Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

where are our abilities?

Talents, abilities were not lost over the ages but simply basically at first hidden than with that suppressed.

The reason for suppression of some outstanding, rare, unusual talent were because ’’ wanting to be accepted wanting to belong into the group’’.

That simply means BE ALIKE … not to be different than the rest of the members.

Just think, if not one of the group members could conjure something out of thin air and you knew you can, than do you really think believe for a second that you could exercise that ability front of this group? FEARK, being a freak .. mutant…oddity…altered, quirky, mad, aberrated : these concepts were not born out of the human awareness but were established over the eons.

More likely what you would get period for exercising that ability is elimination annihilation from the society, the planet itself because by having –being different you would be shaking the establishment and its laws which held the group in solid form: its existence.

Examples: Burning the witches, Spanish inquisition, tar and feathering, stoning to death, KKK or some dictators wanting to establish supremacy of race: beliefs.

All our abilities were hidden, suppressed and slowly forgotten because each civilization we have belonged one time or other had different rules, regulations and abilities.

I recalled on incident when the “use of legs” become in vogue hehehe… that was the thing to do and gliding the body above the surface went out slowly than outlawed by the MAJORITY of the group who walked because always the majority wins, you see when the majority of the group no longer could glide the body over the surface of the terrain, have lost that ability than these members who still could gliding above the surface wrong and those who could still do this were voted out of the group [or had to behave same as others] or had to stop gliding!

You ask: why those who lost the ability has won OVER THE MORE ABLE MEMBERS OF THE GROUP: now reason is because the HEAVIER MORE SOLID MASS OF ENERGY=VIBRATION ALWAYS “”””ALWAYS””” WINS OVER: OVERWHELMS engulfs THE LIGHTER weaker-softer VIBRATION: law of the universe.

The reality the fact the truth remains if anyone want their abilities back has to as-is all the agreements made, the very reasons why the abilities were given up.


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  1. Great post!. So true. Don’t say ALWAYS though, it doesn’t have to always be that way. They just had no way of helping others to regain their abilities. There are still planets where beings can create by a thought.

    • You are right of course…. there are billions of planets out there and I am not AWARE of their existing abilities and for that reason I only speak for self how I see -understand what is now.

    • By the way the recall of gliding over the surface that incident was not on this planet. I am new here, 2600 years being here is not that long.

    • Brian over the years I have recalled incidents in which how others and I operated-behaved were incredible in comparisons what we can do here. I recalled when the “artist” conjured a flat vertical large surface and over it she created on image a life size body which seemed was stepping out of the surface . This image was not painted but had a shape as any statue has here but these creations were in color and had same texture as the original. But here is the MARVEL her creations were what she has ”’seen” on other planets while she was out of her body…. which was most of the time. Her name was Sanifar and she was very well known for her ability! this OT was not me.
      Another ability I have recalled : no matter where this person lived gardens grown and these gardens were magical in beauty.
      SPAS in other places were used to get keyed out of aberrations, to regain ”’self” and the abilities which were blocked out by aberration. As you can see heath spas are not new to this planet. Also beings-people went to ”concerts” in order to have their bad feelings, their accumulated heavy mass as-ised, to get keyed out and usually the Voice of the artist which was so pure could erase destroy the heavy vibrations!
      So those who listened to this fantastic sound left the concert ”feeling good, were purified”.
      I have recalled many incidents and from these incidents I could see-understand what were lost by being a human.

    • So Brian PS; do forgive but I have more to say.
      So far I haven seen or experienced in my recalls where the Aberration not have been erased or as-ised BUT all I have seen and experienced only KEYED OUT STATES! top of this all, not one of the method I mentioned have brought cognitions to those who experienced those States, not one understood what and why they were in that state, how they become, what were the reasons. But COGNITIONS GIVE THE REALITY! so my friend I stick with sessions and confrontations!

