Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Answer for Maribel :)

When I was having sessions on the Item what is being Human: first: conceived, born having a body : went through different stages of growth, than maturity, aging and getting old and dying, included before the body was conceived and after death.
Every concept I mentioned above has many other concepts and those too were taken into sessions. The cogs poured!. These sessions went on for months and I was in sessions daily.
I have seen, re-experienced incredible different life styles and I have seen how the different variety of bodies was created –constructed and what they were used for.
The soft meat bodies were made in order to be consumed to become FOOD.
I seen in these sessions how they were created: how these meat bodies could re-create, reproduce them-self and how they could ‘’survive’’ on their own and did not had to be looked after. But they could multiply fast and that was good, that was the intention to create never ending food supply!
The male body had the same function as it has now and so are the females: Sex for pleasure was not part of the original package. Female bodies were the cows and they could re-produce fast and also give-produce nourishment too what the new born needed to grow and be healthy.
But sex was only used to reproduce and these bodies lived in groups but in fact these groups were HEARDs, they were grazers, veggie eaters.
The Bodies were regularly harvested when they were in their ‘’prime’ ’by their original creators, than processed and eaten of course. [ saying still lingers: taken in his/her prime.] The processing of meat was on ship and transported in condensed form.
I have seen the processed food: it looked like gray paste and was considered as delicacy, perfect food since it contained every element what these aliens needed to survive.
Their planet was swept away by a galactic storm and the planet where these herds lived drifted off into different location.
I did not recall how I gotten trapped that time in that meat body, but obviously I was because otherwise I could not see what I have.
I also seen that those aliens did not have hands like ours but claws like crabs have…. hehehe.. seen the claw delicately taken a morsel of paste and savouring it!
Now why any Alien in this universe who have known about the origin of meat bodies, and the reason they were created would ever think, believe that the meat body and those who claim they have one is more than low lives? That they are superior?
The answer you already know: Do one human think believe on this planet that a pig, or a cow is superior to them? Well? Hehehe.. oh yes: stake, fried pork, stewed, barbequed, beef soup: but being superior race?
Also and this is a fact, that the Aliens know that the human race is so badly infected, are contaminated that all their believes are negative-destructive, harmful and they do contaminate each other by telepathic communication=every other form of communication too!
Examples?: just look around this planet and see for yourself.
The Aliens have segregated this planet and it is also well known that those who’s ‘’mind’’ is effected by excess amount of confusing implanted material is also dumped here and forgotten.
Who can leave re-enter the Universe?
Only those who can erase as-is the contaminations, that is the must because long as any one has that BANK –impurities, adulterations, distractive beliefs that will keep the beings here since those beliefs are the trap itself, are the invisible walls of the prison.
The prof of all this that it’s exist: is the continuations –being reborn, getting back into newly born bodies, having a track of long life cycles!


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  1. Elizabeth.. thank you for your reply, I take note as usual 🙂

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