was. [ in my reality on the T.Scale the animal kingdom is much higher, in fact is above the T.Scale.]

Than went earlier similar and found self-become ‘’aware’’ of being chimpanzee, than big snake, and a very large bird- huge body and wingspan: and in each incident I was aware of missing something: but just had that nagging sensation and nothing more.

Being jammed ‘’inside’’ these bodies I did not have thought so I now I know that: birds- mammals, animals don’t ‘’think’’.

Than a realization hit me: while being in a human form the most valuable…most precious item we have is what we know, our education, more learned-educated-intellectual- scholarly one becomes: h/s is deemed –judged –referred- talked about as above others, admired, looked up as exemplary-on model to be fallowed. Evaluation by considerations: what is good or bad. J

Education is used as a tool on instrument to influences- impacts – sway – to affects others and that could mean  POWER—big time!

Just think-recall any great orator in our history: whatever they were saying was recorded, remembered: Power of the words—power in the words.

MY POINT HERE IS: when on ENTITY dropping the body-gets separated from the body: at that moment all the realities –beliefs do expire-vanish for that Entity, that  assumed  valance no longer exist, gone, vanished  and the Entity returns to the original state: becomes true-self again  IFINITE.

But what now is missing for this Entity is the power… missing the ability to communicate and that means missing life itself. THAT REALITY WAS SO STRONGLY_HEAVILY IMPRESSED THAT THE ENTITY BELIEVED IT WAS REAL!

What I accomplish with sessions: I rehabilitate my abilities as on Entity=not in the body state in order to have a life when not in the body and that means not being controlled-effected.

So far I have done very well since I have as-ised all considerations which contain the realities of human Valance and I have regained abilities to which I was not aware of having and gained insight to what life is like when not experiencing the body plus what it comes with it: set of already established considerations.


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  1. Nice cogs!

    My study of Robert Monroe disagrees with your assumption that when we die the entity is now free – infinte. No, not free at all. They still have all those beliefs and programming. They move into “astral” area and find others that have similar beliefs. There are many many places in the astral: churches, schools, just like here. He calls this area the “Belief System Territories” — all the various systems of belief we have here have places in the astral where a being will end up until she wakes up and discards the beliefs. Things are much like here except no need to eat, cannot be harmed physically. The being carries the baggage along after death.

    So it is a good thing to remove the baggage (bank) now 🙂

    • Yes, you are right, but at the moment of parting from the body the Entity is FREE OF THE HUMAN VALANCE, and yes that WE still carry till those implanted beliefs are as-ised.
      What ever Robert Monroe writes, believes in is what he was implanted with. In my reality awareness if the person after leaves the body and joins some “SPIRITUAL GROUP;” than that person is not free but was forced to rejoin that implant which was not erased, as-ised.
      When all the shit is as-ised than the Entity will no have groups to join, or platforms to operate from.
      What Mr Monroe call ” belief system territories” these I call implant stations but in my reality nothing will be erased IF THESE IMPLANT STATION_TERRETORIES are not as-ised in session.
      Brian, I have found thousand of similar traps by now and when I see in my recall anything like what Mr. Monroe talking about I become alert and have session on that Item and fast. And each occasion I find that it was on Trap.
      Long as there are ”places” , places to go somewhere and beliefs that something will happen than that belief is on implanted though to keep the Entity in that implant.

      • Maybe somewhat free of their human valence. Certainly free of their current life identity, But some don’t even get out of that and become ghosts (we already talked about that.)

        Monroe’s experience and many others he worked with were not recalls, but travelings into these realms while out of body in different state of consciousness. Yes, you could call them implant stations, but they really don’t look like some high-tech electronic implant station. The being goes where his current beliefs take him — heaven, hell, sex orgy, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Moslem, whatever you can imagine and more. And yes, the being will get more of the same programming, just like here on Earth we are constantly programmed. I don’t think any force is needed, because the being already has the beliefs and is in agreement, so just goes to where the beliefs match-up. Law of Attraction: Like attracts like.

