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freedom ….being free?

Freedom …. being free?

This concept never entered my mind-reality all the years I been on the Path.

Oh, I known its meaning all right and I read articles about people who demand to have their freedom, who believe if they do this or that they will be attaining that precious commodity  and  can live happy ever after.

But I understood that long as one lives on this Planet, and have connection to the meat body becoming free is not on realistic concept to thrive for. The only thing we can achieve is change from one condition into another, and that can be easily done by moving-changing masses of energy=experiences and we know that change can be achieved easily —very easily.

Example: when hungry, by consuming a meal with that act we have changed the condition we were in with the newly added sensations we experienced, put  that aspirin into the body do that will do same so is a glass of wine, hitting your toe, or listening to music, walk in the park, having a rip-roaring fight, window shopping, taking a shower, having sex, etc….etc….etc..

We, while being active we constantly change experiences and that produces torrent of different sensations- when that happens  we just become free from one experience-sensation  but right away we move into another.

But here is on example when we feel that ‘’time has stopped” we can become free of time and the body to: Usually happens in hot day summer days when the heat melts away the edges, the barriers  and nothing moves, no sounds can be heard,  the world around you is at standstill you have left the body and have become one with the terrain.  “”””This phenomenon can only happen on a hot day when the heat overpowers your own sensations.””” Cool occurrence!

Of course the same happens when the body is freezing to death: the extreme cold temperature over power our own sensations regardless how strong heavy they are and we just skip out of the body and become one with the frozen air. But that definitely haven’t made us free, oh, free from the body and the new body we have is that frozen air mass hehehe and when that cold unmoving mass changes into whatever… bingo… than again we have a different body-mass of energy. Endless cycle of experiences, but we never have freedom from this universe.

So, on this Planet or in this Universe to achieve freedom is impossible, simply because we believe that we are the body or connected to the body and because this Universe contains nothing more than moving vibrating  energy!

I have written recently that a major cognition brought new level of reality and that means that cognition was the key to different level of awareness.

Since than having further sessions brought understanding that I have reached a state that I am no longer depend on the body, being subjected to the body or need the body:  if this body would tops working now  that would  not have  any effect on me as an Entity, my awareness would remain the same , knowing this with certainty  represent a major mark on my  Path.

Also I have written that ever since I as-ised fear and for that reason I no longer considered self to be a human and from that moment on I am knowingly functioning as on Entity in the Spiritual Realm.

Yesterday’s session again was major and in this session encompassed many bits and pieces from different incidents which I have seen over the years and brought further understanding what I am, who I am, and what is my role in this universe, the session sort of cemented what I already have known. [ These pieces- pictures were like puzzle pieces  and they have been part of many different  incidents but I they come back in different recalls: one was: I was a wondering man, carrying my small bundle of possession on my back hanging on a stick=  pure implication that I was searching.

At the same time the last ties-fragments were as-ised which has connected me to the world you know, therefore I attained freedom.

Now what this freedom is how I understand this: Whatever I have believed in still now has been as-ised and was replaced by cognitions. What has been as-ised were the altered concepts I have collected over the eons. And these concepts were the masses of energy I was stuck to, in other words I carried it as my problem.

Now I sure don’t I believe I reached accomplished everything there is to know about the universe and understand what I have been experiencing over the eons  no, on the contrary hehehe because if I would believe than that would be my limitation, but I got a  taste of it !

freedom, no,  I am just standing at the doorway…looking in!

PS: this was sent to me by a reader of my posts and he said this music reminded him of me. I to love this and awakes memories of the steppes: the fiery battles and the lonely night wondering alone questioning the stars -yearning for home.




Refuse: to decline to accept, agree to or to do something. These definitions are from the dictionary.

As I was sitting by the glass door and taking in the view of the forest I wanted to recall but I could not the name of a singer and I figured I better have session on this because by now I know that I should be able to ‘’remember’’ whatever I need to or want to dredge up.

I realized I REFUSE to recall- dredge up certain items and as the session continued has taken me into different incidents where I refused to do..to agree to do many different things.

Example: I REFUSED to be OUTSIDE of the BODY… because I felt safe, comfortable being inside the body. I refused to do magic… conjure up items with that to change my surrounding, I refused to deviate diverge do different things because I wanted to remain…continue be the part of the group therefore I obeyed –fallowed the established rules of that group.

As the session continued I seen few dozen different incidents where I refused the changed and the realization hit me.

To refuse to change, to refuse to do different is a trap which seem so very innocent because that refusal is explained why can’t be done, why it should not be done and these are simple justification to make the person right, not to lose face.

