Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Last night had a great cognition regarding ANCHOR POINTS how we continually re-establish …re confirm our location.

This cog. was the outcome of a unusual experience I have had about 10 days back while I was walking I observed a very long freight train passing by: 140 units I have counted and when the train was gone the immediate Terrain  to the railway was moving with the house on it and of course the fence moved too and I watched this phenomenon for about 30 seconds at first I thought I was imagining this but the land with the house was just sliding away  than the movement slowed down and finally the house and the fence slid back to its original location.

I am aware of that this Universe is nothing more than energy, and everything we believe in, what the eyes see exists because we believe it exists: therefore things are only solid because we believe that they are solid.

YES I KNOW…if something falls on my foot it can hurt like hell and the pain is real, hehehe but the reason for the foot being there and the thing falling on it and the pain being real so is the tears in my eye because I BELIEVE IT IS HAPPENING AND IT IS REAL! What we have on this planet, our so called life is nothing more than grand illusion and the collected agreements make it so: solid=permanent!

The funny part is that we do not know what others feel, what they believe in: how they perceive their own illusion yet we agree that it is real.

Back to the Anchor Points: I realised

….. as we walk,  we move about WE CONTINUALLY RE POSITION _FIX and refix OUR POSITION IN THE LANSSCAPE.

BECAUSE THE EYES see, and “  through our knowingness we ” CONSTANTLY EVALUATE THE DISTANCES BETWEEN OBJECTS related to SELF=THE BODY  and this automatic evaluation give the fixed position for self=the body …. and we good old saps we say  ”’yes, I am here, and I know this because I have taken these steps to get here…now I am here arrived  from that point…and am here now …and  moved from that place to over here, standing here or sitting on this stool in the cafe  

WE constantly wedge self- self into these make belief positions regarding: objects-buildings-landmarks with that we GAIN A SOLID POSITION  and with that illusion  in place we reassure self we are solid: of course we are because we have a location !! Idiots galore hehehe this includes me of course!

 This cognition brings again a major shift in awareness, on understanding how we operate… and of course this stupidity we do by continuously re-anchoring self into the MEST: EXTERIORIZATION IS IMPASSIBLE: how can the Entity go exterior when believes that he is sitting in a armchair-which is by the window, inside the house, in the living room to the opposite of another armchair!

  When I was in the car accident and collision was on the back end of the car the impact was huge jolt that pushed me out of the body= lost all the anchor points around me which I was constantly recreating while driving and I seen the car—the body collapsed over the wheel , the road and other cars from above I also observed whirling  energy masses  over the terrain at the same time.

 Now I understand what we do how we STAY IN SOLID POSITION!!!

 The constantly created anchor points and with that in place  fixing self in position – hold us in the same place and we can’t observe more than what we allow self to see within this space and what we see is what the ‘’eyes’’ see… hehehe and that is not real.

This cog is good!


Comments on: "HEHEHE…. just read and shed a few tears…. go exterior????? well… hehehe… dream on." (2)

  1. hehe, yes that is good! Thank you for sharing

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