Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

freedom ….being free?

Freedom …. being free?

This concept never entered my mind-reality all the years I been on the Path.

Oh, I known its meaning all right and I read articles about people who demand to have their freedom, who believe if they do this or that they will be attaining that precious commodity  and  can live happy ever after.

But I understood that long as one lives on this Planet, and have connection to the meat body becoming free is not on realistic concept to thrive for. The only thing we can achieve is change from one condition into another, and that can be easily done by moving-changing masses of energy=experiences and we know that change can be achieved easily —very easily.

Example: when hungry, by consuming a meal with that act we have changed the condition we were in with the newly added sensations we experienced, put  that aspirin into the body do that will do same so is a glass of wine, hitting your toe, or listening to music, walk in the park, having a rip-roaring fight, window shopping, taking a shower, having sex, etc….etc….etc..

We, while being active we constantly change experiences and that produces torrent of different sensations- when that happens  we just become free from one experience-sensation  but right away we move into another.

But here is on example when we feel that ‘’time has stopped” we can become free of time and the body to: Usually happens in hot day summer days when the heat melts away the edges, the barriers  and nothing moves, no sounds can be heard,  the world around you is at standstill you have left the body and have become one with the terrain.  “”””This phenomenon can only happen on a hot day when the heat overpowers your own sensations.””” Cool occurrence!

Of course the same happens when the body is freezing to death: the extreme cold temperature over power our own sensations regardless how strong heavy they are and we just skip out of the body and become one with the frozen air. But that definitely haven’t made us free, oh, free from the body and the new body we have is that frozen air mass hehehe and when that cold unmoving mass changes into whatever… bingo… than again we have a different body-mass of energy. Endless cycle of experiences, but we never have freedom from this universe.

So, on this Planet or in this Universe to achieve freedom is impossible, simply because we believe that we are the body or connected to the body and because this Universe contains nothing more than moving vibrating  energy!

I have written recently that a major cognition brought new level of reality and that means that cognition was the key to different level of awareness.

Since than having further sessions brought understanding that I have reached a state that I am no longer depend on the body, being subjected to the body or need the body:  if this body would tops working now  that would  not have  any effect on me as an Entity, my awareness would remain the same , knowing this with certainty  represent a major mark on my  Path.

Also I have written that ever since I as-ised fear and for that reason I no longer considered self to be a human and from that moment on I am knowingly functioning as on Entity in the Spiritual Realm.

Yesterday’s session again was major and in this session encompassed many bits and pieces from different incidents which I have seen over the years and brought further understanding what I am, who I am, and what is my role in this universe, the session sort of cemented what I already have known. [ These pieces- pictures were like puzzle pieces  and they have been part of many different  incidents but I they come back in different recalls: one was: I was a wondering man, carrying my small bundle of possession on my back hanging on a stick=  pure implication that I was searching.

At the same time the last ties-fragments were as-ised which has connected me to the world you know, therefore I attained freedom.

Now what this freedom is how I understand this: Whatever I have believed in still now has been as-ised and was replaced by cognitions. What has been as-ised were the altered concepts I have collected over the eons. And these concepts were the masses of energy I was stuck to, in other words I carried it as my problem.

Now I sure don’t I believe I reached accomplished everything there is to know about the universe and understand what I have been experiencing over the eons  no, on the contrary hehehe because if I would believe than that would be my limitation, but I got a  taste of it !

freedom, no,  I am just standing at the doorway…looking in!

PS: this was sent to me by a reader of my posts and he said this music reminded him of me. I to love this and awakes memories of the steppes: the fiery battles and the lonely night wondering alone questioning the stars -yearning for home.


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  1. Oh I like this post very much… Recently I had a cognition about this freedom thing, I realized the body wanted to be free, more than me, I perceived a mass of energy of pain in the stomach, a sorrow.. thinking about it, this physical body has been kicked in the ass so many times, no wonder it’s resented and wants to go… this is because my association with the body.. sometimes I think IT has its own character, needs and wants but I haven’t explored the area yet.. It’s a conscious something on its own right.. I have a bit of a problem acknowledging physical matter as consciousness.. I fight this concept for some reason…
    About as-ing fear.. what is fear?.. My idea is one would touch the subject at different levels.. as I said previously I don’t have access to the track yet, much less to the “beginning” to assing such things… but I don’t know how to define fear either, so i wouldn’t know what questions to ask myself in session.. say if I was going in session right now to access any data about it at my level. What does fear mean to you Elizabeth, and anyone who wishes to speak?
    Maribel xx

    • Maribel… I hope I made my point clear, that FEAR is created because values- importance is created. And those are simply beliefs-considerations and the top of it collected agreements.
      Diamonds are no more valuable that that piece of black coal, but the collected beliefs makes that diamond valuable. You see that was easily achieved because its scarcity as on element… but that do not make it more valuable! Of course it was made important too because represented wealth…. but still dont make that more valuable than that nice black piece of coal. The value exist because beliefs make it so.
      Now the thought to lose that diamond ring stimulates that sensation: fear.

      • Hi… yes, sorry I remember you’ve talked about that many times.. I got you confused with someone else that was saying otherwise… No need to elaborate on that.

  2. Maribel…. Hello To you!

    “I have a bit of a problem acknowledging physical matter as consciousness.. I fight this concept for some reason.”
    Well my Dear and no wonder you dont feel right about that reality.
    Matter it self is not conscious only Entities can be aware and can experience Matter-solidity.
    But there are Entities everywhere and they identify with matter, not just with human bodies but they have connections are anchored to anchored by every imaginable object there is on this Planet.
    After all we live in and we operate in a Spiritual Realm… and just because the belief is that it is solid that do nor make it so.
    About FEAR, I have written more than one post how I have eliminated the concept of FEAR when I have as-ised Value-Importance.
    FEAR exist in a form of sensation and that sensation will vanish when values-importance what is valuable and important to the person is as-ised in sessions.
    Example: what value, importance life, body, love, sex, money, living, relationships, positions, eyesight, weight, light, and other hundreds different beliefs that person have.
    Fear as a sensation cannot be as ised because Fear is cause by losing , not having.
    Is this explanation helps?

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