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Theres is LIFE after dropping the body.

OCCLUSION as on item has countless related meanings and each of them represent on different incident and to become free off occlusion of these items they have to be confronted separately till that is not done, well… those will continue to block- are the walls- clogging- shutting off different realities-views of the Universe the person has been aware, has experienced.

Few days back I was confronting ‘’occlusion’’ again and I found on very interesting incident in which we were[ group] taking some sustenance in order to block out the “””””incoming broadcast”= thoughts!!!

Wow… I never seen anything like this incident before and this picture-incident holds great importance to me because over the years I often wondered from where the thoughts which is ‘’inside the so called head space’’ is coming from, where that has originated. I know that their source was implant, but I never experienced before clear broadcast of flowing thought.

And finally here I was experiencing on incident in which we were receiving unwanted considerations and we knew, we were aware that these broadcasted material were harmful so we wanted to block this out by taking something.

This ‘’something’’ we were taking was like what medicine, glass of wine, or whisky would be doing these days to alter our personal feelings-sensations which we experiencing but don’t like: and these elements have their own vibration which can overpower other delicate –slight vibrations. Example: beef’s vibration over powers-covers the energy-vibration of vegetables.

But what we did not realised than that we could not eliminate the effects of the sustenance which caused the ‘’occlusion’’ and top of that we still were affected by that broadcasted material: which made us belief that we were thinking, that those beliefs become permanent to us.

Heavy stuff.

By now I don’t have continual flowing thought.. they were slowly eliminated over the years and when now when I have a though, a consideration-on idea these I take into sessions because I know from experience that they are left over material from the bank: therefore worthless.

Now, this morning I was looking for ‘’thoughts’’ to have thoughts… I don’t want them but the idea that I miss them is on ITEM because missing something-not having something is part of the implanted beliefs.

Than I had this idea to look for ‘’missing thoughts-not having thought’’ in other than human form…hehehe.. Instantly I was inside a gorilla’s form and experiencing this valance I knew, sensed that I missed something but I did not know what because I as on gorilla did not have thought. I as on Entity had enough awareness even inside this Valance that I knew something was not there, but not aware enough to know what it was. [ in my reality on the T.Scale the animal kingdom is much higher, in fact is above the T.Scale.]

Than went earlier similar and found self-become ‘’aware’’ of being chimpanzee, than big snake, and a very large bird- huge body and wingspan: and in each incident I was aware of missing something: but just had that nagging sensation and nothing more.

Being jammed ‘’inside’’ these bodies I did not have thought so I now I know that: birds- mammals, animals don’t ‘’think’’.

Than a realization hit me: while being in a human form the most valuable…most precious item we have is what we know, our education, more learned-educated-intellectual- scholarly one becomes: h/s is deemed –judged –referred- talked about as above others, admired, looked up as exemplary-on model to be fallowed. Evaluation by considerations: what is good or bad. J

Education is used as a tool on instrument to influences- impacts – sway – to affects others and that could mean  POWER—big time!

Just think-recall any great orator in our history: whatever they were saying was recorded, remembered: Power of the words—power in the words.

MY POINT HERE IS: when on ENTITY dropping the body-gets separated from the body: at that moment all the realities –beliefs do expire-vanish for that Entity, that  assumed  valance no longer exist, gone, vanished  and the Entity returns to the original state: becomes true-self again  IFINITE.

But what now is missing for this Entity is the power… missing the ability to communicate and that means missing life itself. THAT REALITY WAS SO STRONGLY_HEAVILY IMPRESSED THAT THE ENTITY BELIEVED IT WAS REAL!

What I accomplish with sessions: I rehabilitate my abilities as on Entity=not in the body state in order to have a life when not in the body and that means not being controlled-effected.

So far I have done very well since I have as-ised all considerations which contain the realities of human Valance and I have regained abilities to which I was not aware of having and gained insight to what life is like when not experiencing the body plus what it comes with it: set of already established considerations.



