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waiting for Death to come!

Waiting… to come….Death… hehehe ????

Personally I don’t like waiting because waiting  is not an normal activity for a Spiritual Entity.

On the other hand waiting patiently for something to happen that state is truly on invented- developed condition which contains all the elements of the MEST U: time, space, movements of particles=which is continuum it itself and the concept of Time again segregated into parts which is named ‘’past’’ ‘’present time’’ and  the yet to be experienced  ‘’future’’.

Waiting for something to happen this condition is a  truly ‘’suppressive’’ condition which stops the being – holds the person in that permanent –solid condition and of course beside this there are many other reasons  ‘’waiting’’ this concept was developed. LRH has mentioned what ”waiting” is more than one occasion.

Yesterday I was waiting for the delivery man and I thought while I am waiting why not I get into session and dig a bit more see if I can unearth other realities beside the others I already have discovered on this subject.

And soon I had a heart stopping huge blowdown cog-understanding that soon as we have the body, we are in the body [we have a life…..we live this life] :  BUT WE UNCONCIOUSLY WAITING FOR DEATH TO HAPPEN! and there is a good reason we have why we so desperately waiting.

Usually when the body in the condition being moved about, being active: occupied with a chain of activities what is called ‘’living the life’’, the occupant of the body seldom thinks of the inescapable condition yet to come; the ending of the body’s natural cycle: its death which in fact nothing more than the expiration the cessation of the matter and in this situation it is the meat body the being identifies with as self.

In my vast experience in solo sessions I haven’t found other ideas –beliefs  which would be equal in this Universe or more SUPRESIVE than this idea=beliefs what “death” means here on this planet.

This idea-belief is totally suppressing overpowering …defeating …. and destroying  the very awareness of the Entity.. OT.

The very idea- the beliefs  this mistaken understanding   that we are dead= lifeless  after leaving the body , that we are no more, that nothing exists outside  and the only thing is important, has meaning, vital is the existence=reality  while we are being inside  the body!

This belief itself cuts off, separates the Being from living-experiencing the true reality the real life, the real Universe which is lived when the Entity –OT not in prisoned in the body.

To know  have that belief that we are Spiritual entity, that knowledge alone do not free the being but only the elimination through as-ising+ through realizations on all beliefs which brought  and kept  the us here on this Planet will do that.

As the session continued I have seen-experienced numerous incidents in which I desperately  struggled -wanted to be liberated from the burden from the beliefs that I only existed because MEST body existed.  In these incidents I yearned for the body to die so I could be free, and when I was released after the death of the body I felt immeasurable joy!

Death to the body is not death to the Entity but the attainment of freedom from the enslaving realities which goes hand in hand  by having a body.





Silence! heavy stuff.


Silence=stillness, hush, calm, quiet this means: noiseless.

Living on this planet this condition is just about unattainable commodity yet daily millions practise MADITATION in order to attain some degree of quietness to silence that ever present memory – that forever rambling implanted flow of thoughts.

By now I have had immense number in sessions on communication and discovered different levels of communication but these forms of communication at the present time are known to humans on conscious level: so I know lot about what communication is.

But not till this day I realised what is Silence and what incredible affects has on the being.

Silence is part of communication, without the existence of Silence communication could not have been invented.

While taking courses as I went up on the Bridge I can’t recall reading anything about this item, since it is on item yet LRH and his group of researchers haven’t mentioned anything  nevertheless it is a huge complicated item which effects the beings the same way as verbal communication do.

We all know Silence exists: Example: these are well known-used sayings: the silence was shattered by loud noise, the silence was deafening, the silence was broken: how do you break the silence? We all know the answer to that.

Also there is value in Silence…. We can hide in it, it offers safety, we can key out:  when in a quiet place from the overwhelm of daily incoming tide: noise: we can re-new self!

Also Silence is used as punishment; in prison solitary confinement dished out as severe punishment… and in relationships couples use this weapon very effectively!

But there is FEAR of silence…..it has huge impact  on the being when experienced, tremendous!

