Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

It is natural imbed instinct of the “human”  to destroy extinguish snuff out everything in sight and this instinct -determination is born out of a belief that ”If everything is destroyed I be free! ”

It is interesting that we are unconsciously? ?? aware of knowing that we are Infinite and  that we are helpless against the MEST, that we are total effect of it,  so by wanting to destroy what  has seized apprehended captured us we have grown into destructive –vicious brutal in nature.

We no longer CREATE or want to, because we know very well that more, if we create more with that we further solidify this universe of which we are already on effect of.

The social  nature: behaving nicely, politely,  having good manners, presenting the good-nice side of self is the cover up: shield, a hiding place, armour, defence  against new attacks, also showing the VALACE of: nice-nice hehehe is a wonderful cover for hiding behind that negative monster who is ever ready and always prepared  and equipped to destroy.

Let me tell you my friends we are good even in state of being total effect.

Today I have given a session to a entity, she recently dropped her body and when I found her she was still in  “state of unconscious-ness”. When she come out of that… become aware first thing she did which was on automatic reaction on her part, on imbedded instinct  is to destroy me.. hehehe.

Now, she is happy and free, looking over my shoulder as I write this, as you can see little auditing goes a long way.


If anyone has the delusion of they are still creating, well its all right be me, but hehehe but if it is your creation is so much fun how come the facing-up to the experiences of a ”day” a short period of time leaves you so exhusted that there is a need for glass of alcoholic something, maybe, a Tylenol, 222= running a few miles-working away in the gym,  relaxing-thawing out front of the fireplace-having a cold shower or a hot bat, relaxing to music= wanting to key-out  than falling into bed and get unconscious for some hours in hope that when come out of that unconscious state : will be feeling ”refreshed” in order to face the new day: to be able to bear all the experiences ….ugh…

PS; I am totally fine with your realities, please I will not think of any one less because I know the reasons why those beliefs exist. But I have found that THE GREATEST OF ALL AND THE MOST DEMAING OVERT IS TO ANY PERSON IS LIEING TO SELF! Nothing can cause more harm than that,

Comments on: "Destroy abolish terminate extinguish do away with is the name of the game." (25)

  1. Wow.. this is way interesting, thank you.. you said: “falling into bed and get unconscious for some hours in hope that when come out of that unconscious state.. ” I don’t like the state of sleeping myself, I think it’s good for the body, but not good for me for some reason.. I wake up mentally tired, sometimes because of dreaming, other times I don’t know.. I don’t like dreaming either cause consumes energy… I hope one day to be free of sleeping and dreaming.

    Could you tell us what’s your experience about why dreaming occurs? And, how is it for you, your body sleeps and you wait for it to wake up?…. as I understand a body needs sleeping no matter how spiritual the person or not?

    • Hi Maribel…I have done a lot of work=sessions on this topic: sleeping, blown lots of charge too. If you care to look up on earlier post on this you need to look least 3-4 years back in the blog.
      I never liked that state myself and to me it seemed as a enforced state which is. I never found ”sleeping” refreshing! Hehehe, more likely felt like beaten with a 2 by 4.
      The only time I have WAKEN LIGHT AND HAPPY;when I had something exciting to look forward to do and that excitement activated the adrenals and that extra load=vibration given me the light feeling. experiencing the adrenal flow is light in comparison to a slice of pizza.

      I haven’t completely confronted the existing state and I know needs lot more work, but I know being unconscious is part of the ”state of sleeping.”
      Why would be on Entity, on Infinite would need sleep? that dont make sense to me, and the same goes for the body-machine-robot.
      It is not the robot which feels tired the end of the day it is the entity who was overwhelmed by the experiences since every second we are slammed in and hit by different mass of energy.
      Every movement of the body activates a different vibration, every thought-consideration is a newly experienced energy-mass… now, how many thought, how many body movements we experience in 24 hours? This will blow you away: whole track worth!!!!! What we daily experience, at all times is the whole-condensed track, bunched up. Is it heavy? yes it is, after all it is energy.
      Dreaming it self, I have also written about this and I haven’t seen anything new, Best example I can give, is that you put in the blender your thought, TV programs, books, news, you read that day, talk with your friend, what you have seen while commuting, your wishes-desires, worries-hopes than push the that button and you have your DREAM.. hehehe.. great assortment of crap.
      I have written a great article on Darkness and we used to be free when we were in darkness, you see Maribel, we are CAPTURED BY THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Creation only can exist in the light… colored pictures only can be created when light exist!
      I can be free in total darkness, but ”black-ness” dont exist in this universe.
      I believe I written up this: very early I was still in the Mission so this must have been in 74, I created a totally dark room, not one speak of light could enter and in this room I set for who know how long and I have repeated this few more evening.
      That black-ness what I ”seen first” turned into sparks flying-moving and the consideration of what is black has vanished for ever.
      Now to pass the time I sleep and I use melatonin in liquid to help, I do this because my existence here using the body to accomplish has become minimal, what this is called RETIRED STATE OF ON OLD LADY…. hehehe.. bloody good!
      I would call going to bed is equal boring, useless activity as eating or having bath, brushing the teeth, emptying the bowels. It is the body, the needs of the body and that is that and has no more value.
      The body dont need sleep, not in my book..