Miracle??? yes…

Recovery from brain damage,  what I really wanted to say with this post that auditing works and can handle any situation.
I have been in a head an collision in 94, woman has driven into my lane I was going 34 miles an hour she has going about the same speed
After the collision for nine day I was totally blown out of the MEST, exterior, I felt fantastic nothing bad, had no pain what so ever the collisions impact pushed me out of the MEST and all the connections were severed and because of that I was totally happy,  sang all day long, danced inside my skin so to speak and had incredible amount of energy and only had few hours of sleep that period of 9 days, the world was a beautiful place to be in since everything was perfect.
The tent day when I have reconnected=no longer being exterior to the body it has collapsed and as I passed-went  unconscious, taken to the hospital when I have come too, I found my self in Hell=bank=heavy restimulation  buried in strong-heavy pain and I could not understand what people were talking about because I have lost all capabilities of understanding, I have heard the sounds the voices but there were no meanings to the spoken words and because of the brain damage I suffered my speech become almost incoherent  from that day on and I passed out regularly, I would find my self-laying on the ground  saliva was  flowing out of my mouth and I could not focus on anything I had no attention span, no memory but continual screaming pain I was experiencing.
The x-rays showed that left side of the brains become lose, sort  of  slushy and the connections were severed whatever that meant, I did not understood.
I could hardly move the body, I only could shuffle dragged my feet and I sobbed, screamed great deal and I have fallen into very deep depression.
The pain I felt was unbearable and of course I had continual mind boggling headaches, yet I refused drugs to ease the pain.

I received weekly: 2 acupuncture, 3  chiropractic  and 2 massage therapies and about 6 months’ time there was enough improvement and I connected enough to what I have known in the past and I was able to recall some of the questions from the Rudiments and I started to have sessions but I had  problem because  I could not keep the attention on the items but I persisted  till I finished that session: item and  it has taken another year till those auditing conditions have improved and I could run a continual session.
So  there were daily sessions  but I still had problems with functioning of the body -moving and I could only shuffle my feet dragging them and the incredible tiredness and depression did not ease up, the suffering was too much, unbearable.

At that time my husband packed up left for another woman and left me penniless, with two dogs, he sold the house  and I had to move out into apartment and   before I moved I had to put the dogs to sleep which was very painful experience.
I still had difficulty functioning, the headaches and muscle pains were constant but I had to make a living and support myself, I had to find work. But what can one do when one hardly understand what people say, and cant remember from one minute to the next what was happening?

I have asked our former cleaning lady to show me how to clean houses professionally and I learned from her and after that I hired myself out to clean houses since that did not required thinking which helped a lot because I haven’t regained the memory of what I have known before  and of course I could not learn anything new, but I could do cleaning work which did not required knowledge and slowly I could take my time with the work, it worked but the tiredness and depression was so overwhelming that I every day all I wanted to do is to end the misery and die.. Suicide…that thought was ever present… all I thought I want is to go.. wanted to get out of this condition, the death of the body would be the answer because I could not bear to be in HELL any loner.
But I was hanging in there on a thin tread because I did not want to leave the body-mind in that state as a loser taking all that with me unhandled.
I did solo every day but that impact of the car accident-loss of memory, constant heavy pain plus losing my home, the divorce   brought an extra amount of heavy stimulation and because of these the sessions did not bring fast enough relief from the overwhelm. Of course had had cognitions, but there was just too much there to handle.
When 1 ½ year passed after the accident  I felt enough life in me  and I realized that I missed reading and I started to teach myself to read again,  it was not easy because I could read but there was no meaning to the words which I read, I could not comprehend what I was reading but I still made myself to do it as a daily exercise:  word by word one or two sentence a day I read  and with great effort I made myself to explain the meaning of each  word  how I understood it,  I am speed reader now yet I don’t have the left side brain working, the right side has taken over.
But now I can compute with the speed of light: at glance.
Taken me years to confront all what has happened in that accident, divorce and with that the total loss of how I was before that accident;That life was gone.
I have had over 10 thousand  hours in session just to as-is that mass and the  most difficult condition was to as-is the constant headaches and the deep depression. 🙂

The depression persisted because I missed my earlier life style but the continual solo sessions  slowly were erasing all the loses, item by item and finally taken me out of those conditions, and I did not go into agreement with the Doctors: that“””””” I will not be able to move my neck ever again and the spine will collapse in few years and I will be in wheelchair and in total helpless state”””””hehehe.. the good Doc meant : vegetable. 🙂

Nothing wrong with my neck or the spine and no depression in my universe on the opposite I am a very happy content spiritual being and the 76 years old body is in total health.
In sessions I have found my postulate to cause that accident, yet it was other person who ‘’’’caused the accident’’’ and that was established by the police and after all it was she who driven head on into my car: I have found all the postulates for the cause of the accident and for the agony, the pain etc.