        Yes, these are all traps. Any belief is a trap. Like you said in another post: reality is what the being considers. So we have millions & millions of beings that have set beliefs about the after-life and these places are there in the astral for them when they die. How long it takes for them to wake up and drop the belief? Could be a very very long time…

        Thankfully we have ways to examine and drop these beliefs!

        • “””How long it takes for them to wake up and drop the belief? Could be a very very long time…”””
          Elizabeth: It has taken me one life time to attain the Native State… OK … I had only a dozen human valances so I haven’t become totally petrified into solid form, so I admit the Path out for me was faster-easier.
          Brian, long as any one has one belief left, that person is not free of the MEST universe. To me freedom is not going from one belief and falling into the next. To me freedom means not having beliefs at all!

        • Brian, there is no freedom for that being-ghost if it is pulled back into any group because having the same beliefs-realities. Changing one identity for a different one is what? Still a slave of that implanted crap.

  2. “There is no freedom for that being-ghost” — none at all.

    “To me freedom means not having beliefs at all” — We are in complete agreement on this.

    Freedom to know / not-know at will. If you want to have a game though you need to hold certain considerations. But never forget you made them. I think we decided to forget a few too many things – lol

    • here is something, different way to understand what it means believing in second hand data. It is like putting on in the dark some other persons underwear…hehehe..you dont know what that thing really contains.
      My belief that any Guru, regardless who they were or are these gurus are in totally ignorant of facts of existence of the individual universes and having this occlusion they are teaching that theirs is the only truth, the only fact: path to fallow is the biggest most outrages-miss-leading lie.
      LRH has belonged to this group too, so it seem Mr. Monroe too.

      • I am ”thinking”’ mostly wondering about just how much knowledge-understanding and with that: have the power to be able to show the way out. That would mean taking the full responsibility for others too by understanding that path shown to is truly the way out and not only that, but would need to have the knowledge what that freedom is, in other words what comes after!.
        Now, My friend, do you know any one who is equipped to do such tusk?
        Your input is appreciated!

    • ”’higher-self”’ I just read your comment in Isenes blog.. who the hell is this higher self if I may ask? Can you describe this separate entity!

    • Your reality is yours… if you have a belief that we become separated from ”self” when we become aware of other realities than this newly attained reality dont belong to the ”me” who has attained-become aware … well this to me is not my reality because I cant separate what I know and assign a different beingness to the newly acquired understanding.

  3. I dont want games in this Universe, I have done them all– been there tooooo many times. When I talk of being free as on Infinity I dont intend to get a valance back.

    “”Freedom to know/ not-know at will.””” Now, Brian, in my reality to understand those concept is impassible because till one becomes aware of all the knowledge which has been accumulated since this universe stand -experienced till than has no reality-understanding what that knowledge really.
    Till all considerations are as-ised, till than there is no free will.
    By the way, what you read here to you is second hand stuff, truly not your reality and the same goes for the writing of Mr. Monroe’s, you are walking in the shadows and will never find your own way out.

  4. Hi.. I’ve been wanting to know something for a while.. now it’s my chance :).. if the entity has connections servered when it leaves the body, every time someone exteriorizes is like being dead… no thoughts, no opinions etc… I’ve always thought that if I exteriorize I will go see places or find data I wanted know but one day I exteriorized and on recall It was very different.. I was just “hanging there” in space, no thoughts, etc.. but happy and comfortable.. so question is: one is very different in the body and out of it.. so, elizabeth, do you keep reconnecting to the body for data and then “forgetting” that data every time you go to act in the spiritual universe.. Also, people talk about communicating to entities.. about what?? there’s no coffee, tea, movies, women etc to talk about? what communication does one communicate then if there’s no “memory” on anything?

    • Maribel IT IS THE FIRST TIME IN MY HYSTORY IN THIS UNIVERSE WHERE I BEEN USEING THECHNOLOGY WHICH CAN AS-IS MATTER. So it is a first Experience I have when knowingly I am as-ising unwanted consideration which are in fact sitting -imbedded on vibrating mass—which is the stimulation.
      I am not going anywhere.. I just get a concept and confront that and the pictures what I see is I am at that moment… but that is just on experience same as drinking that cup of coffee.