But there is illusion what silence can be and this grand deception is achieved by those who practise meditation. These persons do not attain freedom from MEST but slowly through  diligent practicing  of meditation  push away the MEST =get keyed out = get pushed  out of their regular mind-noise that chatter they hear and slowly  move into different space: which is emptiness-silence-nothing moving hehehe: bingo  with that they fall into a different Trap: you see  THE BEING CANT LIVE WITHIN VACUUME  in NOTHINGNESS- as in SILENCE BECAUSE HE MUST HAVE on ANCHOR  POINTS at all times-in all locations so HE PUTS in- fills this newly attained silence THIS EMPTY STILLNESS –QUIETNESS with ALL SORT OF SYMBOLS, example :Buddhism is represented by  immense amount  symbols and mode of behaviour  which are  now his new anchor points in this MEST universe and   hehehehe and he call this achievement   SIPITUALITY!  NIRVANA -ENLIGHTAMENT,  oooooh joy, what on incredible illusion –lie that is.

Why I am heavy, down  on meditation- Buddhism? Because it is nothing more than a lie, misconception, misrepresentation what spirituality is, you see if it would be the truth than it would not-could not exist and practised.

ONLY ALTERED REALITY CAN EXIST and when anything being altered that becomes a lie, truth don’t have mass, don’t have vibration,  to attain the truth the person don’t need practicing. Truth can’t be thought, can’t be learned.

By the way spirituality cannot be gained attained through practises because Spirituality is not a thing not on activity like playing football, or being a carpenter: more they practise better they become!

To attain silence in this MEST U. we have much chance as attainment of total freedom while being here.

The only thing, the best thing we can do is and understand what surrounds us[ back on my usual horse]  have sessions- few million cognitions… hehehe this amount just provides a bit of reality  what we  have experienced through eons.

Most delicious subject!

A cognition!

This subject is fantastic…. has to do with “HAVING-ness” and within this frame which contain everything which holds the person in place, yet provide constant relentless stimulation which keeps the person-entity  occupied – busy yet unmoving.

Here are some of the components –items which are experienced in any given moment: worry, anxiety, tenseness, tension, desire, wishing, longing, craving, wanting, struggling, harassed, supressed, feeling being crushed, totally hopeless, desperate, struggling to make it go right, wanting to change, problem solving.

The list can be endless and all these is havingness and big- big super havingness and top of it the ever-present FEAR is holding the person solidly in within this subject.

POVERTY ….  Hehehe….  to be in this condition is huge enormous  massive havingness= which brings constants experiences- stimulation and to have these stimulations at any moment is important  now as was in the past and is the first and only motivator  for the Entity to be in the MEST Universe.

The prof what I am writing is the fact, in auditing always the heaviest most stimulating item is confronted and by the way wealth is less stimulating because the meanings of owing solid objects do wear off with that those objects sort of vanish-no longer stimulating: that is the reason of those with means collect more and more ….. hehehe

That wealth is less  stimulating  is of course to the beliefs of those who prefer having poverty and sitting in it.  🙂

Buying -owing having that object only gives very sort lived sensation but losing a job, not knowing how to pay that rent  … well.. sure provides stimulation enough to give ulcer.  what fun we are having! 🙂

It seem in that concept what is poverty  do supply all the components which makes the Entity  believe that they are TRULY LIVING-HAVING A LIFE!!!!    ugh…

what one word can do, has the power, can causes miracles.

By now I have become on expert about energy masses, I can ‘’see’’ them separately in holograph: their size, color and I know their vibration, I know how they move, what they do to the Entity+ body how they stop, block, flatten, hold down, spin you in, pull or push your body,  how they cause unconsciousness,  yes I should know all these because this is what we confront in sessions and the thoughts-considerations the wording we describe how we feel  are just a labels we hang on these masses of energies  and words without  mass they would be just empty phrases nothing more.

I have experienced imaginable amount of this stuff and their labels  could fill a dictionary and have because that is how I learned English, BUT NOT ONCE IN 42 YEARS IS SESSION I FOUND SOMETHING SO REMARCABLE AS IN TODAYS SESSION!!!!!!!!.

The concepts we hang on our experiences these concepts are just there they don’t do anything special. Example: apple is sweet—– big deal, we know, OK… glass is clear—-ok we got that,  cat got run over… etc… you might feel temporarily good or bad  when having this thoughts but you won’t be staying on that level to long.

But there is one word and what that represent  can change your whole life and permanently.

The word “HOPE” that concept whatever that means is not connected to an ordinary mass but it is …ugh..hard to explain…


When we have a HOPE with that awareness-belief in place we move into a higher level of reality where negative don’t exist!!!

Hope moves us out of our negative beliefs, the walls, barriers of our old negative beliefs fall away,[we key out] and having hope permit—allows the space to become open, and this is when miracles happen, because on the positive level things do happen- become reality and having hope catapult the person to that level of reality.

