Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

When going into session with a concept, I never know where, whith what new reality I will end up with.

I have had sessions on ‘’weights’’ what is and why we consider there is weight to matter on many occasions over the past 42 years because I was very interested, wanted to know the reasons what held me down, kept me=as body to the ground, what gravity was about ; both negative and positive, how it worked and how those energy-vibrations have affected me as a spirit, and separately effected the body itself.

Of course I had to explore how of atmospheric conditions effects the bodies and because that too has weight and in sessions I have found the consequences and these effects are not insignificant. Cognitions poured in.

I had sessions on hundreds of related items and as I become more aware there were newly surfaced incidents-beliefs in connection to weight and of course weightlessness and these incidents too had to be confronted: more cogs.

By now we all know weight, having weight has been very important to us: we identified with weight-items as self, they have become our anchor, our body; that constant sensation-vibration we feel we consider that it is weight, has weight.

Today again something prompted me to look to return to this subject, and now I seen it from a totally different viewpoint, from spiritual viewpoint.

Soon as we drop the body=die, [ better explanation — we ‘’pass-away—- we depart, move off ”!] the WEIGHT-SENSATIONs=VIBRATION  which till than we have considered-believed that is us that weight- bulk we no longer feel, therefore we are no longer ‘’anchored” by that bulk of energy and that is one of the reason we believe we don’t exist anymore, that we are no longer alive that we are dead!

It seem, because suddenly the bulk-weight is absent- despaired which was believed was our body- our important having-ness, to us was LIFE ITSELF, and now without this weight-bulk-vibration there is no existence!!

Hehehe… and this belief is our huge ARCB, our problem of course because without this bulk we feel-believe we lost our existence, our purpose, and our HIGHEST-Main BELIEF is: THAT WE LAST OUT IDENTITY, that we are nothing now!

Nothing can be more erroneous -incorrect – than the belief –conviction that we are dead same as the machine.

The death doesn’t mean we are dead but it is on implication that the machine has stopped functioning.

WE, as Awareness, we simply depart; we move on since we are no longer weighted down.

I had many sessions on conditions which do not include the body and I assure you: after death of the machine only after that real life-awareness is present!

WHEN WEIGTLESS-NESS can be experienced by us while we are connected to the body is: more or less that depends on the cognition, how much mass was as-ised and that causes the KEYED OUT CONDITION FROM WEIGHT-MASS: we float: hardly feel-senses the body or anything else till we key back into that personal mass-weight.

No matter what I have found, what the effects were and are, that all boils  down to one fact: everything exist because we consider that they do.

Because of the cognition today, I shaded weight and I am just floating about 🙂






Comments on: "new view on not being dead but departed," (4)

  1. Nice! Some people that die don’t even know that they are dead. They hang around, not understanding why nobody answers them when they speak. They don’t notice that they can’t affect matter. Until someone gets in communication with them and makes it real to them that their body has died they just keep on thinking they are still running that body. We call them ghosts 🙂

    • good to hear from you as always. you are right on that… I had hundreds of sessions on the condition you mentioned in your comment. Just today on my walk I pass by on old age home and I usually pick up some ”ghostly” beings who still hang around the building after their body has been gone. These beings are not easy to give session to because their heavy occlusion but by now I had given sessions thousands of sessions and I can handle their colluded state. Nice to see them becoming free and going off in happy state. The color of the mass of energy is always the same… milky fog–no vibration, no movement to this mass therefore the beings are trapped.

  2. Give time, that to will be there for you.. keep it in mind i had done the old OT levels and 8 because of those levels I have realised few decades back when I give session I am not the only one who is in that session.. 🙂

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