Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

and singing as a lark!
If any of you think, believe for a minute that I am full of myself well, for those of you I have news! Sometimes I believe and I am positive of this fact that I am one of the most ignorant persons who uses two legs to move about!.
This cognition today shaken up my confidence and reassured me once more just how little I know, I am aware of : in other words cut me down again to smaller size! Hehehe.. but I don’t have problem or ARCbs knowing that I know so little and because of this understanding I have: allows room for improvement.
But I want to share my new found reality and that is about VOICE –VOCAL SOUNDs!
Exploring what are vocal sounds has been my Pet Project over the years: ever since I been audited and continued with the same: solo.
I have mentioned in this blog that when I was young and in school I joined the quire and one day while we were practising the teacher stopped one part of the group of singers and listened to those of us who continued than again she shut off another section till she gotten to where I was ‘’singing’’ like a crow hehehe.. Needless to say that ended my singing carrier, I was locked out of the quire . She said but not unkindly that she never heard someone who’s voice was so out of tune, tone deaf as I was.
Than the same happened at home, one day I was singing happily to myself and my mother said “ Erzsikem, kis lanyom, te nagyon tehetsages vagy sok reszben de enekelni nem tudsz”
That means in English: Elizabeth , my little daughter, you are very talented in so many ways but singing is not one of them.
Well, that shut me up for good.
So to me to be able to have lovely singing voice was a dream, unobtainability which never could become reality.
But understanding what scientology was about and believing in what I understood I have known that singing, having beautiful voice to is possible to attain if ABERRATION IS REMOVED! You see, in of my past life recall in one of my very early sessions I had a magnificent singing voice and this session was the starting point, the motivator to find the occlusions.
After I started to solo audit and on many different occasion over the years I have taken into sessions this subject and explored every possible reality what is communication: sounds: how it happens and why it was needed.
But intrigued me the most why some humans have magnificent singing voice and some persons like me could only give out sound like a crow: which is by agreed upon consideration is not pleasant, astatic.
So in sessions of course I peeled off immense layers of considerations-reasons and as this continued my voice has improved so much so that went to Hungary few years back I was staying with my friend who is a vocalist, she sings beautifully and she is well known in countries where Hungarians live, she travels great deal and give concerts.
While there visiting with her [I stayed with them for 2 weeks] I mentioned that I would love to have voice like Lara Fabian has, she looked at me in surprise and she said: “ yours is much better than hers! “
You see I do sing to myself same as everyone else and I was not aware that she has heard me. I have known my singing voice has improved a lot but of course I was not aware just how much.
Since than I worked more on the same subject because I knew that having female or male voice is not right-correct fact, there is no such a thing, but only exist here, and the real Voice produced has nothing to do having either gender.
The Voice might sound like the creation of the vocal cords but that is not the fact.
I know by now that the most incredible voices some persons have on this Planet , these vocal sounds are rather thin, insignificant watered down version in comparison what can be produced of the true sounds what it can be.
Today as I was pottering in the Kitchen same time having a session and the subject : singing voice.
Again I seen- become aware of different reasons why human voice most case is so little, so thin in most and I also seen that sounds are stored in the chest…. Now that stopped on my track: Stored Sounds? Sure, look around there are billions of records, DVD’s, Videos and each of these units are storage units for sounds.
Than I seen on incident in which I have seen the SOUND-VOICE WAS BOUGHT, as commodity and in this incident we could choose – select – pick what kind of voice we wanted, how we wanted to sound: to be heard by others! To see –re-experience this in recall was fantastic, enlightening experience yet made lot of sense too.
Like here on this planet we have the choice to whom we want to listen to: Hank Marvin’s guitar, Sheryl Crow, Mario Frangoulis, Etc… but we no longer have the choice how our voices should sound.
This is where the reality of my ignorance hit me over the head… I have written a post in this blog when I have seen SHOPS an the recall where personalities- valances could be bought and in these personalities included all the knowledge how to behave or and look: Be a General, King, Artist etc… and now I SEEN THAT SOUNDS_VOICES WERE BROUGHT TOO and WERE INCLUDED or added into THE PACKAGE!
Why I haven’t seen this before, become aware of this fact, why this simple detail allude me? Obviously this part was deeply suppressed covered with many layers of considerations and agreements galore!
It is true that stupidity can kill….. hehehe… because believing that we can be killed is the stupidity itself!
So my Friends, again I have attained a reality become aware- conscious of something new, but that voices- sounds were implanted, or voluntarily downloaded is only news to me now.
It is mind boggling that ‘’being a human’’ sitting in that valance cause impaired recollection, total occlusion, shutting off, shutting out the consciousness how we become what we believe we are.

As you all can see from reading this post which further proves that nothing is new on this planet: even Vocal sounds can be bought and sold… hehehe… but the one which has come with the body that is solidly imbedded.
On the other hand, the quality of the sound I can produce is improving with every sessions, Laura Fabian eat your heart out! 


Comments on: "I am excited! Am I ever! happy as a pig in warm mud puddle!" (3)

    • Luciano hello my friend, yes she has a lovely singing voice no doubt. 🙂
      I love to sing and knowing but I dont want to be a singer No… what I want is what I am doing now has been doing for 42 years.. I have not only regained a magnificent voice because as-ising aberrations but other abilities which are so numerous I would have difficulty list them. I started out with very low IQ and went the last test was 20 years back at the University of Washington in Seattle the 8 hour tests result was that IT WAS SO HIGH COULD NOT BE MEASURED.. and since than I have cleared away immense amount of block- limitations-barriers. Luciano… to be a singer even to be famous is a very limited ability but to be a solo auditor who’s quest is to understand to know…that has no limitation. 🙂 Of course I still love to listen to her.
      Best to you!

  1. Ottimo , Chi fà da se fa per tre. ah ah

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