Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

By now I have become on expert about energy masses, I can ‘’see’’ them separately in holograph: their size, color and I know their vibration, I know how they move, what they do to the Entity+ body how they stop, block, flatten, hold down, spin you in, pull or push your body,  how they cause unconsciousness,  yes I should know all these because this is what we confront in sessions and the thoughts-considerations the wording we describe how we feel  are just a labels we hang on these masses of energies  and words without  mass they would be just empty phrases nothing more.

I have experienced imaginable amount of this stuff and their labels  could fill a dictionary and have because that is how I learned English, BUT NOT ONCE IN 42 YEARS IS SESSION I FOUND SOMETHING SO REMARCABLE AS IN TODAYS SESSION!!!!!!!!.

The concepts we hang on our experiences these concepts are just there they don’t do anything special. Example: apple is sweet—– big deal, we know, OK… glass is clear—-ok we got that,  cat got run over… etc… you might feel temporarily good or bad  when having this thoughts but you won’t be staying on that level to long.

But there is one word and what that represent  can change your whole life and permanently.

The word “HOPE” that concept whatever that means is not connected to an ordinary mass but it is …ugh..hard to explain…


When we have a HOPE with that awareness-belief in place we move into a higher level of reality where negative don’t exist!!!

Hope moves us out of our negative beliefs, the walls, barriers of our old negative beliefs fall away,[we key out] and having hope permit—allows the space to become open, and this is when miracles happen, because on the positive level things do happen- become reality and having hope catapult the person to that level of reality.

When we hope struggles fall away, you see: hope doesn’t leave room for adverse beliefs.

But that hope can elevates, make you want to live, and keep you on positive path which will get you what you have hoped for.

You already know all this I am not saying anything new about hope because we have all read stories what was achieved by people because they simply had hope, never have given in.

But I am the first one on this planet who have compared in  sessions in order to understand how they work their  meanings and their movements how these masses of energies effect the person:  when having  postulate, daydreams, fantasy, visualisations, prayers and wishing, and brothers you can do any of these till blue in the face, or your balls fall off but nothing will happen, You can visualise till your eyes balls pop, or chant that postulate till end of the time…nothing.

These concepts do not elevate to permanent positive level but having that Hope will revitalise your days and your life, when having hope the universe will look different because you will perceive the universe from different angle: in total confidence.

I have read and heard hope put wings on your heals and song in your heart: that is keyed-out state!

With this I don’t say ‘’what you hope for will just blow in” bingo you will have it, because if you have a hidden counter intention that will not let it happen and of course Having Hope will not replace confrontation =cognitions, but if you truly believe  than it will take place.

Oh I feel good!

PS: for the Hungarian =Magyar readers of this blog I put up a video of my dear friend  Kati who sings: Ott ahol zúg az a négy folyó. and you people can write to me in Hungarian! I would love to hear from you!


Comments on: "what one word can do, has the power, can causes miracles." (4)

  1. When I read your post it makes me feel that you are talking about “faith” even more than “hope”. 100% faith = 100% trust that something will be.

    From Matthew 17: Then the disciples came to Jesus in private and asked, “Why couldn’t we drive it out?”

    He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

    • Hi Brian…hehehe you can read into what I write, interpret it accordingly what is your reality. But Hope I meant!

    • Brian, I am just confronting ”faith” No, definitely I am not talking about faith, I dont have faith in the MEST Universe. Have you heard the expression ” put your faith into …….” Well, to me that alone is indicating a stop sign.
      But to have Hope and this hope is so different that I cant describe.

    • Brian… I have been looking at the two concept..hope and faith.
      When I put the attention on faith twinge of doubt arises.. but with hope, I have this incredible sense of wholeness.
      Because of your comment earlier, I had a cog. and this cog. was about “KNOWING”. And this was way back in 74 when I read about the auditing technology, I did not have faith in it, I did not hope that it will work for me: I just knew without out any doubt that it works. I never ever questioned it, I did not have to.
      Brian, I get really fired up, I am truly interested when friends who solo audit write to me how their sessions went, what was their cognitions, what changes were brought by as -ising on Overt or the little experiment I have asked Kay to do for me what was the result. But jesus whatever said leaves me cold.. I have absolutely no interest about the written history of this planet: who said what and why… all that has been-gone-past-not real But cognitions are the new foundation of the universe I am getting to know. 🙂

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