  5. lets see how tackle your questions.
    Awareness is the main factor. Example: if the persons heavily imbedded -fixed into a belief that h/s only has a life when being the body, and there is ”nothing” outside of this, because when ”we are dead with that everything ends right there”.
    Not likely that person see-experience anything after parting from the body, not immediately.
    Now, h/s will snap out of this nothingness and get into different body–will have experiences-we have continual experiences, even nothing-ness, occlusion is on experience because this I know from having sessions on this items can be as-ised in sessions.
    Maribel, we never seat in eternal nothingness… that dont exist in this Universe.
    I can only relay my experiences when not having the body and let me tell you these experiences I have recalled so far beyond human activities.
    One example I will give you…walking—Floating in a beautiful garden [not having body] and I decided to have a drink…. now how a ghostly thing have a drink? Very simple: mock-up fashion a glass fill it with you favorite brew, which was in my case peach juice and simply drink it. Since you are the creator you have the choice what kind of glass-container you want and what you want to taste. HEHEHE…. You are in fact doing the same here while you are inside the body.
    When awareness returns you can have that express on top of the Himalayas -smell it-taste it..feel the heat of the coffee.
    We carry with us in the form how it was experienced every adventure we ever head in this Universe!
    Again… I can pass along the info what I know.
    I have recalled incident and not only one when after the body was dropped and buried in the ground I…me… hehehe thought for the long time I was dead and stayed there long after the body turned to dust.. than something made become aware that in fact most of the time I was above the ground than the reality hit me like a thunderbolt ”idiot… you are not dead because you see others same as you in ghostly form sitting on mounds of dearth !!!! Now that ended and I moved on.
    We have nothing but experiences… the more heavy stuff as-ised than awareness returns in the form of cognitions.
    Maribel… the body only has its own energy-vibration but hold no data. You have the knowledge the body is a robot.
    While we are in the body we get re-stimulated by that energy-vibration and our surrounding energy which is this planet and all what it contains.. But what it contains is what you put into it and nothing more.
    Please keep it in mind that this universe is nothing more than vibrating energy– like electricity. There is no such on thing as solidity.
    Communication has many levels and verbal communication is the crudest form.
    Please… life here is not what you believe is… but what life means to you and will be after parting from the container you believe you are in will be what you want it to be.
    Dont let few occluded experiences confuse you.
    You have years -decades in sessions and you can find your own path-reality how the universe was created by you.
    You have a brilliant recall! just need a bit of experience to fall into groove! All will flow smoothly. 🙂

    • Thank you for your answer… I don’t have reality on the matter that’s why I don’t really understand it at the moment but.. I was referring to what you wrote, that an entity servers all connections..so no memory, everything forgotten, wife, children, best friend, etc… and there’s no thinking either,entities don’t think that’s the mind… the entity can’t say: “I’m going to go… ” there’s no word “going” as that’s part of vocabulary and they don’t have it now.. I suppose it’s a new everything.. there’s no vocabulary to express it right?
      about communication, I’m aware that verbal comm is very crude… but communication still is an exchanges of ideas or something… but entities don’t have ideas, that’s part of mest, then what does one exchanges.. experiences,? uhhmm. what can I ask an entity if it doesn’t know mest? then it isn’t communication really.?

      • Maribel…. Life dont ends when we part from the body, but we just DROP THAT VALANCE… Life here is not real and that is the reason so difficult to comprehend that when we finally are out of this valance than in fact we resume our true form of living. Life here is on imprisonments: the belief makes it real..
        This understanding has to be attained by having realizations of your own.
        Maribel, the only value in this life is what you believe value is..
        Value is on consideration but only your belief makes something valuable. Do you think a little naked man in the jungle would see value in the computer or $150.00 thousand $ hand bag?
        Sorry dear… I cant explain more clearly that what you value is only on illusion… it seem very real… but that dont make it real.
        We do not behave the same when not having the body… We are not in valance , we are free.

      • Have you ever had on one of those glasses through which everything seem real? now viewing human activities is just that.. a movie.
        I am not good at this.

