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superior race ?

I was reading a post in the Italian blog and one of the members have written that we are superior not like animals because we can reason, think things out!
WOW, that has fired me up hehehe…. because this person belongs to the group of scientologists who believe that they will lead others out of their misery and his group will control the universe from some platform! Shit!
Think….reason things out? What is that I ask?
Thinking- reasoning judging rationalizing evaluating is necessary because the human is sitting in such a huge confusion: ALTERED REALITIES =lies that he needs to judge rationalize in hope and that his guessing= gambling the path he chooses :whatever has been selected will turn out alright!…. wow and that is judging -thinking. Meanwhile he sits there in sweats in fear and prays in silence that all will go well!
LRH said that is: figure-figure.
This person looks at animals and many humans have the same reality that animals are inferior low -grade, less significant than humans are because they are not like humans: can’t think, can’t reason.
I haven’t seen an animal who in drunken stupor killed his wife and his children, or instigated war: with that eliminated millions of the same species, or fixed the Stock Market that when it crashed millions have lost their savings but him and his cronies gained billions at the same time!
I haven’t seen animals who needs drugs, glass or two of alcohol daily to be able to cope with daily-life or kill innocent by standers just for the fun of it.
I don’t think the animals who are the cause of global warming, pollution or the fish of the oceans have polluted the waters so badly that now many species are dead or soon to be dead. I believe you are getting my drift here.
Animals do not need to think, to reason out because they simply know.
Animals don’t need clocks to waken them, to be reminded when to do something, animals don’t need fancy clothing, cars, and jewelry, houses, to be given fancy important titles in order to feel superior to others, to stand out that they are better than others. I never seen or heard of on animal who acted superior toward humans! They are known to allow ”beingness” to humans even after they have been mistreated !
Animals are OT’s they have abilities and me by working having sessions all my life, every day and still haven’t come close to understanding where they are at what these abilities are!
In fact I haven’t comprehended their abilities of communication, their ability to see, to know.
I am not even close, but I do understand that I haven’t got it and if I could achieve their State what they are in this life than I would know that I would have a glimpse of freedom.
The human race’s awareness is so minimal, so narrow –low that they don’t realize that they are totally controlled and the same time they were made to believe that they are superior: and that is the trap itself.
That belief alone holds the human race in stale state: unmoving immobile unchanged.
PS: Do I know it all? Hell, No… I just reached that liberating state where I know I don’t!:)
to boast about superiority, well…. being a superior race well… that is not a good idea…. hehehe…that is on indication of ignorance…
have any of you ever though about why this planet is so segregated from the universe? have any of you taken up that idea and have investigated why that is? I have and what I found was not a pleasant reality. Ask if you want to know what was that.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth…. Yes I would like to know why this planet is segregated from the universe.. an area I would very much like to research in due course.. like all areas.

    Interesting concept by the way, about the superior race.. the dict says, race: is a group of people who share similar and distinct physical characteristics… animals are an entire different thing to me.. completely separate, but they are here on this planet with us! don’t know why..

    To me, superiority occurs much within this race, little game within the game, .. you just have to go out and tell someone you speak few languages or have a managerial position, they step back look at you differently and now you are treated differently.. the physical body, possessions, job position.. gives one an immediate pleasant energy flow from others, like admiration.. this is the game… I understand it, it is thought as if “successful” people held some goodies under their arms that is much wanted, the rich man is admired why??.. we think he is free?!.. yet so many rich people committing suicide, doing drugs etc… I’ve just realized I myself done the above so many times, the game of flows I mean, it’s part of the program of being human.. I don’t like it at all… we have to start coming around to our senses about certain crap that belongs to the program.. and I know many people are waking up and moving away from all this.

    Thanks Elizabeth for your blog.

    • Hello Maribel, my dear friend, I knew you will be the one who wants to know, I will write it up for you. Those cogs were about 10 years back so now I need to reconstruct that concept.

