Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Time travel, levitation, moving through walls: what is- my experience?

There is no such a thing a time travel but there is the “ability” to recall when something has happened in fact that so called recalled incident is not in the past but it is a reconstructed image what has happened and when the years-locations are added that reassembled incident looks like it has happened in the past: but that is an illusion and that illusion exist because we consider, we accept as true it has happened in the past.
Example: when in session we are going over and over scanning through the same incident till we find the understanding what actually happens in that incident, what we are doing is in each scanning we add a bit more to that incident, we reconstruct a bit more but it is us who are mocking that incident up as in now, in sessions.
Exteriorizations with full perception..
Now that will never happen to human beings because humans reality awareness only extends: what is called “looking—seeing with the eyes” … using the eyes and seeing those colorful pictures of which by now we believe is the real thing!
So all those Rundowns of LRH’s when completed will not bring the desired results but will leave that person very disappointed –disillusioned – let down and have the definite belief- conclusion that the TECH is not working: this will be inevitable because this person in the first place had hidden standards: how EXTERIORIZATION SHOULD BE, and WHAT SHOULD BE SEEN: HOW THE OBJECTS OR TERRAIN or any PERSONS APPEARANCE should be like!
BUT: There is a good reason why this person believed what he believed in because: LRH HIMSELF HAVENT FOUND HAS NOT BECOME “AWARE” what EXTERIORAZATION ACTUALLY MEANS.[ not enough sessions on this topics]
There is no such a thing as popping out of the body: be in Moscow and walk around the Kremlin: looking at this or that object, listening into communications.. That can’t be done.. Impassible to achieve: to accomplish that the person need a body+ eyes+ ears in good working order.[ and more sessions than I had so far, maybe 500 thousand hours, 2 more lifetime worth?]
But the person could see something in those corridors of Kremlin: see on image so thin- flimsy… poor in quality and when paralleled – matched to those bright flat pictures the ‘’eyes’’ see these flimsy holographic images are ignored, period because the ‘’looker=person’’ is still looking for solidity and continuality of the seen pictures.
Let me explain my reality of which I have written by now.
We don’t time travel, we don’t ‘’go’’ anywhere but what we do is we put the attention on a subject and then we can ‘’’see’’’ a holographic image of that item.
But that image will only be observable for a fraction of a second: but in that tiny time span the Entity comes to full understanding what that holographic picture is about.
All these boils down to the level of AWARANESS of each Entity… we see what we believe is there, if the person only aware of what the ‘’eyes’’ can see, only have reality on ‘’looking” seeing bright flat pictures than that person only has AWARENESS on that level: OF THOSE FLAT IMIGES.
I believe that all of us can see these holographic images but they are ignored because they are not bright at all and to us by now the bright solid flat images have become the ‘’real thing’’ and holographic images are too insubstantial – flimsy- thin- and they don’t persist
Same goes for levitation…. An average person has hidden standards and they believe that the ‘’body’’ will be levitated –floated all 100 kilo of it….. hehehe that can be done but only when all I MEAN ALL CONSIDERATIONS WHY IS THE BODY WHAT IT IS,: have weigh, size, dimensions, walking on grounds, need to walk on grounds etc..+ when all other minus and plus beliefs are confronted than that can be done[ my reality of course] but to achieve such the person needs more than one lifetime worth of sessions more that 140 thousands hours’ worth for sure!
I only can levitate holographic images and these images only stay for fractions of the second!
But changes do happen and by now I really don’t care what the BODY CAN DO…. Because “levitation, walking through walls” these ideas meant to happen to the bodies and by now the body itself has become meaningless worthless insignificant article but it had a great value till these beliefs their meanings were challenged in session and replaced by cognitions: with unaltered reality: truth: what bodies really are!
Entity, Spirit is not a made object but it is “intangible “therefore it is INFINITE therefore do not have an location: because of not being something is not inside of something or outside of something: but the Entity is only AWARE of location: the object it self and can be aware=experience what it is like or considered’ believed to be the inside of something or what it is like, what is the mock up of the subjects outside and that awareness is the experience itself!
But the ”considerations: that there is such on thing as inside-outside or here or far, up or down any are in fact the added on beliefs, they are the lies. Because we can be only aware of ONE EXPERIENCE AT THE TIME. But we can call that anything what we like.. that wont change a thing 🙂
The ”eyes” see only flat surface but we, us add the rest what is in the picture.
THE “IN” PART what is in the picture what we know about that subject; EXAMPLE: Looking at a photo and in the photo let say 9 persons standing in a tight formation.
You know who these images are, family members and you when looking at this group you see beyond the flat paper and you add that knowingness to the picture: it was mamas birthday, Tom had a tooth ache on that day, father bough mother a string of pearls, you have given 3 day pass to a holiday resort etc… that is not in the picture!
ANOTHER EXAMPLE: you just moved into a new location: eyes see flat buildings, roads people, but you feel totally last totally disconnected or no connection has been established and that will come when you find out where is what, become familiar with the shops and when you will feel home BY THAT I MEAN IS THAT YOU AFTER EXPERIENCING THE ENERGY FLOWS OF THE PLACE YOU WILL BECOME CONNECTED AND FEEL HOME!
The eyes..looking will never give that experience but the experience of those energy masses will do it for you. FAVORITE CAFE you will like the best because that moving energy mass of the cofe matches your own energy level and here you will find people who are friendly too….hehehe… birds of the feather 🙂

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