Yet the refusal happens because it is part of the implant and that is the trap. The refusal of change+ having that justification why do not allow that person to reach for that transformation and that is enough to keep that person permanently fixed in that implant.

“Refusal”  is on incredibly  strong built in control mechanism and the ever ready endless supply of justifications excuses rationalizations:  why should not be, why the change cannot happen leads to that unchanged condition which is the solidity.


Only as-ising that basic reason why the change was not allowed to happen will release the effectiveness of the original consideration.

I thought I throw in few of my favorite pieces of music

Destroy abolish terminate extinguish do away with is the name of the game.

It is natural imbed instinct of the “human”  to destroy extinguish snuff out everything in sight and this instinct -determination is born out of a belief that ”If everything is destroyed I be free! ”

It is interesting that we are unconsciously? ?? aware of knowing that we are Infinite and  that we are helpless against the MEST, that we are total effect of it,  so by wanting to destroy what  has seized apprehended captured us we have grown into destructive –vicious brutal in nature.

We no longer CREATE or want to, because we know very well that more, if we create more with that we further solidify this universe of which we are already on effect of.

The social  nature: behaving nicely, politely,  having good manners, presenting the good-nice side of self is the cover up: shield, a hiding place, armour, defence  against new attacks, also showing the VALACE of: nice-nice hehehe is a wonderful cover for hiding behind that negative monster who is ever ready and always prepared  and equipped to destroy.

Let me tell you my friends we are good even in state of being total effect.

Today I have given a session to a entity, she recently dropped her body and when I found her she was still in  “state of unconscious-ness”. When she come out of that… become aware first thing she did which was on automatic reaction on her part, on imbedded instinct  is to destroy me.. hehehe.

Now, she is happy and free, looking over my shoulder as I write this, as you can see little auditing goes a long way.


If anyone has the delusion of they are still creating, well its all right be me, but hehehe but if it is your creation is so much fun how come the facing-up to the experiences of a ”day” a short period of time leaves you so exhusted that there is a need for glass of alcoholic something, maybe, a Tylenol, 222= running a few miles-working away in the gym,  relaxing-thawing out front of the fireplace-having a cold shower or a hot bat, relaxing to music= wanting to key-out  than falling into bed and get unconscious for some hours in hope that when come out of that unconscious state : will be feeling ”refreshed” in order to face the new day: to be able to bear all the experiences ….ugh…

PS; I am totally fine with your realities, please I will not think of any one less because I know the reasons why those beliefs exist. But I have found that THE GREATEST OF ALL AND THE MOST DEMAING OVERT IS TO ANY PERSON IS LIEING TO SELF! Nothing can cause more harm than that,

Letter to Dexter.

Dear Dexter.

I walked through the invisible door.. a

I can’t accept the ‘’sample’’ session knowing that is all would have been needed and knowing the reason behind these introductory sessions it would not be fair to you, not at all.

“I had a motivator’’ for   wanting a session, few weeks back I had 2 major realizations and from them I understood that again I reached a “level” and at this level power in true form is at play.. But this power is not the kind what human reality contains-believes is: which is usually expressed: mass-form moved by other masses- physique.

This power has no mass; don’t even have a smallest amount vibration because this power is the accumulation of the knowledge which was born out of the cognitions.

As you know cognitions don’t have-contain mass and that is the very reason they do penetrate mass-forms, which can be the unconscious mind and that is no more than the Bank and the banks is pure energy.

The understanding- realization that I am what I know, this was always known to me but that knowledge I had than was a Bank and that contained collected and hoarded stored information which has been altered transformed improved developed over the eons in different lifecycles in order to adapt into various way of life and these conversions were done in mind-boggling amount of occasions: therefore those reality-beliefs –considerations were not mine, never been mine I just agree to that they were. Big difference!

On the other hand the cognition-understanding=new viewpoints which were the outcome of sessions are solely exclusively mine.

These Cognitions are Unique and their uniqueness is like an invisible thumb print known to all, shared by all, yet still belong to me: the original source.

What cognitions causes -provides beside different reality: truth thefor the cognisor is the so called ‘’space’’:

Let me explain this: when on item-incident as-ised that item had occupied space because it was made of energy-mass. Now this mass of energy-pictures-incident is as-ised therefore that space now can be called “emptiness” is result: BUT—I LOVE BUTS: this space which can be huge is not really empty but now filled with that mass-less-intangible-infinite new-fangled reality and this space is an distinct –separate from the MEST and this space is now ME..the intangible Infinite and additional-further cognitions expand- increase this personal space.

Now that was a gulp.

I have written more than one post how the cognitions work how they affect the UNIVERSE itself and I have written that “EACH COGNITION IS LIKE A BUILDING BLOCK AND THESE BUILDING BLOCKS BECOME_ARE THE NEW FOUNDATION OF UNIVERSE”: for the self-Entity.

