Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Love you for ever…hehehe..

I never seen before the meaning of LOVE—LOVING as now, in this realization-cognition: Love: loving something-someone that act=energy-vibration creates a PROTECTIVE SHIELD- ARMOUR – SHELL – BOBBLE,  around that item-person and that is done to preserve, to keep it in place, to solidify!!!!

Hehehe…we all been there, we all have experienced both side of being loved to death or loved someone too much: we all know stories when someone wanted to escape from a very loving relationship which they felt was imprisoning.

But what we love, we VALUE- BECOMEs IMPORTANT TO US and with that in place we establish FEAR: heavy duty fear sets in because we dont want to lose that precious item or person: we fret -worry that makes us create more traps to ensure that person or  item remain in that solid state!

Not only that, but when we doing something to others with that act we hold ”self”, we become stuck to that person-item permanently! We have kept everything what we ever adored-loved-admired, hehehe, yes, we still have them all!

Just because something is out of sight and mind that do not mean we dont have them anymore, we do: that is the Bank.

Motherly love is so strong and that love covers-protects the child so completely, is done to keep the child alive and that ensures the continuum of the implant.

Oh well, just another trap of the MEST which we love so much!

PS: these are the title of other posts on love which I written earlier years and they were cognitions also;

” love..adoration..affinity….etc..etc..””

” love or hate??? hehehe fun stuff…

” What love and hate is…

” love-affinity equal in power as fear…. if you dont believe this ….well, fine by me..”


PS: HATE do the same, hating others that energy holds that thing-or person connected to us…




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  1. Love becomes valuable.when it is very dear, scarce. Love should be free and easy. This is far from the ‘free love’ of the sixties. Love has been connected to sex in the MEST univ., but it does not have to be that way. Love has been connected to the ARC Triangle, through affinity, but it does not have to be that way. Communication expects a complete cycle, a return of communication, an exchange. But pure affinity does not require a cycle. It does not have to expect a return, any exchange.

    When love is pure and plentiful, the fear of loss disappears. The secondary is resolved, erased.

    Love is good, splurge on it.

    • Mark: “When love is pure and plentiful,” right here what you write is a contradiction: something Plentiful has to be made of something therefore it is on item. Only cognitions are pure: they do not contain vibration.

      On Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 4:34 PM, Elizabeth Hamre's Blog wrote:


      • marknr1011 said:

        “Something plentiful has to be made of something”
        Narrow thinking. Expand your definition of ‘something’.
        Love does not depend on MEST. Love can be described on a gradient of more or less.
        That love is associated with MEST is a common phenomenon, but not a requirement.

        • Just to answer you with your own posting-reality “Love does not depend on MEST. Love can be described on a gradient of more or less.”
          you just contradicted your self again.
          One or the other, cant be both!

  2. You have missed the point but thanks for the recommendation….

    No one can have a cognition without experiencing-understanding the subject.

  3. there is no such a thing as love without reason, therefore there is no freedom in loving.
    Love always directed toward object or subject and bodies are included in these categories.
    So, my friend I recommend that you re-assess your reality.

  4. Mark, once more I explain to you that what I write here are results of sessions, they are COGNITIONS-REALIZATIONS which are true for me.
    They are not written here to challenge any other persons or their beliefs!
    I do not claim that there is no other way to see this Universe, because by now I have realized that reality on the Universe is varied as there are the shape of snowflakes.
    I like to emphasize that I am totally OK with any ones reality and I dont need to or have the desire to change any ones beliefs and embrace my realities.
    The first place: that can not be done.. because we simply cant duplicate each other.
    So why are you so wind up?
    Its Totally OK to have a totally different view on the universe than I do, Even if you would ”totally” agree and say yes Elizabeth that is correct, that is the truth hehehehe… hehehehe…. you still would be only acknowledge what you believe in on that matter and not what I know and write about. !!!!!!!!!

    • “Narrow thinking” is not an insult or a ‘make you wrong’. But yes, it is challenging. It is a prod, a push to get you thinking, expanding your thought, your viewpoint. My use of the word quantity when talking about non MEST concepts is not a mistake in thinking, it is an error in language. Some concepts just can’t fully be explained by language. But I do still enjoy our conversations.

      • Mark….. I to enjoy the communication… Now back to the bone…It is you who dont get the meaning what is a cognition, that cognition is not born out ouf thinking, assessing -evaluation but it is a IT_sa…it-sa I believe and by now I am positive that you dont understand what is a cognition—how it comes about because you never experienced this ”phenomenon” and that is the reason you continue your argument on the content of cognitions. And also you ignore-totally ignore when I point out your mistake in assessing simple facts which cant be, like being pure and on the other hand to have gradient level application. Think about this for a minute how that could be possible.

      • Mark here are earlier post titles in this blog.. do read them please, by the way these post too were cognitions!
        ” love..adoration..affinity….etc..etc..”

        “love or hate??? hehehe fun stuff…”

        “What love and hate is…”

        “love-affinity equal in power as fear…. if you dont believe this ….well, fine by me..”

  5. Mark… cognitions take the cognize out of the regular -human beliefs… this happens because the human considerations are taken into sessions and as they are confronted -as-ised these new realizations replace the old beliefs. This is the reason they are not the truth for many because they are not the same as agreed upon reality what the human race believes in.
    This is not intended to insult when I say ”human reality” but this is what auditing is about.

  6. Happy New Year! Elizabeth. Glad to see you having fun. 🙂

    • Now Vinaire it seem you have received ”my silent thoughts” I have been wonder how are you and you have returned my telepathic communication! I would like to share my reality-experience on that matter of course only if you are interested.
      I do wish you a Grand New Year!

  7. You wrote some wonderful posts on my blog a couple of years ago here:\


    In reviewing your posts, I now feel that a new subject is coming into view for me. It is a “SCIENCE OF VIEWPOINT”.

    An artistic viewpoint is very imaginative and a lot of fun. But it knows that it is imagining and that imagination is different from reality.


    • I re-read and I still feel the same way but in the last few years my reality on illusions what is and what is not expended a bit. Now V.. I really would love to read your viewpoints on this item. hehehe … and I promise if you want me to comment I wont get into your hair.!!! 🙂

  8. I shall now be contemplating on the “science of viewpoint” and writing about it here.



    • v I am reading your post here is a statement I would like you to define for me “In other words, energy and matter should be shown as limiting conditions of space” In my belief matter is nothing but energy… so I wonder how you see the same.

    • well Vinaire, what I ever written to you my comments, are my beliefs, my ”illusions= universe” as in my ”reality” since I cant duplicate-know-see what others experience to me there is only one reality, this makes the universe a lonely place 🙂 hehehe.. because if we truly believe this than we stand alone.

      • About ”converting the killer” how that is done, what is in the agreed upon reality “WHAT IS HUMAN” thing to do and that reality is born out of fear- fear of death, the need to be good in order to belong and that is nothing more than agreed upon reality hehehe sugar coated of course!
        Vinaire, I dont have double standards. When out in the society doing intermingling with the native [ seldom do] I behave, act accordingly but my views what is and what is not are not agreed upon reality.

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