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heavy-unconfronted incident

to this I haven’t gotten on answer ..

This realization possibly will sound to you really way out, not real, well, the same goes for me I too and I too have difficulty understanding how this is yet what I know-understand is logical.

So far I haven’t found much on what is ‘’sleep’’ and I have looked for the reasons why this incredible affective item is in place and of course it is believed agreed upon every person on this planet that it is required, a must, and as human species can’t live without can’t survive if not sleeping daily!

Yet this too has been proved otherwise and these rare incidents has been recorded in Medical Journals.

There were People, man have lived existed functioned incredible well without having to sleep.

One was a young Italian farmer who has received a head injury in a bar brawl and he never needed to sleep again. This man when lost the enforced need to sleep after the head injury he become incredibly energetic, with that he become totally healthy and he used his spare time which he had plenty of to read and study.

Another man had a bullet injury to his head-brain he received that injury in the second WW.

There was a incident in Toronto when I lived there and the newspapers well writing up what happened to this man.


But all this is beside a point what I realised yesterday that SLEEP…BEING UNCOUNCIOUS, or Unconsciousness induced by medication that state is the same… Sleep is unconsciousness and that is a fact…OK, I know we dream and the SLEEP HAS DIFFERENT LEVEL=depth and we all know this also.

Drug induced sleep=unconsciousness causes very deep sleep and in this state the body can be cut up, hit, injured and the being=Entity don’t feel a thing.

Now, when we ‘’wake’’ in the morning if you are aware than you have noticed that things=what we have lefts behind before we have fallen asleep last night=our life, things to do seep back into our awareness as we are waking, or floods back and hits the person with the boom of sonic: this demands on what we are keyed in.

Same thing happens when a person comes back from state of unconsciousness with that that person reconnects to ‘’life’’ and all what that life contains for that person.

I too have experienced being completely out of the body: not having body stimulations-sensations: and this has happened when in the major car accident which was a head on collision, I was out of the body for 9 days and while disconnected from the body I did not felt a thing, I did not realized that the body suffered from major damages: the left side of the brain become lose and was badly damaged and disconnected+ heavy neck and other muscle injuries.

In this OUT-STATE I was totally happy, hardly slept and was incredible energetic walked on air, hardly felt that I had a body.

When I KEYED BACK into the injured body the pain was so overwhelming I passed out. [ I have written here in this blog how I recovered from this injury, brain damage]

and to this I haven’t gotten on answer yet..

Now the question is to which I want to have on answer and I will find that answer-understanding why the Human FORCED involuntarily to go unconscious and this happens regular interval like clock-work!

We, by now so accustomed comfortable with this outrages enforced crime against us that by now we accepted sleep a ‘’pleasure activity’: we made a soft warm nest for the body in a cozy nice ‘’safe room’’.

If we would really understand what is behind this activity, why we go unconscious ..OH….. This I need to find out.

Realization that the state of sleep and any form of unconsciousness is on identical incident well… this I find most intriguing and of course I am one step ahead because I know this now.



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  1. Hi Elizabeth, Are you saying that you still go unconscious when your body sleeps?

    • I am looking at your question… Yes, I have blanks in awareness, and this is the reason I solo audit is in order to understand … if I would know it all than I would not be able to go into session because I know it all! For years now every time I have a realization and I have more than one a day, I realize how little I know and each of these cogs. gives me the understanding over and over that without that cog I could never be free! Being STILL, having unconscious gaps? Hell, of course I still cant make things appear, I still cant seat in Obamas meetings and listen in, I still cant do many many things and long as I cant till than I have unconscious whatever… hehehe…

    • Thank you for the music and the conductor have great personality of course all was just perfect! I feel when some one sends a Video-music, that I am serenaded and in this case not just a few gypsies under my window but a full orchestra. !!!! Now that is very special!

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