      Yes, the superiority game is very much alive and well on this planet. But that is the content of the implant, that is a Trap to keep the THETA interested, occupied!
      This game being this and being that segregates, separates,makes “individuals”, keeps the valances intact, identities ALIVE : solid!
      The game: Keeps the Entity reaching, wanting, needing, wishing, keeps the Entity occupied and most of all occluded.
      But the heavy stuff: reality is that the Entity believes that without all the goods he is nothing, nobody, useless, small, insignificant, lost his powers: yet those who have given up the all their worldly goods: positions, beingness, valances find what they were missing, what they were looking for in MEST but could not find.
      About rich people who have all the goods , well I been looking at that subject since last winter and had many sessions and lots of cogs on the matter.
      You see, I wanted to change my ”situation” I wanted to win the lotto, buy a house and have that big garden. But what these sessions -cognitions brought me instead the winning lotto numbers the understanding THAT BEING POOR MEANS SITTING IN A IMPLANT WHICH HAS WHAT YOU SEE, PERCEIVE and THAT IS WHERE THAT PERSON IS=HAVE, experiences.
      You see, he cant change that condition and being poor well that condition will only change IF the implant it self contain = becoming rich,making it big, becoming famous etc..
      As you know since you read every post I have ever written that I dont say I know everything OH, not even close, hehehe because knowing too is a concept and to “KNOW IT ALL” that would be a limitation. Those who know it all, they ONLY know the content of their implanted reality and we know what is that: so, we know it all and that is the limitation of the knowledge the person has.
      Maribel, for 42 years I been trading the Mill, and not 1 concept I have taken into session and confronted brought the realization what I though should be!!!!!!
      This means I have been wrong in every aspect what I have know, believed in! This includes what is ” spirituality” . That reality, that spirituality what was known to man too was a implant sure has shaken -changed my beliefs!
      Because of my experiences I only believe in the content of the cognitions and I dont mind to admit if something’s I dont know
      About Animal Why we are sharing this Planet: all I know what we are AWARE OF, because what we are aware of exists here….we are aware of their existence.
      when the persons awareness is widen become extended with that newly gained awareness that person sees, knows more therefore what you do exists for you.
      Will write the rest.. love you much.

  2. I’ve seen many animals kill their own and other species for what could be called not good reason. Some just for the pleasure of the kill. The big difference I see between people and animals is consistency. Animals, for the most part, will do the same thing under the same conditions and circumstances. Humans on the other hand are erratic. In this context, erratic is synonymous with creative. Animals are primarily following patterns, instructions. The key word here is FOLLOWING. The primary trait of the reactive mind.

    Everything in and outside the universe, from an atom, a cell, to a creature or person, is a piece of LIFE, the Force, God, call it what you will. Different things are given, or draw, a different amount of attention from life. A proton requires very little attention. It was given very simple instructions and follows them exactly. Biological life is given more complex instructions. These instructions, or intentions, sometimes conflict or are lacking for the circumstances. This requires more attention from the all encompassing life. The higher life forms draw so much attention, they have taken on an individuality of their own. They have become sole and separate life units. But their individuality is still derived from the Universal life.

    The amount of attention and individuality drawn and given is an infinite gradient. As anyone who is around a lot of animals can tell you, there is a great deal of gradients among single species. Some people are little more than animals, some animals are almost human. People, on the average, are the most able to break from their given instructions and create new thought, actions. They draw the most new attention from life, Theta. This is how things have been set up. It doesn’t HAVE to be that way, it’s how things are designed as of right now.

    I have been animals and I have studied animals. I have communicated with them above and beneath consciousness. I have gone over thousands of instances when myself and others were designing and deciding how universes and their inhabitants would operate. This is an area in which I have gained a lot of knowledge.

    Ron H. once said that he noticed a fly rubbing and cleaning it’s front legs, just as all the other flies on every land since flies came about. He said “Some postulates really stick”. That is the key phrase to remember when trying to figure out why people and animals, or even physics, are the way they are.

    • great post Mark, thanks for the input.
      “I’ve seen many animals kill their own and other species for what could be called not good reason.”
      Now because you have seen that: you have come to the negative conclusion:[which is strictly your reality] that it was ;killing!
      Could it be that you were not aware the true reason why they have eliminated the member of their tribe? Could it be possible there were a very good reason for elimination? When we truly understand the universe how others perceive their own universe, till than we only can ASSUME, GUESS what is happening.

