Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe



Refuse: to decline to accept, agree to or to do something. These definitions are from the dictionary.

As I was sitting by the glass door and taking in the view of the forest I wanted to recall but I could not the name of a singer and I figured I better have session on this because by now I know that I should be able to ‘’remember’’ whatever I need to or want to dredge up.

I realized I REFUSE to recall- dredge up certain items and as the session continued has taken me into different incidents where I refused to do..to agree to do many different things.

Example: I REFUSED to be OUTSIDE of the BODY… because I felt safe, comfortable being inside the body. I refused to do magic… conjure up items with that to change my surrounding, I refused to deviate diverge do different things because I wanted to remain…continue be the part of the group therefore I obeyed –fallowed the established rules of that group.

As the session continued I seen few dozen different incidents where I refused the changed and the realization hit me.

To refuse to change, to refuse to do different is a trap which seem so very innocent because that refusal is explained why can’t be done, why it should not be done and these are simple justification to make the person right, not to lose face.

Yet the refusal happens because it is part of the implant and that is the trap. The refusal of change+ having that justification why do not allow that person to reach for that transformation and that is enough to keep that person permanently fixed in that implant.

“Refusal”  is on incredibly  strong built in control mechanism and the ever ready endless supply of justifications excuses rationalizations:  why should not be, why the change cannot happen leads to that unchanged condition which is the solidity.


Only as-ising that basic reason why the change was not allowed to happen will release the effectiveness of the original consideration.

I thought I throw in few of my favorite pieces of music


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