Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Most delicious subject!

A cognition!

This subject is fantastic…. has to do with “HAVING-ness” and within this frame which contain everything which holds the person in place, yet provide constant relentless stimulation which keeps the person-entity  occupied – busy yet unmoving.

Here are some of the components –items which are experienced in any given moment: worry, anxiety, tenseness, tension, desire, wishing, longing, craving, wanting, struggling, harassed, supressed, feeling being crushed, totally hopeless, desperate, struggling to make it go right, wanting to change, problem solving.

The list can be endless and all these is havingness and big- big super havingness and top of it the ever-present FEAR is holding the person solidly in within this subject.

POVERTY ….  Hehehe….  to be in this condition is huge enormous  massive havingness= which brings constants experiences- stimulation and to have these stimulations at any moment is important  now as was in the past and is the first and only motivator  for the Entity to be in the MEST Universe.

The prof what I am writing is the fact, in auditing always the heaviest most stimulating item is confronted and by the way wealth is less stimulating because the meanings of owing solid objects do wear off with that those objects sort of vanish-no longer stimulating: that is the reason of those with means collect more and more ….. hehehe

That wealth is less  stimulating  is of course to the beliefs of those who prefer having poverty and sitting in it.  🙂

Buying -owing having that object only gives very sort lived sensation but losing a job, not knowing how to pay that rent  … well.. sure provides stimulation enough to give ulcer.  what fun we are having! 🙂

It seem in that concept what is poverty  do supply all the components which makes the Entity  believe that they are TRULY LIVING-HAVING A LIFE!!!!    ugh…


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  1. Wealth is gone when you drop the body, but all that lovely mental mass you get to keep with you for the next ride on the merry-go-round! 🙂

    • That is havigness big time hehehe we like it or not that dont make no difference: we got it! 🙂 BUT…I love this word, but Brian I have been pounding the hell out of =having hundreds of sessions on the topic of the above post for about 8 months and that brought immense change in awareness. When I put this post up I said to my self, now I can really get into Wealth and in that moment I have seen the heart chakra [not sure of the spelling] open up and light pour out! this a signifies huge change in my space, now my dear in your understanding what that signifies?

    • Brian …as-ising getting rid of all the considerations which keeps one in poverty means in the FUTURE where ever that may be I will not fall into the same trap. You see: what you believe in that is what you live that is your life! By the way, I found some new information what is sleep IS NOT! I will write about it some other time.

    • Brian, what is Native State?

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