Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Bad deal we made.

I to have believed same as all of you have that we can make things appear, than we can postulate and whatever we have postulated and it will materialise.

Well, I been working on-exploring all the do’s and don’ts on this subjects on and off ever since I been solo auditing because when one solo audits we are free to choose our own issues to confront in sessions.

I have spent countless session hours to understand how this could work and in order of course to be able to make things appear, for my wishes to come realities.

HEHEHEHE  …dream on Elizabeth, just dream on girl!

Of course in the process to unravel this enigma –mystery I had immensely fascinating realizations which have changed my realities how things worked in this Universe but I still could not move one little bloody item by intentions and nothing but nothing materialized out of what I visualised and strongly-totally- completely believed that it will appear!

I don’t accept failure, I don’t give in just because it is agreed by billions on this planet that that can be done, because that is an agreement by humans and to agree to something like that don’t make it a fact.. a truth!

In fact whatever humans believe in hehehe the very opposite is the truth!

So this year I dedicated more sessions time on this topic because I still happen to believe and don’t have any doubt – uncertainty – misgiving that we can make things happen by intention: not using the body in the process.

And today’s session brought on incredible realization WHY we can’t make things appear as we wish.


HEHEHE.. and  waking in the morning knowing that our car is where we left it, so is our shoes, partner, bank account and our bank is still on the same place on the same planet and that we still have the same body hehehe.. well that is very reassuring reality knowing that no one’s wish-reality can change the safe environment we live in.

This to achieve-to have it accomplished have  taken immense amount of different inventions: to stabilise the environments vibration-energy and immense amount of agreements promises treaties between groups -nations and Planets and those who have broken the agreement were brutally punished by annihilation !!!!

These happened to me more than once… this heavy-duty punishments which finally erased all my natural abilities-desires to do some magical conjuration of my wishes-needs.

Our co-operation on this matter worked so well that by now our simple ordinary ability if could come about would be called Supernatural Ability!

We have given up our abilities for to have safe-solid environment in which everything is in order,  well we can’t have both not on this planet!

PS: I had hundreds of different recalls in which I have seen how we made everything around us stable-solid and I bet I will still find more of the same..  our Universe is infinite that means we had infinite experiences and  one life time worth of sessions can not  unearth all the knowledge and bring realizations why we are in a condition we are in.

To really see-understand how we accomplished solidity… all the person has to do is look around and understand  what we have here on this planet is here because of agreements!  Nothing more is allowed to exist because  anything out of ordinary is considered stupid, not real, not right, cannot be, etc.. in other words unacceptable by the majority.


Comments on: "We exchanged our abilities and with that we short changed ouself: we sold out!" (4)

  1. Auguri di buone feste Elisabeth ,le auguro di portare fino in fondo la sua ricerca e la ringrazio per ciò che ha scritto.

    • Dear friend Luciano… thank you for the remembering and your good wishes. Just yesterday I was thinking of you… I to wish you Happy Holidays and of course the very best! With much affection! Elizabeth

  2. Grazie Elisabeth ultimamente ho realizzato (cog ) che non commenterò gli scritti nei blog .Ogni commento genera dualità e preferisco non generare conflitti in mè e negli altri .
    Continuerò a seguire Voi,Silvia e la Reception ma restando fuori da dispute . Un abbraccio

    • Luciano.. I understand and I feel the same way as you do. People dont realise that our main source of knowledge comes from listening, reading what others say. HEHEHE, If I only would have what I know I could not advance. Luciano I command that you comment in this blog! PLEASE?
      I love your comments, it gives me reality how you see the universe around.. Please understand that I dont believe in Buddhism but because people believe and practise that do not means to me that they are bad, something wrong with them. No, they are just on a different Path and that is all. I also believe in Karma, nothing happens by accident and it seems that our paths meant to cross for a reason, so dear Luciano understand that I dont believe for a moment that what I do, what I believe in has more importance than in your realities.
      we are here to learn and in my reality that is all there is. E.

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