Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Long time ago, far away on the other side which could have been anywhere in this universe I met someone who was ‘’selling’’ offering Cape made of NOTHINGNESS…. Oh those days that ‘’nothingness’’ was a very coveted item because we all knew each other, there was nothing new for us to see, to experience, to want, to desire because we had everything and that was too much!
In this incident WE DID NOT HAVE BODIES and we lived as Entities, as spirituals do and this incident did not happen ‘’between life’s” because we haven’t hit the bottom on the Tone Scale yet and that goes with having bodies, identify self with solidity.
This person drawn me into his space by intention and those days we had lot of that and that was the reason we had to much of everything!
His space , this Entities or OT’s whatever you want to call, had a very vibrant energy wavelengths which of course was his personal space- universe and this vibration was made of sparkles of diamond like flashes and these vivacities vitalities made sounds to like thousands of tiny crystal bells, very attractive quality, really up-tone!
By the way our communication was not verbal, had no sounds but we communicated with intention, and our intention created a visible images which were seen experienced by the other Entities and this was a perfect way to communicate.
Well, I was ready to get out of the rut of having everything, I was looking for something new, which would give me a escapade and this Entity offered a CAPE: when the cape was placed over the shoulder [ invisible shoulder of course!] the wearer would become undetectable, of course not recognised by others, not known he was at the location, in other words would be completely ignored.
But before I could receive this MAGICAL CAPE, I had to give, sign an agreement, which was done by intention: flashing a picture and this was required because in that moment I have done that the Cape was clocked over my personal space: with that my energy-vibration was overwhelmed, no longer existed what I have been before and my Identity has been rubbed out, erased: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so were all my abilities, like communicate with intention!
First I thought this was fun, I could come and go anywhere I wanted to and no one knew me, no one bothered me, and no one could because: “ I have become singular, separated and with that no longer I was the part of the group”, vanished from the group.
Let me describe this Magical Cape: the cape was made of EMPTINESS instead of let say brocade. This Emptiness which has become my space, my personal universe was invisible to others: that means when they experienced this Emptiness and when they have perceived this emptiness that is what they have seen and felt nothing: zero, zilch.
Of course after while I wanted to shad, take off this Cape but I could not and this incident I write here was recalled because I have forgotten a name and no matter how I wanted to recall this name I could not: and this has prompted me to get into session and look for the reason, the ‘why’ this ‘’blank, emptiness” has taken the place of that name: Because that is what happens: blank-emptiness-nothingness is covering up the memory we have.
As the session continued I have recalled immense amount of incidents and I understood how this Cape of nothing-ness has changed my Universe, how I operated: now this is the joke part: I was not operating but become total effect.
I have seen in different incidents as how me the self was struggling to regain identities or create new identities-valances in order to belong again, I have seen self-fail over and over in every phase in my lives, the problems, the ARCB’s were caused by inabilities.
Long- long list of failures.
Of course I looked for O/W’s and find some but nothing extraordinary so I decided to look for this Implant station where my valance=me was erased and replaced with emptiness!.
I found nothing, so I looked for this Entity who has sold me this Cape because I sensed that if I find him than I will be able SEE HOW THIS IMPLANT-CAPE was put over me. That is easy to do, you see, once communication is established between Entities that communication energy-vibration will remain intact till as-ised in session: this is fact.
So I found him/it…..the joke was on both of us, we shared universe, we have become part of each other in the moment that agreement was in place.
LRH said: soon as we cause, in that moment we become on effect of what we caused: fact, true!
So, I did not have to look far: I recalled the moment when I placed my Chop where it had to be put which sealed my fate and with that changed the course, the path I was walking on.
Yet, I still could not see, re-experience, and understand what really has happened, how that bloody emptiness was placed over me and made me powerless and become: a nobody.
I pulled back from the incident and I observed went though it again and the realization come: this Entity was not part of an implant, but he was like on Elf, a powerful critter, on Entity and his sole –singular ability was that he could make things-beings-universe vanish! Puff the incident has vanished, been as-ised.
Do I now regain all my lost abilities?
By now I am not naïve when it comes to understand the MEST U, not like 30-35 years back when I though a cognition in place =understanding how things were would bring back the abilities… Now I know that it takes much much more than few million cogs to gain back what it was lost.
Those of you who are looking for that Magic Wand which would erased-as-is all the misery well I have news for you people,: that Magic Wand do not recognise, evaluate, sort out incidents: but when it is waved over you: all will disappear. The Magic wand is like antibiotics :not only kill the bad viruses-bacteria’s but the good ones too are eliminated!
Beware what you wish for, and just between us and every Entity in this Universe, you have had that magic wand waved over you who know how many occasion by now: proof of that: how is your recall, how is your memory, can you make things appear or vanish, how is your vitality=lifeforce, can you move object with intention, can you see without the use of ”eyes” etc..etc..?????


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