When we hope struggles fall away, you see: hope doesn’t leave room for adverse beliefs.

But that hope can elevates, make you want to live, and keep you on positive path which will get you what you have hoped for.

You already know all this I am not saying anything new about hope because we have all read stories what was achieved by people because they simply had hope, never have given in.

But I am the first one on this planet who have compared in  sessions in order to understand how they work their  meanings and their movements how these masses of energies effect the person:  when having  postulate, daydreams, fantasy, visualisations, prayers and wishing, and brothers you can do any of these till blue in the face, or your balls fall off but nothing will happen, You can visualise till your eyes balls pop, or chant that postulate till end of the time…nothing.

These concepts do not elevate to permanent positive level but having that Hope will revitalise your days and your life, when having hope the universe will look different because you will perceive the universe from different angle: in total confidence.

I have read and heard hope put wings on your heals and song in your heart: that is keyed-out state!

With this I don’t say ‘’what you hope for will just blow in” bingo you will have it, because if you have a hidden counter intention that will not let it happen and of course Having Hope will not replace confrontation =cognitions, but if you truly believe  than it will take place.

Oh I feel good!

PS: for the Hungarian =Magyar readers of this blog I put up a video of my dear friend  Kati who sings: Ott ahol zúg az a négy folyó. and you people can write to me in Hungarian! I would love to hear from you!

HEHEHE…. just read and shed a few tears…. go exterior????? well… hehehe… dream on.

Last night had a great cognition regarding ANCHOR POINTS how we continually re-establish …re confirm our location.

This cog. was the outcome of a unusual experience I have had about 10 days back while I was walking I observed a very long freight train passing by: 140 units I have counted and when the train was gone the immediate Terrain  to the railway was moving with the house on it and of course the fence moved too and I watched this phenomenon for about 30 seconds at first I thought I was imagining this but the land with the house was just sliding away  than the movement slowed down and finally the house and the fence slid back to its original location.

I am aware of that this Universe is nothing more than energy, and everything we believe in, what the eyes see exists because we believe it exists: therefore things are only solid because we believe that they are solid.

YES I KNOW…if something falls on my foot it can hurt like hell and the pain is real, hehehe but the reason for the foot being there and the thing falling on it and the pain being real so is the tears in my eye because I BELIEVE IT IS HAPPENING AND IT IS REAL! What we have on this planet, our so called life is nothing more than grand illusion and the collected agreements make it so: solid=permanent!

The funny part is that we do not know what others feel, what they believe in: how they perceive their own illusion yet we agree that it is real.

Back to the Anchor Points: I realised

….. as we walk,  we move about WE CONTINUALLY RE POSITION _FIX and refix OUR POSITION IN THE LANSSCAPE.

BECAUSE THE EYES see, and “  through our knowingness we ” CONSTANTLY EVALUATE THE DISTANCES BETWEEN OBJECTS related to SELF=THE BODY  and this automatic evaluation give the fixed position for self=the body …. and we good old saps we say  ”’yes, I am here, and I know this because I have taken these steps to get here…now I am here arrived  from that point…and am here now …and  moved from that place to over here, standing here or sitting on this stool in the cafe  

WE constantly wedge self- self into these make belief positions regarding: objects-buildings-landmarks with that we GAIN A SOLID POSITION  and with that illusion  in place we reassure self we are solid: of course we are because we have a location !! Idiots galore hehehe this includes me of course!

 This cognition brings again a major shift in awareness, on understanding how we operate… and of course this stupidity we do by continuously re-anchoring self into the MEST: EXTERIORIZATION IS IMPASSIBLE: how can the Entity go exterior when believes that he is sitting in a armchair-which is by the window, inside the house, in the living room to the opposite of another armchair!

  When I was in the car accident and collision was on the back end of the car the impact was huge jolt that pushed me out of the body= lost all the anchor points around me which I was constantly recreating while driving and I seen the car—the body collapsed over the wheel , the road and other cars from above I also observed whirling  energy masses  over the terrain at the same time.

 Now I understand what we do how we STAY IN SOLID POSITION!!!

 The constantly created anchor points and with that in place  fixing self in position – hold us in the same place and we can’t observe more than what we allow self to see within this space and what we see is what the ‘’eyes’’ see… hehehe and that is not real.

This cog is good!