By this I mean when most or all the aberrated-twisted-altered understanding is as-ised than that Being- Entity now relies, have faith in, totally trusts the knowledge which has born out of as-ising the altered reality and now conducts self: actions –activities as a result of these newly establish realities.

But my point writing this is about THE TRUE FORM OF POWER.

As I said previously because cognitions are ‘’mass –less’’ they infiltrate mass and that is its “power”: their content – the knowledge from cognitions changes –alters the masses of energy, invisibly of course but nerveless that happens: example: knowing beforehand something happens, who is on the phone.

In this example the intention of the other person caused change in the receivers’ reality, the Realizations work the same way.

This is normal occurrence in the continually altering universe, just because we have the belief that we live in the solid universe but to the contrarily of that belief we do operate at all time in the Spiritual Realm.

Now going back to my original point ugh…how I should say-describe this.

I already said what cognitions were, how they created space-power and I written here in this blog that I attained whatever, but than I did not know what was that ‘’whatever’’and now I do: I have moved through the open door and this slowly gained accumulated   space-power which is huge is my new residence.

Hehehe, I moved into this new building which has taken me 42 years to construct: invisible yet it is un-destroyable.

When I was just standing in the ‘’doorway’’ I felt apprehension trepidation which can be called anxiety of what I was facing because I did not cognised on what I was facing and that was my reason believing that help was needed.

Dexter, thank you for being there and for your communication because your presence prompted me to confront the barrier and You my Friend Maurice: for recognising knowing my ability to handle any situation, of course I have confidence but it would have been great fun to be audited once more by on auditor!

Love you all!

where are our abilities?

Talents, abilities were not lost over the ages but simply basically at first hidden than with that suppressed.

The reason for suppression of some outstanding, rare, unusual talent were because ’’ wanting to be accepted wanting to belong into the group’’.

That simply means BE ALIKE … not to be different than the rest of the members.

Just think, if not one of the group members could conjure something out of thin air and you knew you can, than do you really think believe for a second that you could exercise that ability front of this group? FEARK, being a freak .. mutant…oddity…altered, quirky, mad, aberrated : these concepts were not born out of the human awareness but were established over the eons.

More likely what you would get period for exercising that ability is elimination annihilation from the society, the planet itself because by having –being different you would be shaking the establishment and its laws which held the group in solid form: its existence.

Examples: Burning the witches, Spanish inquisition, tar and feathering, stoning to death, KKK or some dictators wanting to establish supremacy of race: beliefs.

All our abilities were hidden, suppressed and slowly forgotten because each civilization we have belonged one time or other had different rules, regulations and abilities.

I recalled on incident when the “use of legs” become in vogue hehehe… that was the thing to do and gliding the body above the surface went out slowly than outlawed by the MAJORITY of the group who walked because always the majority wins, you see when the majority of the group no longer could glide the body over the surface of the terrain, have lost that ability than these members who still could gliding above the surface wrong and those who could still do this were voted out of the group [or had to behave same as others] or had to stop gliding!

You ask: why those who lost the ability has won OVER THE MORE ABLE MEMBERS OF THE GROUP: now reason is because the HEAVIER MORE SOLID MASS OF ENERGY=VIBRATION ALWAYS “”””ALWAYS””” WINS OVER: OVERWHELMS engulfs THE LIGHTER weaker-softer VIBRATION: law of the universe.

The reality the fact the truth remains if anyone want their abilities back has to as-is all the agreements made, the very reasons why the abilities were given up.

I am excited! Am I ever! happy as a pig in warm mud puddle!