      • Hi there Miss Erzsebet.
        One very common occurrence is when a cat chases and kills a squirrel or chipmunk or rabbit, and then loses interest. I’ve seen this several times. Three times, I got in comm with the cat and learned his intention. It’s not complicated. He felt it was just the thing to do. I dug a little deeper and found the thought at the moment was “To do well I need to kill this creature”. “It will make me happy.” Deeper still, the idea was “It is what I’m supposed to do”.

        It was what he was instructed to do.

        • I by that, But you have stopped at that level! Why have you stopped there? Because you are not aware of other level?
          BUT what is the true reality of that Entity who had that consideration?

        • OK lets go back here … what you have seen the Cat doing was on implanted concept yes all the answers are in that implant. But the Entity is not a Cat but a Awareness.
          If you would have asked that Cat after given all the CAT REALITY= ANSWERS than if you would have asked this CAT : WHAT ARE YOU, waited than acked. that answer, than asked “WHO ARE YOU?” than you would be given the correct answer and that answer would have nothing to do with being a cat.. but a view point of the Entity who just KNOW! and the same time you would have experienced a Theta Universe!

        • Dear Mark…. I haven’t study this life any other materials beside what I had to while going up on the Bridge and that material has been as-ised sometimes back .
          The reason I write this to explain to you that source of what I know, write about is the knowledge I have gained through cognitions.
          This knowledge is not altered any way, this is truly my reality. It is not on assumption, a opinion a guessing , speculating what IS., but to me IS.
          To me these are facts and this facts remain till a new cognition will replace them with diferent knowledge.
          This is the reason I do not debate the cogs I have…. because I know that what others try to convince me of: is their reality, how they see, understand what is the Universe and that is theirs and never be mine.
          I do not wish to or want to make you wrong, I do hope you understand that and accept the fact, I just write the same ways as you do. reading something than I too evaluate same as you have while reading my post than give your side how you see what I have written.
          I just done the same as you have.
          So the comments are not to make wrong… but expressing different viewpoints. 🙂

        • Mark PS::::: I do not want to convince you in any ways that my reality IS BETTER THAN YOUR VIEWS… not for one minute… that is not the point of my posts-comments I.
          I am not here to show any one the way, I am not here to teach, that is not my bag, far from it. The very idea gives me a shiver! I am not in the position to take responsibility to any other being beside self here. that why this blog is only diary of my adventure in self discovery and nothing more!

    • Mark: “”Animals, for the most part, will do the same thing under the same conditions and circumstances. Humans on the other hand are erratic. In this context, erratic is synonymous with creative. “‘
      Another assumption you have, which put the human race above other race and with that you declare SUPERIORITY!
      BAH… I will not buy this load!
      SURE you are right that humans are erratic…THEY ARE SITTING IN MORE IMPLANTS THAN THE NUMBER OF STARS ABOVE THEIR HEADS! They are doing their best to GUESS which one to fallow, which will being better results, which is less stimulating, which contains more pleasue, less disaster!
      Oh sure, by now each Entity has repeated thousands of life-cycles that by now they know them so well that they know which ACTION SHOULD BE AVOIDED ha… dear Mark… and animals what they do? I wont claim that I know. 🙂

    • Mark “Animals are primarily following patterns, instructions. The key word here is FOLLOWING. The primary trait of the reactive mind.”
      HEHEHE HEHEHE… and more of the same! and humans are not fallowing imbedded instructions? it is you who claim your self that you and your friends have created many implants. and you say humans dont have the reactive mind? There is nothing new on this planet.
      I just found out my self that even my e-mail address is from a past incident, representing that incident!.

    • my last comment went to Maribel… so you can read it there.

      Mark…”The higher life forms draw so much attention, they have taken on an individuality of their own. They have become sole and separate life units”
      Now that is huge huge MU.. so big its extraordinary to come to a conclusion for the person who claim to know it all and have arrived to that conclusion from having sessions and cognition!
      There is no higher or lower life force in this universe BUT existing CONSIDERATIONS which has come out, born out of judgments, evaluation by comparing items, situations, incidents, experiences: and finally arriving ” FOR SELF””what is better what is good, lower and higher. My drear Mark: that it the content of the Bank… pure bank talk=reality.
      On the long run: class, levels, segregation, individuality, ownership: dont exist. Only awareness.

