Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Silence! heavy stuff.


Silence=stillness, hush, calm, quiet this means: noiseless.

Living on this planet this condition is just about unattainable commodity yet daily millions practise MADITATION in order to attain some degree of quietness to silence that ever present memory – that forever rambling implanted flow of thoughts.

By now I have had immense number in sessions on communication and discovered different levels of communication but these forms of communication at the present time are known to humans on conscious level: so I know lot about what communication is.

But not till this day I realised what is Silence and what incredible affects has on the being.

Silence is part of communication, without the existence of Silence communication could not have been invented.

While taking courses as I went up on the Bridge I can’t recall reading anything about this item, since it is on item yet LRH and his group of researchers haven’t mentioned anything  nevertheless it is a huge complicated item which effects the beings the same way as verbal communication do.

We all know Silence exists: Example: these are well known-used sayings: the silence was shattered by loud noise, the silence was deafening, the silence was broken: how do you break the silence? We all know the answer to that.

Also there is value in Silence…. We can hide in it, it offers safety, we can key out:  when in a quiet place from the overwhelm of daily incoming tide: noise: we can re-new self!

Also Silence is used as punishment; in prison solitary confinement dished out as severe punishment… and in relationships couples use this weapon very effectively!

But there is FEAR of silence…..it has huge impact  on the being when experienced, tremendous!

But there is illusion what silence can be and this grand deception is achieved by those who practise meditation. These persons do not attain freedom from MEST but slowly through  diligent practicing  of meditation  push away the MEST =get keyed out = get pushed  out of their regular mind-noise that chatter they hear and slowly  move into different space: which is emptiness-silence-nothing moving hehehe: bingo  with that they fall into a different Trap: you see  THE BEING CANT LIVE WITHIN VACUUME  in NOTHINGNESS- as in SILENCE BECAUSE HE MUST HAVE on ANCHOR  POINTS at all times-in all locations so HE PUTS in- fills this newly attained silence THIS EMPTY STILLNESS –QUIETNESS with ALL SORT OF SYMBOLS, example :Buddhism is represented by  immense amount  symbols and mode of behaviour  which are  now his new anchor points in this MEST universe and   hehehehe and he call this achievement   SIPITUALITY!  NIRVANA -ENLIGHTAMENT,  oooooh joy, what on incredible illusion –lie that is.

Why I am heavy, down  on meditation- Buddhism? Because it is nothing more than a lie, misconception, misrepresentation what spirituality is, you see if it would be the truth than it would not-could not exist and practised.

ONLY ALTERED REALITY CAN EXIST and when anything being altered that becomes a lie, truth don’t have mass, don’t have vibration,  to attain the truth the person don’t need practicing. Truth can’t be thought, can’t be learned.

By the way spirituality cannot be gained attained through practises because Spirituality is not a thing not on activity like playing football, or being a carpenter: more they practise better they become!

To attain silence in this MEST U. we have much chance as attainment of total freedom while being here.

The only thing, the best thing we can do is and understand what surrounds us[ back on my usual horse]  have sessions- few million cognitions… hehehe this amount just provides a bit of reality  what we  have experienced through eons.


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  1. Silenzio e rumore sono le due facce della stessa moneta. Hanno la stessa origine,quando una vive l’altra muore ahhh ahhh. Buongiorno Signora Elizabeth.

  2. Il Sutra del Cuore della Saggezza Suprema

    Il Sutra del Cuore della Saggezza Suprema è uno dei sutra più importanti nella tradizione zen e più recitati nei monasteri. Il suo messaggio, ridotto ai minimi termini, è: tutto è vuoto, realizzando questa verità interiormente, si è liberi, illuminati, si è al di là dell’illusione.
    Ecco il testo:

    Il bodhisattva Avalokitesvara praticava la profonda Prajnaparamita [la saggezza suprema].
    In quel momento egli percepì che tutti e cinque gli skandha sono vuoti
    e fu liberato da tutta l’angoscia e la sofferenza.
    Oh Shariputra, la forma non è altro che vuoto, il vuoto non è altro che forma;
    ciò che è forma è vuoto, ciò che è vuoto è forma (il primo skandha);
    ed è lo stesso per sensazione, percezione, formazione karmica e coscienza (gli altri quattro skandha).
    Shariputra, tutte le cose sono vuote apparizioni.
    Esse non sono nate, non sono distrutte, non macchiate, non pure;
    non aumentano né decrescono.
    Perciò, nella vacuità non c’è forma, né sensazione, né percezione, né formazione karmica, né coscienza;
    né occhi, orecchie, naso, lingua, corpo, mente;
    né forma, suono, odore, gusto, tatto, oggetti;
    né c’è un regno del vedere,
    e così via finché giungiamo a nessun regno della coscienza;
    non vi è conoscenza, ignoranza,
    né fine della conoscenza, né fine dell’ignoranza,
    e così via finché giungiamo a non ci sono vecchiaia e morte;
    né estinzione di vecchiaia e morte;
    non c’è sofferenza, karma, estinzione, Via;
    né saggezza, né realizzazione.
    Dal momento che non si ha nulla da conseguire, si è un bodhisattva.
    Poiché ci si è interamente affidati alla Prajnaparamita,
    la mente è priva d’ostacoli;
    dal momento che la mente è priva d’ostacoli,
    non si conosce paura, si è ben oltre tutto il pensiero illusorio,
    e si raggiunge il Nirvana definitivo.
    Poiché tutti i Buddha
    del passato, del presente e del futuro
    si sono interamente affidati alla Prajnaparamita
    essi conseguono la suprema illuminazione.
    Perciò sappi che la Prajnaparamita è il grande mantra,
    il mantra più alto,
    il supremo incomparabile mantra,
    capace di placare tutta la sofferenza.
    Questo è vero.
    Non è falso.
    Perciò io esclamo il mantra della Prajnaparamita,
    esso dice:
    Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi, svaha!
    (andato, andato, andato all’altra sponda, completamente sull’altra sponda, benvenuto risveglio!).

    • Thank you Luciano for the Quotation, I am aware of the meaning since I could not have open heart chakra if I would not understand the why. The crown chakra has opened up and have remained open for 20 years now and now the light just pours out from the heart and I am in total peace and intense happiness is experienced.
      I have asked the question about chakra from Brian because of his earlier comment but he did not wanted to answer, I am sure he had his reason why.
      Luciano as you know I dont practise Buddhism and I hope you can see-understand these simple sessions do take the being to the highest level what you folks call Enlightenment.
      But to me that ”state” dont means much it is just a step toward the direction which I dont know where to lead.
      Where I walk is on unchartered territory where no man walked before 🙂

    • Luciano… to me arriving to any level means not a journey’s end but a stepping stone, a newly opened door to awareness haven’t been experienced.

    • Luciano,
      I have forgotten to write this important point: by now through experiences I know long as I FEEL certain sensation like great pleasure or pain, itch or in this case “Intense Happiness with calm-ness” Well…HEHEHE .. I know that it is a TRAP in order to remain in that state.Traps are control mechanisms, they are the most cunning –sly –calculating considerations-thoughts-belief given- implanted into Beings reality and with that Implant in place stops the Beings to exercise their own power.
      Luciano… and Being who feels Intense happiness + calm at the same time will not be active in any ways when it comes to be causative and will not interfere interact with those who control the Universe.
      All Traps can be as-ised in session soon as they are recognised-confronted, understood the reason for their existence: they vanish!
      The problem Zen, its believers are sitting in that they haven’t realised that they are trapped, have reached a dead-end!

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