and singing as a lark!
If any of you think, believe for a minute that I am full of myself well, for those of you I have news! Sometimes I believe and I am positive of this fact that I am one of the most ignorant persons who uses two legs to move about!.
This cognition today shaken up my confidence and reassured me once more just how little I know, I am aware of : in other words cut me down again to smaller size! Hehehe.. but I don’t have problem or ARCbs knowing that I know so little and because of this understanding I have: allows room for improvement.
But I want to share my new found reality and that is about VOICE –VOCAL SOUNDs!
Exploring what are vocal sounds has been my Pet Project over the years: ever since I been audited and continued with the same: solo.
I have mentioned in this blog that when I was young and in school I joined the quire and one day while we were practising the teacher stopped one part of the group of singers and listened to those of us who continued than again she shut off another section till she gotten to where I was ‘’singing’’ like a crow hehehe.. Needless to say that ended my singing carrier, I was locked out of the quire . She said but not unkindly that she never heard someone who’s voice was so out of tune, tone deaf as I was.
Than the same happened at home, one day I was singing happily to myself and my mother said “ Erzsikem, kis lanyom, te nagyon tehetsages vagy sok reszben de enekelni nem tudsz”
That means in English: Elizabeth , my little daughter, you are very talented in so many ways but singing is not one of them.
Well, that shut me up for good.
So to me to be able to have lovely singing voice was a dream, unobtainability which never could become reality.
But understanding what scientology was about and believing in what I understood I have known that singing, having beautiful voice to is possible to attain if ABERRATION IS REMOVED! You see, in of my past life recall in one of my very early sessions I had a magnificent singing voice and this session was the starting point, the motivator to find the occlusions.
After I started to solo audit and on many different occasion over the years I have taken into sessions this subject and explored every possible reality what is communication: sounds: how it happens and why it was needed.
But intrigued me the most why some humans have magnificent singing voice and some persons like me could only give out sound like a crow: which is by agreed upon consideration is not pleasant, astatic.
So in sessions of course I peeled off immense layers of considerations-reasons and as this continued my voice has improved so much so that went to Hungary few years back I was staying with my friend who is a vocalist, she sings beautifully and she is well known in countries where Hungarians live, she travels great deal and give concerts.
While there visiting with her [I stayed with them for 2 weeks] I mentioned that I would love to have voice like Lara Fabian has, she looked at me in surprise and she said: “ yours is much better than hers! “
You see I do sing to myself same as everyone else and I was not aware that she has heard me. I have known my singing voice has improved a lot but of course I was not aware just how much.
Since than I worked more on the same subject because I knew that having female or male voice is not right-correct fact, there is no such a thing, but only exist here, and the real Voice produced has nothing to do having either gender.
The Voice might sound like the creation of the vocal cords but that is not the fact.
I know by now that the most incredible voices some persons have on this Planet , these vocal sounds are rather thin, insignificant watered down version in comparison what can be produced of the true sounds what it can be.
Today as I was pottering in the Kitchen same time having a session and the subject : singing voice.
Again I seen- become aware of different reasons why human voice most case is so little, so thin in most and I also seen that sounds are stored in the chest…. Now that stopped on my track: Stored Sounds? Sure, look around there are billions of records, DVD’s, Videos and each of these units are storage units for sounds.
Than I seen on incident in which I have seen the SOUND-VOICE WAS BOUGHT, as commodity and in this incident we could choose – select – pick what kind of voice we wanted, how we wanted to sound: to be heard by others! To see –re-experience this in recall was fantastic, enlightening experience yet made lot of sense too.
Like here on this planet we have the choice to whom we want to listen to: Hank Marvin’s guitar, Sheryl Crow, Mario Frangoulis, Etc… but we no longer have the choice how our voices should sound.
This is where the reality of my ignorance hit me over the head… I have written a post in this blog when I have seen SHOPS an the recall where personalities- valances could be bought and in these personalities included all the knowledge how to behave or and look: Be a General, King, Artist etc… and now I SEEN THAT SOUNDS_VOICES WERE BROUGHT TOO and WERE INCLUDED or added into THE PACKAGE!
Why I haven’t seen this before, become aware of this fact, why this simple detail allude me? Obviously this part was deeply suppressed covered with many layers of considerations and agreements galore!
It is true that stupidity can kill….. hehehe… because believing that we can be killed is the stupidity itself!
So my Friends, again I have attained a reality become aware- conscious of something new, but that voices- sounds were implanted, or voluntarily downloaded is only news to me now.
It is mind boggling that ‘’being a human’’ sitting in that valance cause impaired recollection, total occlusion, shutting off, shutting out the consciousness how we become what we believe we are.

As you all can see from reading this post which further proves that nothing is new on this planet: even Vocal sounds can be bought and sold… hehehe… but the one which has come with the body that is solidly imbedded.
On the other hand, the quality of the sound I can produce is improving with every sessions, Laura Fabian eat your heart out! 

Closing a door….

As of today I wont be commenting in other Blogs, that is the must.
My reason is that my views- conclusions about the MEST, how I understand it now are the result of countless REALIZATIONS and these views- facts gained are so dissimilar to the general beliefs-understanding and most cases contradictory -clashing that when read causes ARCBs.
How could I make someone who had very little auditing in this ”little” I include all OT levels, that so far no matter what beliefs, concepts, considerations- thoughts, agreements I ever had were wrong because In sessions -confrontation they were as-ised? And these beliefs I as-ised were the same as they have now, and if they too would confront their beliefs than the same would happen?
That Only Cognitions are the truth and facts.
Also I am not good with social niceties and that too cause ARCBs.