    • Now Maribel, if the Entities dont have IDEAS than how the Universe was created? 🙂
      I believe you also have ELECTRICITY? Who has created that thing? Not the body I am sure!
      We do not need a body to create, after all we have created the body in the first place!
      Not the other way around!!!!!

      • Thanks for your answers… I think I’m gonna leave it, I realize my reality is not quite there yet.. but cutting back down a gradient for me, I wanna know.: Do entities think or not? For me thinkingness is something done with the mind, but there’s no mind to an entity.. In my recall of exteriorization I didn’t go anywhere just “stayed there” even though later I realized I could have gone places as I always been wanting to go..There’s seems to be two ME, one in the body and one outside the body.. I’ve exteriorized other times and always stood static in places never gone anywhere :)) .. and I love traveling!

        • Maribel… you will find all the answers, for all the ”why’s” you have.. Having questions is good-very good because they are the motivators for wanting to know, the indicators that what the person knows there is more to life than what is experienced.
          Much love!
          PS: You still can ask… nothing wrong for in asking… and you take out of the answer whatever reality you have on that. 🙂

        • Maribel… never compare realities, and never put your self down!
          You have everything and you are on your own Path of self-discovery! You are where you need to be at all times!

        • Traveling??? my greatest fun is while having sessions seeing-being in different places-planets!
          Now that is truly fun!

          • Me too! I recalled planets in my Ned sessions, always black planets, no sun or light in them… and I recalled being bombed in the stomach in one of them… my period pains vanished after that recall and never came back, magic 🙂

            • Fantastic…. yes… the tech. is not only a tool which causes magical healing but a TICKET to travel far away places where man never can go. ! 🙂
              Maribel this is the first time you mentioned you were on NED! Thrilled to hear it! Love you dear girl!

              • Yes, I was on Ned and it didn’t go very well.. apparently I was clear already, an auditor validated it years later… other auditors tried to put me back on it and it was agony.. poor me, nobody ever asked me about my abilities, haha so I didn’t know..after the validation abilities started to surface

  6. I’m learning Solo.. after that Solo Nots I think, it indicates and after that.. anything I like and can audit… areas I’m interested in exploring 🙂

  7. SOLO … the only way to travel… now that is the true adventure! ‘Interesting thing is being INTERESTED…hehehe because being interested and finding the answers the awareness expands and we never run out subjects.. in fact the desire to know grows … the more you know the more you want…

  8. I hope my desire to know grows.. 🙂

  9. E: ”’higher-self”’ I just read your comment in Isenes blog.. who the hell is this higher self if I may ask? Can you describe this separate entity!

    The higher self is not a separate entity. It is you. Most people are stuck in identities. I think you have gone beyond that so I can understand why it doesn’t make sense to you.

    E: “I dont want games in this Universe, I have done them all– been there tooooo many times. When I talk of being free as on Infinity I dont intend to get a valance back.”

    Knowing — this is also a game 🙂 To bring something into existence and to know it (not a game.) To take something out of existence and to not-know it (also not a game.) The game situations are: To bring something into existence opposed by not-know; and to take something out of existence opposed by knowing it.

    Game situations (opposing postulates):

    Must be known Musn’t know
    Must not be known Must know

    Non-game (complementary postulate):

    Must be known –> Must know
    Must not be known –> Must not know

    The goal to know is a very basic goal. Some say it is the most basic goal and that all other goals are just methods (complications) of doing these 4 basic postulates.

    • I have one drive left and that is to KNOW….this drive is like hunger which cant be satisfied because more understanding-become aware with that I have realised how little I know..:) the thrill of it all is: I know if I can ask the question I will get on answer!

    • Peter I found another post in my blog which is related on going exterior.. seeing things in the different ways. The concepts have different meanings yet they are all related .