    • PS: Come to think of it, the most keyed out State-feelings-lightness-happiness I felt was in the moments of wakening: coming out of a DREAM IN WHICH I FLOATED!

    • A bit more about dreams, their content could include a bit about ‘’your future’’ what will happen to you next.
      Example: you dreamed that you have died….well this can be very scary to you because you dreamed you were I a car accident.
      You can’t put this out of your mind but you “KNOW” the exact person who could help you sort out this ‘’ nonsense’’ and she only lives short distance away and don’t charge much for her services!
      So as she opens her door for you in that instance she connects into your personal space ‘’ she with that can ‘’see’’ the future how your track is moving what is on that track: in other words she has the ability to “ see pictures’’ of other people.[ we all can.]
      But she goes through the motions: could ask you what have you dreamed, or throw bones, make you drink a cup of tea in which loose tealeaf’s float about, she shuffles cards, make you ‘’touch’’ them etc…
      Then she continues and tell you: yes, she herself has seen a car accident but of course she will not tell you all what she has seen, or she could not because she haven’t seen everything, but she will caution you to drive with care.
      Even after all this hocus-pocus you feel uneasy and those thought about the accident are staying with you as you drive home. Your neighbor is pruning his bushes at front of his house and you stop by and started to talk to him but he is not looking up or listening to you, you repeat what you said but no answer in fact the guy starting to walk away, you grab his arm and in that moment you realize that you don’t have the body… hehehe because on the way home there was a car accident and you haven’t even noticed that the impact separated you from the robot.
      Dreams sometimes are continuations of your day-track, but for most of us confronting ‘’losses’’ is not easy, so we rather not know what is coming next… denial –rejection-refusal of the facts are present at all times.
      But denial of knowledge well, that knowledge is more than what we know, that includes the ‘’forgotten the past “ and the approaching : what out track contains.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth.. yeah I actually remember reading somethings on sleeping on earlier posts.. I have read your blog a couple of times from the beginning in the past.. a few years ago.

  3. Ciao Elizabeth ,molti in passato hanno vissuto senza mangiare, dormendo pochissimo ed arrestando il respiro. Ci sono moltissimi riferimenti. I tuoi post sono molto belli . Le considerazioni sono superiori alle meccaniche .

    • Hello Luciano… thanks for the information and I believe that is a fact!
      Best to you.
      PS; I thought you might like to know that the word Hello used in English speaking countries only as greeting and never used for saying good by. Have a lovely evening!

  4. Grazie Elizabeth , è vero è un modo troppo confidenziale.

  5. marknr1011 said:

    I have found that I now dream all the time that I am asleep, no matter what the sleep cycle. That is, the entire time I am asleep. I enjoy my dreams. Memories pass before me and I inject new thoughts, new scenarios. I often do the things that I didn’t do the first time. I often correct situations that I failed to handle the first time.
    There are certain body processes that occur during sleep that don’t happen when one is awake. There is cell repair and replacement that is needed. It is simply how bodies are built. Yes, there are implanted reasons why they were built that way, but you don’t have to be the bad effect of them. You don’t have to be “dead” during sleep. You can use this body maintenance down time as a time of reflection and fun time. It can even be a form of light auditing, similar to Self Analysis. A time to key out from the masses that get built up but not completely handled during the day. Then have fun with it.
    Use your sleep time for your benefit instead of being forced to endure it.

  6. Mark…. thank you for letting me pick into and share your ”life style”, your sleep mode”, it is wonderful… and again your comment shows how very different we are ”I mean” how differently we view our own burden.

    • marknr1011 said:

      I have been working on applying a portion of OT-8 to my own technique. It applies to finding out where you have been, where are you at, where have you been where are you at. There is a structured way to do this on the whole track which frees up, unsticks a tremendous amount of what Ron called “attention units”. Will get back to you.

      • Looking forward to read how you progress and your cognitions!

      • Mark, what you’re saying is very interesting… I don’t have access to whole track so I guess I couldn’t do such process.. I right now wish I knew how you guys are doing such things.. Thank you.

        • marknr1011 said:

          Gaining access to the whole track is similar to how I taught my daughter to shoot foul shots. Stand at the foul line, shoot to the basket. Now do that 200 times…..every day…..for a year.
          You can get suggestions from experienced people which are helpful. Shoot the ball with one hand directly behind the ball. Put a slightly higher arc on the ball.
          Similarly I could suggest to you to date each incident you recall as best you can. But quickly without grinding on the date or worrying about it. Or to complete or end cycle on all the un finished, incomplete cycles of action that you can recall.
          But 90% of it is effort, perseverance. Do Self Anal. for a few hundred hours. Had a lot of auditing, then do Self Anal. for a few hundred hours. Read about auditing. Learn other types of self inspection. But just do it.