    • Mark…..”Some people are little more than animals, some animals are almost human.”
      all that how we act largely depends on our awareness, what we are aware of.
      Our own awareness is our prison. Who act and how: animal like or human like again is a consideration born out of evaluation: what should be like or should not be so.
      Pure Bank talk!

    • Mark ””’People, on the average, are the most able to break from their given instructions and create new thought, actions. They draw the most new attention from life, Theta. This is how things have been set up. It doesn’t HAVE to be that way, it’s how things are designed as of right now.””
      People dont pick anything… they are always in Restimulation of some past incident and on this I am on expert on.

    • Mark…”I have gone over thousands of instances when myself and others were designing and deciding how universes and their inhabitants would operate. This is an area in which I have gained a lot of knowledge.””
      Your own statement is the answer… Let me know when you find something new.
      In this blog I claim nothing more than: I write my cogs, my reality how I see-experience the self created universe.
      I am not on expert how the universe it self was created, but I am the only expert on me..self the Entity the “awarmess”.

    • Mark… you written you have communicated on sub-conscious level to animals. Do forgive me but on this I dont have reality … none at all. You see, this is how I understand communication. If I know about than I am aware of, than it is not on the level of unconscious.
      So when the person communicates to me than the same goes for that Entity: that Entity=person has to be aware, has to have intention of communication.
      It seem to me that communication only can exist when the communication contains particles, matter=energy. And this usually is in a form of pictures a concept but a concept can only be a concept if it hold matter.
      So I cant comprehend or not yet can comprehend how I could exchange communication on unconscious level. Care to explain this to me? I would appreciate your reality.

  3. My friend Erzsebet.

    Thank you for your thoughts and cognitions. Animals certainly can be special beings. Especially complex, multi celled animals, such as mammals.

    Superiority had no part in the comments I posted. Just as a gun is not superior to a knife. It simply has different uses. The designer had different intentions in designing the gun and the knife. They have different methods of operation. They are based on different ideas. But a gun is more complex to operate than a knife. It requires more attention to use.

    The same for different physical life forms.

    This whole principle relates back to entities and even BTs. In earlier writings I spoke of individuality but also of the oneness of all life. On one level of thought, we are all connected. On a deeper level we are all one individual. One life with it’s attention on millions of things at once. This does not take away from one’s own individuality, but it does offer the opportunity to be, become, and know about all that you can muster up the confront to look at. The key for me, to entering this return to my origin has been of course an understanding of life, but on a moment by moment basis, Admiration. This gives me a willingness to be close to another, in near perfect agreement. Then Love. This erases the last bit of distance and brings me into that or whom I wish to share all.

    It is less of a joining and more of a “No longer dividing myself”. I am actually gathering myself back together. This is also the final resolution to the OT-3 OT-7 problem. Entities and BTs are actually a part of you and of your own creation. They are not to be exorcised, but understood, joined and made whole again. It is a process of making oneself whole.

    One of your criticisms of the St Lawrence philosophy and method was important in this discovery. For that I will always thank you.

    Animals are no less superior than people any more than your hand is less superior than your foot. They are both YOU.

    • Love you back! Thank you for allowing to share universe with you, great experience!
      I am totally trilled that you understand how I feel toward Entities.. They are my universe and I am theirs. simple as that. 🙂

      • Hey girl.
        You taught me something today.
        The actuality of Entities, BTs, and even the GE has clicked for you. You see them for what they actually are. I was beginning to think I was the only one who saw the reality of it.
        But you came to it from a different direction than I. This does not make it any less valuable or real. It doesn’t make it wrong or in error in any way. Arriving at the same location through a different route.
        I would only suggest that you explore the details of how these systems of life came about. I will hope that you have some suggestions for me. You have already assisted me more than you know.
        Thanks, Mark

        • That is simple, I believe that they are: therefore they exist.
          I have had sessions on the subject and I could not as-is… and to me that made them real
          To me this was important to realize; to become aware of: I have known have become aware through cognitions I had that I do not exist as a person a being but on intangible Infinite= awareness and by knowing this I know that the same reality exist in the universe.
          This knowledge could not be as-ised.

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