      Ex-ray vision and Holographic images: new cog.
      FREEBEING: if not for your question I would not have this new reality. Thank You for asking!
      Just had a new revelation: how the holographic images come about: we as Entities we always have SEEN have been only AWARE of the flow of energy: vibrations which by now labeled as sensations-feelings-aches-pains-pressures etc after all the universe is just that and nothing more.
      What I have become aware 25 years ago that sometimes I could SEE everything about on item but this happenings only occurred if I did not pay much attention to that subject:””” I was not using the eyes: looking.”””” !!
      Example: [ I have mentioned this incident in on earlier post] : sitting in the hotel lobby and waiting, not doing much and a woman who walked front of me I could see through her and seen the baby inside her womb: EX-RAY vision.. this lasted only for a second and because I wanted to SEE more and with that I was concentrating on the EYES and of course they only could see the flat picture of a very pregnant woman in moving mode.
      I was in total awe… while I was in this blown out state and not looking suddenly a skeleton walked by and that picture seeing only the moving bones brought me back to looking with the eyes mode again and I only could see a young man n fully clothed of course walking away.
      To me this incident in the lobby of the hotel: seeing inside two different human form has become memorable experience of formidable magnitude and this kind of experiences prompted me to continue with solo sessions: I WANTED MORE!
      Over the years I become aware that these incidents of me seeing ex-ray images have become frequent and I could see into anything I put my attention on, but these images lasted only for fraction of the second yet I had total understanding what they represented, what considerations they were made up from.
      But not until this day I have connected, understood the difference between these ex-ray images with holographic images, there are no differences, they are the same! It was only I who has put different labels on them because I did not realise their sameness.
      We can observe these holographic images there are under or –covered-hidden by those flat projected solid pictures we are stuck to: believing that is what we see, and that is the only thing existing.
      The thing is that we never ever lost any of our abilities, we only been ignoring them because we are only concentrating on ‘’seeing with the eyes’’ and when as-ising the occlusions which has blocked out the awareness, the abilities are just there, we become aware of them again!

    • Peter… Thank you for the explanation of the game condition.. by now my realities on the Universe in general have changed.
      To me games no longer exist, since that requires terminal. 🙂

  10. E: “My belief that any Guru, regardless who they were or are these gurus are in totally ignorant of facts of existence of the individual universes and having this occlusion they are teaching that theirs is the only truth, the only fact: path to fallow is the biggest most outrages-miss-leading lie.
    LRH has belonged to this group too, so it seem Mr. Monroe too.”

    Monroe wasn’t a guru. He did real research into the subject of OBE. He reports what he found and many others have reported the same. He developed and made available methods for others to explore for themselves. He wasn’t anything like Hubbard.

    I wouldn’t be so hard on all the “gurus”. Some of them are quite aware of the fact of individual universes.

    I know the way out is not through second-hand information. But information is useful in pointing you to things to explore.

    (sorry for taking so long to reply)

    • Peter… 🙂 No apology is needed…:) I am on expert on the subject what guru is.. I been there more than once…. I recalled more than one life cycle having that valance.
      implanted material – includes personalities and knowledge about that valance to include in that package.
      I have total recall about my track…
      Peter, what I write in not necessarily right and seen as correct hehehe in fact not likely at all, most likely the opposite.
      Cognitions contain different reality what is believed here. one of the reason I wanted auditing when I started out in 73 is to ”improve my sex life” 🙂 and the other was because I felt so separated from the group and I wanted to belong to become part of. Hehehe… sex life? 🙂 AS-ISED on purpose every little consideration- vibration-agreement has been as-ised! It was implanted material. I know another person who is been doing the same as I audits since 67 he to have as-ised the sex flow. So auditing works no matter what the item is confronted.
      Now about belonging-becoming part of the group 🙂 how that could be when all shared considerations -agreements are as-ised and replaced by cognitions which never been known to me or known to others either? 🙂
      Your knowledge is extensive, you know how to research and not likely I could find a subject which you haven’t touched over the years, and the only difference we have between us that while you have done your research here on this Planet I have done the same about the Universe-Track. When I have a subject-item I ask questions and the answers are given by the universe.
      when I started out all I wanted to know, to understand me… hehehe and when I finally done that I have understood the universe.

    • Peter…. I truly do understand the meaning what is Love…and I understood -felt your pain when I read how much you miss your beloved daughter -not seeing her daily because she is in different country.
      I can understand the reason why you would like to go exterior.
      I have worked on the same problem and confronted in dozen different session ”distance” hopping to see the body. This distance stuff still hold some unknown factor for me.

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