Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Dont skeep this one !

Elizabeth, I would say the same as you are saying about personal bank.
I have written “FULLY undoing the Bank is not a job for a (one) person alone” because I feel that besides one’s personal bank there is a WHOLE bank everybody lives is, and this Bank (or Universe, or Set of beliefs) is constantly created and made real for anyone by anyone. EVERYBODY WANT TO HAVE SOMETHING BE THERE, therefore it is unstoppable as a mutual creation. Moreover, each person is “convinced” that undoing the BIG BANK would be the biggest crime, unforgivable in eternal time. What is “allowed” is trying a personal solitary escape. A cruel joke, since any door out opens into a much bigger Bank summarized in the 8 Dynamics.”

Let me give on this my newly gained reality. I am not guessing, assuming or have come to conclusions by evaluation of read material which was compiled-amassed by other from their own ALTERED REALITY.
About 15 years back I started to work on “What is, what are Agreement-agreements, Laws, Regulations, and Rules, ” because I realised by having agreements, these agreed upon realities made me the part of the Group, therefore I wanted to know how this has come about, where its origin was.
And over the next few months I drawn dragged into session every agreement, every Law, every religious Order, I ever belonged by freewill or forced into and obeyed, I looked at Secret Sects I was the part of, the Blood Oaths I have taken in order to belong to be part of the group and followed their rules-regulations.
These sessions were of course were done by the rules how to audit, have a session  on 4 Flows, went earlier similar and of course included ARCb’s O/W’s suppress b. etc..till VGI’s and cognitions.
These sessions went on daily for months and they were long- many as 10 hours a day.
As the results I had thousands of cognitions and because of them my reality have changes profoundly. What I have discovered that Laws, Agreements are the part of the contents of implants and those who are affected by these implants=sitting in it, are held there by the agreed upon laws and they are required to fallow them.
Example: the Human Race what is, is on IMPLANT: to belong into this implant the Entity agrees to have: with that “having” A body, a life= that means that package contains every reality –belief there is: conceived, born growing adult, sex, sleep, eat, beingness, tired-nes, values, Fear, death, and becoming Nothing!” ETC….ETC.
Being a human is nothing more than being stuck in on agreed upon established laws-rules-regulations.

Hehehe soon as these agreed upon realities are as-ised in session that Entity IS NO LONGER A HUMAN! Because to that ENTITY HAS AS_ISED THE VALANCE=THE BEIGNESS “WHAT IT MEANS BEING A HUMAN”!!!!!!!
Simple as that! Well, that simple thing to achieve taken over a 1000 hours in session.
When I have as-ised all the agreements-rules-regulations I ever made since I become the part of this Universal mass that moment I no longer was the ENFORCED PART OF ANY RACE ANY GROUP with that I no longer was part of the masses- the crowd and to me that concept-consideration no longer existed.
You see Diogene, To be on Italian.. or a Hungarians, Chinese with that the Entity has taken on the VALANCE = the laws, rules regulations of that implanted material.
Italian appearance, language, likes and dislikes behaviour etc, the laws are the Characteristics of the race. Of course these laws-agreements have been altered-modified over the eons these means the Entity itself has belonged to many different groups before and has altered the laws.
There is no such a thing=Entity as a Hungarian or Italian Entity!
We simply can’t as-is the reality of someone else’s because we can’t sense it and what we can’t sense, feel what we can’t confront.
The most challenging part of not belonging to any group is when we don’t belong we don’t have that Valance, we are not recognised by the group, acknowledged is a member.
I truly stand alone, BUT ….hehehe… I love Buts…. When all the reasons are as-ised which made me the part of groups-races-societies I have gained entry to a different Universe and that Universe is called by the Group of scientologists as Theta and the Human Race has named it a Spiritual Realm. I simply call it the Magical Kingdom because here belongs all, including the Fairies, the Gnomes, the Dragons and all who know that dreams are real and solidity to is only a dream.
The Dynamics they meaning exist only because it is agree upon, therefore they do, so is any other groups, beliefs, realities, sensations aches and pains.
You want miracles hehehe all you need to do is believe in something: bingo! you have it in that instant! :):) 🙂


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