Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


Here is viewpoint on God, having the power of God or being the God yourself!

If we believe that everything in this Universe was created by some incredible powerful, all knowing invisible Entity, than we are just total effects, we are powerless, we are just drifting.

“””””””””Good one, but not my reality because if that would be true than I could not see-experience someone else’s reality  in this case ”Gods” and I could not have as-ised  experiences- incident I had so far in session,”””””” !!!!! We can only confront, as-is our own  experiences.

Some of you had a ‘’realization’’ that you were gods and you have created everything…

Hehehe that is wonderful and that is the fact!

But that is only one end of the Tone Scale!

The other end of that Tone Scale is you are the total effect of your creation and that too is the fact!

Cannot be any other way and this was discovered by us who have solo audited all our life: Maurice and I.[ I am positive there are others out there too who realised the same!]

To realise something that you have created the Universe is a mind boggling –fantastic understanding and that realization no matter how enlightening is it will not free you from the burden of collected considerations and that realization is not the end but the very first step, on opening door to discovery how that Universe was created by you.

While confronting, being audited: one can discover why we have created everything and I mean everything we ever believed in and why we have become total effect of our creation and why we must confront all that shit in order to be free!

I just throw belief –consideration at you: when you have created everything in that everything includes OTHERS too!

????? Surprised?

‘’Others” is a concept and concepts are created, Yes?

EXAMPLE: I only exist to you as reading material….. you have not seen this body I am connected to… whatever you know of me is what you consider there it Elizabeth and because you have the belief that I have a body: therefor I have one!

The fact is: you are reading and what you understand while you read is your own belief what those words-sentences means to you and there is no more. Elizabeth does not exist to you in reality and that too is a fact!

Same goes when meeting a person and fall in love with that person hehehe, till that day that person did not existed for you and from that moment on whatever you believe who person is what you have put there!

That person only is what you believe is and later on in the relationship you change your mind and start to add other beliefs to that created reality, well those can be bad or good by your considerations BUT THEY STILL ARE YOUR CONSIDERATIONS: WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED and that EXIST and THERE IS NO MORE TO THAT PERSON. !!!!!

Being a creator and creating: that includes all what is believed to be bad or good, not just the good and blaming the bad experiences on others! That does not work.

Example: if you postulated to have that car and when it is in on accident than that accident can’t be some other persons fault, it may seem like, but that is not the fact!

Being a God, creator of everything goes hand in hand with responsibility, taking responsibility for whatever shit you are in.

Someone can tell you to look at that flower or bicycle and they can describe these for you but what you will see is totally your, your creation-experience and there is no more, there is no other way,

You are the only one who know what you see, what you feel, what you know.




Comments on: "BEING A GOD_CREATOR !" (7)

  1. Very Good, Very Good,Very Good.
    Buon Anno.

  2. marknr1011 said:

    Hoping you are having a lovely Christmas season. Perhaps it is a little cooler there than here in the south U.S. In the 70’s f. here lately. No white Christmas for us.

    The combination of individuality and oneness is a difficult concept for some to grasp. You seem to have gotten it.

    Affinity. The willingness to occupy the same space as someone or something else. The willingness to Be someone or something else. This definition has a built in error. The term: Someone or something ELSE. That is an invented concept.

  3. Hi Mark…. I live alone and I am a loner and dont have family but I never feel lonely and my celebration is when I have a new realization! These I have daily since no day passes by without me not having a session or 2-3.
    You are right: On affinity the concept is wrong, but all concepts are describing something and that is what they are: pointing. So far I haven’t found a concept which could not be as-ised….
    LRH has used a word wrongly and so have I till now I haven seen and it is fact that nothing in or on this Planet or in this Universe is SOLID because nothing is, There is no such a thing as solidity but there is ”density”’ of different magnitude and the ”density is vibration of energy.
    LRH haven’t made a mistake, he just haven’t continued long enough to gain different reality, that is all.
    It is up to us to find the answers we are looking for with the tools he left for us to use.
    We have moderate climate here on the Lower Mainland BC, the Rockies are covered with snow but here in the valley, close to Fraser river, and because of the affects of warm ocean currents we seldom get snow, but we have rain.. our climate is similar with Seattle’s.

    Happy New Year!. BEST to YOU!

    • marknr1011 said:

      Hello Erzsebet.
      I see what you mean about the climate. It is similar to the climate to The Rhine River Valley in the western corner of Germany. Spent 2 years there.

      I didn’t intend to imply that Ron was in error. I was simply speaking in a lower and then a higher gradient. The English, or any other language cannot properly describe exact concepts. We can only try to point someone in the right direction and hope they find what we were pointing at.

      Thanks for the pointing you have given me and I am looking forward to more in the coming year.
      ARCL, Mark

      • Mark… Ron made a mistake describing ”affinity” and nothing wrong to be aware of something like that. 🙂 I am not the fan of LRH’s as many others are because I believe he had to produce the auditing technology that was his Karma. There are no co-incidents in the Universe, LRH too had to do Amends and the auditing technology has restored that. I too have paid so I know how that goes.

        On Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 10:04 PM, Elizabeth Hamre's Blog wrote:



  5. Hello Maribel Thank you! what ever is coming into my space will turn out to be good, 🙂

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