Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


If power processing, any auditing dealing with power: all existing lists+ questions pertaining power IF that word POWER would not be used but instead VITALITY: we all could have had much better results and more stable wins.
WE AS HUMAN RACE, we dont know much about power but each of us have a very clear understanding what vitality means, what happens when we dont have any, or just enough to do our daily routine and by the evening that little is exhusted or totally overwhelmed by other heavy masses of energy.
And we always admired people who have boundless vitality!
Power having that, we humans usually connect power with “money” lots of it.
This is a huge subject “VITALITY” and I am going to explore it to its full extant.
This means I will look at items when VITALITY was missing, destroyed, to much, not enough, all the O/W’s ARCB’s connected to vitality…. etc…and definitely the Supressed button will be used…hehehe what fun.!
Yes, I can see why LRH used the word POWER because that word holds importance, like “POWER PROCESSING” my god, that sounded so great, so promising, we all reached for it, we all wanted that and paid for it but not much wins come out of those processes!
We were sold a useless word but if Vitality would have been be run as those power processes -lists, I guarantee that the wins would have been huge and remained stable!

hehehe. this was a bath tub cog…. will be more on Vitality… so far I just seen a tiny bit… just picked through the opening door!

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