I have immense case gain because out of that accident; I have pulled all that in the order of to confront the worsts part of my existing reality-life and that was Hell itself and I was able to come out as a winner, yes and  I know how to confront and as-is MEST and what on incredible adventure I have had so far in this life and I have no regrets.
THE MAIN COGNITION WAS: I wanted the logical mind, the bank erased [ I made that postulate when I got into scientology]and yes that what has happened but then I have not realized if the bank is erased with one blow what we have learned this life and that includes speaking, thinking, reading, adding 2+2, and body movement , understanding what is going in one’s life and  to be able to make the decisions  all that will blow will be erased too,  I was not ready for such on adventure but I was in it..
After that I had to build a new life, I had to learn how to function and audit -as-is  those loses  which were gone because certain thing I never could do again. Example: I can’t repeat-recall what I read in a earlier sentence,. I don’t have a memory. I only have NOW.. this experience., in this moment..
But on the other hand I gained abilities I never had before… interestingly my IQ is so high it can’t be measured… hehehe.. that alone made my universe unique because I started to “”see”” things around which I never seen before. The IQ test was done, 8hours worth  in  Seattle,  University of Washington

What I have now is Knowledge which has come from sessions,  they are the cognitions and cognitions hold pure form of knowledge since the lies were erased.

Because the accident has erased immense amount of learned knowledge and what was left behind was ”void” I started to refill  this void: by anything I wanted to know I had session on that item and the new understanding: realizations have become mine.

I never stopped the sessions…And I don’t miss the MEST universe because after all, those considerations which made it existing made me believe it was real and those considerations were only a very small part of the Universal considerations.

That accident was in 94. Since then the ability to confront and handle any MEST related considerations has increased have become immeasurable in comparisons what it was before, the as-ising is instantaneous now when spotting the lie and cog. is there.
I do believe that auditing works, anything can be handled in session regardless what is that concept,  even the excuses can be audited out why one is not continuing with auditing…
I also learned from the accident that no matter what ever happens to one.. we can’t blame others, and not much point in that any way. But by taking responsibility what ever happened one can come out as a big time winner.

PS: since I could not learn-retain read material after the accident and because I needed to earn living I have stayed with cleaning business, I have built it up and it given me an excellent revenue and I cleaned houses for 14 years, worked beside the girls  till I have retired age 71 [the body].
The first 5-6 years were hell because the extreme fatigue I suffered from and the depression I was fighting the suicide thoughts but the daily sessions continued so were the therapy with acupuncture, massage  therapy+ chiropractor once a week.
But I was winning and slowly I built a different life for myself and there was a passion which has become my main daily activity. I dedicated all my free time to continue with Solo sessions..

The cognitions poured in, and problems the ARCB’s vanished.
If anyone looking for the easy way out… well, they might find it.. But that way they will never confront those hidden energy masses-considerations which only a heavy impact could bring back to life to re-stimulate.. and trust me we all had those in the track..

Miracle??? yes… auditing tech works, but has to be used in order to have results.

new view on not being dead but departed,

When going into session with a concept, I never know where, whith what new reality I will end up with.

I have had sessions on ‘’weights’’ what is and why we consider there is weight to matter on many occasions over the past 42 years because I was very interested, wanted to know the reasons what held me down, kept me=as body to the ground, what gravity was about ; both negative and positive, how it worked and how those energy-vibrations have affected me as a spirit, and separately effected the body itself.

Of course I had to explore how of atmospheric conditions effects the bodies and because that too has weight and in sessions I have found the consequences and these effects are not insignificant. Cognitions poured in.

I had sessions on hundreds of related items and as I become more aware there were newly surfaced incidents-beliefs in connection to weight and of course weightlessness and these incidents too had to be confronted: more cogs.

By now we all know weight, having weight has been very important to us: we identified with weight-items as self, they have become our anchor, our body; that constant sensation-vibration we feel we consider that it is weight, has weight.

Today again something prompted me to look to return to this subject, and now I seen it from a totally different viewpoint, from spiritual viewpoint.

Soon as we drop the body=die, [ better explanation — we ‘’pass-away—- we depart, move off ”!] the WEIGHT-SENSATIONs=VIBRATION  which till than we have considered-believed that is us that weight- bulk we no longer feel, therefore we are no longer ‘’anchored” by that bulk of energy and that is one of the reason we believe we don’t exist anymore, that we are no longer alive that we are dead!

It seem, because suddenly the bulk-weight is absent- despaired which was believed was our body- our important having-ness, to us was LIFE ITSELF, and now without this weight-bulk-vibration there is no existence!!