  2. Yes, key-outs. It strikes me at the moment how strange it is that this simple “tech” has not been known and used to free beings. My current understanding is that all is created by postulate (belief, thought, consideration.) Long ago and by hard experience we “learned” to suppress our abilities. No matter the conditions surrounding our decision, it was still our decision, we considered that we were overwhelmed and so adopted the limitation that we felt was being forced upon us. Regaining god-like abilities requires re-experiencing the conditions in which we decided to shut them off. These incidents would fry a human body in a nanosecond.

    If you look at this universe you will see the power that we have placed on automatic create. Take a super-nova, a star exploding. The energy involved is tremendous. Yet they are happening quite often out in our creation. Having such powers scares the shit out of puny meatballs walking about on little balls of rock. Is it any wonder we have such powers shut off? I recalled in a session throwing a planet into its sun just because its inhabitants welcomed my arrival with a nuclear weapon. Tsk, tsk. My superiors were not at all happy about the outcome of my diplomatic mission to that planet.

    Along with such abilities must come the wisdom to use them wisely. Until then they will remain shut off, for we lost them mainly because we were ignorant.

    Ultimately this universe is just a dream. Dreamed by the one that is many. Nothing can harm us. We are that which dreams the dream.

    Much love to you Elizabeth,


    • Brian :”It strikes me at the moment how strange it is that this simple “tech” has not been known and used to free beings.”
      This Technology was in the make for a long time but the not all the miscellanies items, including Beings who were needed to contribute to make this happen and the recipient beneficiary where not always on the same space or had the awareness level in harmony to make things happen.

    • Brian I do not consider that it takes power to blow up something because that is not power but force against force, to destroy is not godly but pure bank.
      True power is when a Entity who dont intend, think, or have considerations by having presence and from that presence lush planet emerges including various form of life beside myriads of different vegetation.

    • Hello Brian, I have made your comment -reality wrong in my comment on yours.. but please understand these comments are just viewpoints.. and no more. What you write, and what your read into my posts, how you understand them is your reality to which you have come to conclusion through evaluation and I do the same. Nothing wrong with either viewpoint they are just different. 🙂

      • No problem, just a difference in words. Powers = abilities. I don’t recall using any force to move the planet 🙂 Force is part of the illusion, lol

        • Brian since it is your recall…. tell me what has moved the planet… interested ….
          you see I know how to cause illusions which every one believes who were intended to ”see” that illusion on the first place.. but I would love to understand your reality, how you have created that illusion. 🙂 keep is in mind I am a student! .

          • Well it has been a long time since that session – over 30 years ago. Now that I look again, it does seem that I gave it a shove — so force yes, but it did not seem like much force to me at the time.

            • I find it interesting that ”force” always cause destruction, elimination of matter. Sometimes if the “force” is not stronger than just damages Example: heavy wind only takes off the roof etc but leaves the main structure standing. other example: man and wife has a big argument, the exchange of words which are in fact ” throwing masses of energy at each other. Maybe the effect of this method of communication cant be ”seen” with the eyes, but definitely there has been a destruction a damage in both parties mock-ups=valances. Heavy energy has the ability to over power, damage lighter vibrations. In the case of man and wife, their relationship has changed, their awareness reached a different level: because of the new experience.

        • Brian…”Powers = abilities.”
          Well, I have written more than one post on Power and by now my reality how I see-experience has become very different. Power having power is a consideration.
          Example: poor man believes that he has none and a rich man or a person in Powerful position believes that he has ”Power’=Ability” , Hitler, Putin, Rothschild, etc…I am off to grocery store and I be back and continue 🙂

  3. Brian…PS… by the way the “”tool”” if it exists at all… this Magic Wand which could erase the Aberration 🙂 🙂 🙂 could be easily found and the HOW TO LOCATE, how to find out if it possible exist is in plane sight and every scientologists have seen it but level awareness what they have actually seen and how that tool works is weeell how should I say this delicately?

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