Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

waiting for Death to come!

Waiting… to come….Death… hehehe ????

Personally I don’t like waiting because waiting  is not an normal activity for a Spiritual Entity.

On the other hand waiting patiently for something to happen that state is truly on invented- developed condition which contains all the elements of the MEST U: time, space, movements of particles=which is continuum it itself and the concept of Time again segregated into parts which is named ‘’past’’ ‘’present time’’ and  the yet to be experienced  ‘’future’’.

Waiting for something to happen this condition is a  truly ‘’suppressive’’ condition which stops the being – holds the person in that permanent –solid condition and of course beside this there are many other reasons  ‘’waiting’’ this concept was developed. LRH has mentioned what ”waiting” is more than one occasion.

Yesterday I was waiting for the delivery man and I thought while I am waiting why not I get into session and dig a bit more see if I can unearth other realities beside the others I already have discovered on this subject.

And soon I had a heart stopping huge blowdown cog-understanding that soon as we have the body, we are in the body [we have a life…..we live this life] :  BUT WE UNCONCIOUSLY WAITING FOR DEATH TO HAPPEN! and there is a good reason we have why we so desperately waiting.

Usually when the body in the condition being moved about, being active: occupied with a chain of activities what is called ‘’living the life’’, the occupant of the body seldom thinks of the inescapable condition yet to come; the ending of the body’s natural cycle: its death which in fact nothing more than the expiration the cessation of the matter and in this situation it is the meat body the being identifies with as self.

In my vast experience in solo sessions I haven’t found other ideas –beliefs  which would be equal in this Universe or more SUPRESIVE than this idea=beliefs what “death” means here on this planet.

This idea-belief is totally suppressing overpowering …defeating …. and destroying  the very awareness of the Entity.. OT.

The very idea- the beliefs  this mistaken understanding   that we are dead= lifeless  after leaving the body , that we are no more, that nothing exists outside  and the only thing is important, has meaning, vital is the existence=reality  while we are being inside  the body!

This belief itself cuts off, separates the Being from living-experiencing the true reality the real life, the real Universe which is lived when the Entity –OT not in prisoned in the body.

To know  have that belief that we are Spiritual entity, that knowledge alone do not free the being but only the elimination through as-ising+ through realizations on all beliefs which brought  and kept  the us here on this Planet will do that.

As the session continued I have seen-experienced numerous incidents in which I desperately  struggled -wanted to be liberated from the burden from the beliefs that I only existed because MEST body existed.  In these incidents I yearned for the body to die so I could be free, and when I was released after the death of the body I felt immeasurable joy!

Death to the body is not death to the Entity but the attainment of freedom from the enslaving realities which goes hand in hand  by having a body.





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