Hehehe… and this belief is our huge ARCB, our problem of course because without this bulk we feel-believe we lost our existence, our purpose, and our HIGHEST-Main BELIEF is: THAT WE LAST OUT IDENTITY, that we are nothing now!

Nothing can be more erroneous -incorrect – than the belief –conviction that we are dead same as the machine.

The death doesn’t mean we are dead but it is on implication that the machine has stopped functioning.

WE, as Awareness, we simply depart; we move on since we are no longer weighted down.

I had many sessions on conditions which do not include the body and I assure you: after death of the machine only after that real life-awareness is present!

WHEN WEIGTLESS-NESS can be experienced by us while we are connected to the body is: more or less that depends on the cognition, how much mass was as-ised and that causes the KEYED OUT CONDITION FROM WEIGHT-MASS: we float: hardly feel-senses the body or anything else till we key back into that personal mass-weight.

No matter what I have found, what the effects were and are, that all boils  down to one fact: everything exist because we consider that they do.

Because of the cognition today, I shaded weight and I am just floating about 🙂





HUGE WIN!!!!!!

For the past 11 months on – off I have been actively working on the items; WINNING_LOSING and of course any other believes-realities-considerations-agreements I have in connection with them; examples: gambling, betting, race, outcome of any sittuation etc.

This all started out by watching the video on “SECRET” and that has opened up a huge can of worms because that time I decided I will win the LOTTO.

HEHEHE, so far I haven’t but what I have gained is hundreds wins in the form of cognitions and each cog. have brought new level in awareness-understanding that how affectively we have buried our self under the MEST and of course the reality till these obstacles are in place no way anyone  can wish something into existence: into tangible form.

I have written up few posts on this winning-losing bit already, they can be read in this blog.

Yesterday again the subject in session touched winning, and that was ‘’winning was dangerous” !!!! hehehe,  that is all I needed to have session on that concept… WOW… what I have seen was truly mind blowing because I found myself sitting in incident where we were given gifts or gotten gifts through ‘’winning’’ them in games but these incredible gifts were had been infused-filled with vibrating heavy energy: invisible of course and these vibration unknown to us had dramatic  affected us: changed our minds-thinking- behaviour, same as medication-drugs-alcohol or food changes any person who put these stuff into their own space=through the body of course.

This was done to us by so called “friends” who in fact were our secret enemy and we did not realised this till  we as Nation-Planet were enslaved by them: our realities were eliminated, were overcome-overpowered and replaced by theirs: the gifts.

Their ‘’gifts’’ contained heavy vibration= hypnotic suggestions.

By seeing this past life incident and having as-ised a major belief that gifts-winning hold dangers I felt freer, and I knew that with this heavy incident confronted I am closer to my goal.

No I still haven’t won the lotto! But I am not giving up either!


Today I went to the store and only needed one item: stainless steel scouring pads which were $ 5.95 + tax Canadian.

I was standing in the line to cash out and an older lady was standing front of me, we talked and when she was next in line to cash out her items she has asked if I only have what I was holding, I said yes

To my great surprise she said if I would allow her to buy this and give it to me as a ‘’present!!!!!!”.

I was stunned for a second and I realized what was happening: because the belief was as-ised lifted the door was open and  the universe now offered something free!

I have accepted the gift from the Lady and thanked her for her incredible generosity and I told her I will think of her every time I use them.

But these scrubbing pads are not representing what they seem to be, but on opening door to a Universe which I have forgotten that existed.

YOU SEE: I rarely have been given ‘’free gifts, or win anything’’’ this life. The gifts I was given I always had problem accepting, they made me feel ‘’uneasy-troubled-obligsted’’ because I always wondered what were the reasons behind their generosity. In other words: gift to me was being captured into slavery, enslaved into their reality, they owned me now.

PS: of course there is countless number of people who win, but the number of losers is greater.

Those who win, don’t have heavy duty incidents in their track which stops them from winning.

BY the way, I have found many earlier incidents in previous sessions when ”having” things were the sign of aberration, mental degradation and those who had possessions were considered as outsider, not ”normal” and they were shunned by the general population.

This was believed  because they were lived amid dense objects, they have become effected by the vibration of these object therefore their mind-thinking was twisted.

Yes.. we are effected -continually stimulated by  the MEST universe, but because we have no choice on this matter we accept objects as havingness, a must and more the merrier is the new way of thinking-believing because by now the belief is that we are solid, therefore more of the same is power…hehehe ..but that is not the fact.