          It is well worth the effort.

      • PS:
        Mark….. by itself eraser of mass is not on important factor in sessions but the COGNITION are THE KEY which brings new awareness and this new awareness-reality which represent the change for the PC.
        And by the way how do the person would know the quantity=the size of the masses –energy as-ised ? The true amount of that mass cannot be compared to anything! The reading on the meter would indicate that? I don’t believe that the true reality of the mass can be given by numbers.
        The As-ising happens because of the realization the PC ha, “It’s a..Wow, itsa etc” and when that happens in session the PC do not erase that mass of energy but simply separate self from it.
        And because separation occurs that Person never be stimulated again…that means will not experience that vibration again.
        If I have miss-understood you please feel free to correct me.

        • well, there’s this thing that when one separates from masses it’s a key out.. that’s why the masses come back.. sometimes with a vengeance in my experience.. of course, coming to think about it, one cannot “erase” as in make disappear something, the thing will always BE there.. I suppose what one is doing is keying out at different levels the whole time…

          • Maribel… let me explain… when in session we totally as-is something than that as-ising let us separate from that mass. That is not a keyed out state and we do not make that mass of energy vanish but we because we understand what was the incident about =that is the cognition—- so when we understand what truly has happened in that incident in that moment we are no longer its effect..
            We cant make this Universe vanish…
            Example: a persons mother has been moody, short tempered toward her child…. the child believes that he was the cause because he was a burden and this bothers him all his life, but later he learns that his mother was a closet drinker. By understanding this he no longer blames him self and he for the first time feels good about his mother.
            He become separated from that bad vibration which he thought was on unpleasant experience. I hope this helps.
            On the other hand while the person meditates he allows or pushes away those bothering thoughts but most likely there is no cognitions while that happens, the person just feeling better that is the keyed out state.

            The mechanic how this happens and what is the difference will become clear to you after having few hundred thousand cognitions. 🙂

          • marknr1011 said:

            Good to hear from you Maribel.
            In my experience, the MEST bank was an invention, a toy, a tool to do work for me without any effort. It was suggested to me by someone else. I worked very hard for a very long time to build this machine and I was very proud of it when I got it up and running.

            A machine to handle the mundane little details of living and interaction. A tool to take care of me while my attention is somewhere else at the time. A little voice to remind me of mistakes and prevent me from doing them again.

            Seemed like a good idea at the time.

            • Mark I know the above comment was for Maribel… but I could not resisting to question your statement .

              “A machine to handle the mundane little details of living and interaction. A tool to take care of me while my attention is somewhere else at the time.”
              In my reality I am on intangible infinite that means I am not a body, I am not a person, therefore I am not made.. dont have mass… how the body -machine could take care of me I ask?

        • marknr1011 said:

          I understand what you are saying. My way of stating it?
          In the long run, mass is not particularly important. Oh, when I started on my work it was very important. But it is a symptom of case, not a source. The average human is buried under and almost total effect of the masses they have accumulated. Recognizing and getting from under ones mass is very therapeutic. It can open up an individuals insight to the point of then being able to go further. But in itself, it is only temporary.

          Individuals constantly create and destroy or set aside mental masses constantly, day by day, minute by minute. One can as is some mass connected to incidents and re-create it a short time later.

          The magic comes in realizations, cognitions, self education, unsticking one from the fixed opinions, stuck thoughts, unconscious traits of the past. Mass is just the trigger, a reminder of your own stuck thoughts. NED is very good at removing some of this mass, and leads to some very good cognitions along the way. But it’s benefits are temporary, lasting a few days, a few years, or a few lifetimes. It is a useful and necessary tool to help get an individual to a point where they can start discovering the true nature of one’s case. It is vital to learn the methodologies of NED and adjust and expand them to discover more than chains of emotionally and physically painful events.

          Ron found that when an individual reaches a certain point of awareness, he becomes aware of and at a greater adverse effect of BTs and the GE. He saw that when one continues to look at the whole track directly, he can become overwhelmed and confused by facsimiles and masses that are not specifically your own. I believe he didn’t get beyond this point. I have had success with not fighting with and exorcising these demons, but confronting them with total TR-0, total ARC, complete love. And then recognizing my individuality and my oneness with all life. I am me, myself. I am also them and they are me.

          With this source of confusion seen and vanquished, my past confusions begin to resolve and my path to greater awareness becomes clear. A workable plan of attack becomes possible.
          The EP? The ability to change my mind.

  7. Mark……”””In the long run, mass is not particularly important. Oh, when I started on my work it was very important. But it is a symptom of case, not a source.””

    Now Mark do reassess the above…
    Mark…..”” The average human is buried under and almost total effect of the masses they have accumulated. Recognizing and getting from under ones mass is very therapeutic.”””

    You are contradicting your self!
    If not masses of energy we unstuck self from than what is we doing in session?
    Care to explain that to me?
    You double talk is mind boggling!

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