Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Letter to Dexter.

Dear Dexter.

I walked through the invisible door.. a

I can’t accept the ‘’sample’’ session knowing that is all would have been needed and knowing the reason behind these introductory sessions it would not be fair to you, not at all.

“I had a motivator’’ for   wanting a session, few weeks back I had 2 major realizations and from them I understood that again I reached a “level” and at this level power in true form is at play.. But this power is not the kind what human reality contains-believes is: which is usually expressed: mass-form moved by other masses- physique.

This power has no mass; don’t even have a smallest amount vibration because this power is the accumulation of the knowledge which was born out of the cognitions.

As you know cognitions don’t have-contain mass and that is the very reason they do penetrate mass-forms, which can be the unconscious mind and that is no more than the Bank and the banks is pure energy.

The understanding- realization that I am what I know, this was always known to me but that knowledge I had than was a Bank and that contained collected and hoarded stored information which has been altered transformed improved developed over the eons in different lifecycles in order to adapt into various way of life and these conversions were done in mind-boggling amount of occasions: therefore those reality-beliefs –considerations were not mine, never been mine I just agree to that they were. Big difference!

On the other hand the cognition-understanding=new viewpoints which were the outcome of sessions are solely exclusively mine.

These Cognitions are Unique and their uniqueness is like an invisible thumb print known to all, shared by all, yet still belong to me: the original source.

What cognitions causes -provides beside different reality: truth thefor the cognisor is the so called ‘’space’’:

Let me explain this: when on item-incident as-ised that item had occupied space because it was made of energy-mass. Now this mass of energy-pictures-incident is as-ised therefore that space now can be called “emptiness” is result: BUT—I LOVE BUTS: this space which can be huge is not really empty but now filled with that mass-less-intangible-infinite new-fangled reality and this space is an distinct –separate from the MEST and this space is now ME..the intangible Infinite and additional-further cognitions expand- increase this personal space.

Now that was a gulp.

I have written more than one post how the cognitions work how they affect the UNIVERSE itself and I have written that “EACH COGNITION IS LIKE A BUILDING BLOCK AND THESE BUILDING BLOCKS BECOME_ARE THE NEW FOUNDATION OF UNIVERSE”: for the self-Entity.

By this I mean when most or all the aberrated-twisted-altered understanding is as-ised than that Being- Entity now relies, have faith in, totally trusts the knowledge which has born out of as-ising the altered reality and now conducts self: actions –activities as a result of these newly establish realities.

But my point writing this is about THE TRUE FORM OF POWER.

As I said previously because cognitions are ‘’mass –less’’ they infiltrate mass and that is its “power”: their content – the knowledge from cognitions changes –alters the masses of energy, invisibly of course but nerveless that happens: example: knowing beforehand something happens, who is on the phone.

In this example the intention of the other person caused change in the receivers’ reality, the Realizations work the same way.

This is normal occurrence in the continually altering universe, just because we have the belief that we live in the solid universe but to the contrarily of that belief we do operate at all time in the Spiritual Realm.

Now going back to my original point ugh…how I should say-describe this.

I already said what cognitions were, how they created space-power and I written here in this blog that I attained whatever, but than I did not know what was that ‘’whatever’’and now I do: I have moved through the open door and this slowly gained accumulated   space-power which is huge is my new residence.

Hehehe, I moved into this new building which has taken me 42 years to construct: invisible yet it is un-destroyable.

When I was just standing in the ‘’doorway’’ I felt apprehension trepidation which can be called anxiety of what I was facing because I did not cognised on what I was facing and that was my reason believing that help was needed.

Dexter, thank you for being there and for your communication because your presence prompted me to confront the barrier and You my Friend Maurice: for recognising knowing my ability to handle any situation, of course I have confidence but it would have been great fun to be audited once more by on auditor!

Love you all!

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