Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The voice of god!! Shit, what next? Willpower and Lotto!
I went into session with the intent of exploring the meaning of the concept “CHANGE”.
I just asked at first ‘’what is change’’ when I ask the same question over and over I can see, become aware different facets –meanings of the same word with that the awareness expands and of course if there is charge an these considerations than the pictures will come also and I will go from there.
So, I hardly started when suddenly the BOOMING VOICE OF GOD stopped me dead… I literarily freeze as this voice echoed in ‘’’’my head’’ universe!
Wow… god has spoken and clearly unquestionably known that IT WAS HIS VOICE!
Now if you think that I finally went off the track… nuts, hearing voices of god… hehehe… I want to remind you that in session anything can happen and usually not what we think it will but something we never ever dream of.[hearing commands in session from recalled items or just happens in everyday life: well, the voice is implanted crap.
So, this booming voice ringing in my HEAD and suddenly pictures started to role as in movies: I was in, seen self in ‘unconscious’ state and I was being implanted and the implant was the GOD MATERIAL which we all know so well and all the religions are trumpeting and by that holding that implant in solid state and with that stimulating millions!
I to have been implanted same as all of you… the burning bush… the thundering commands, do this and that…
But here is what all this shit from implant has done made me to accept –agree to: there is a superior being, who is most powerful, who is above all.
Now my friends, outside of changing my own diapers or toothbrush, decide to have coffee or tea, chicken or fish for dinner… well.. free to make these decisions!
But just INTEND to move that object without the use of the body, or intend to move the body from one location example where you are and move from that place into my living room and have coffee with me here!
Or by a lotto ticket and win that huge some, see if you win, I challenge you on this! I could bring up hundreds of these examples and I bet not one could be achieved by sheer willpower!
I been working on these topics since late winter when I first seen-listened to the video: SECRET…. Hehehe and I though than WOW after 41 years’ worth of sessions and by now I knew I have cleared away enough counter intentions to make things work for me, make whatever I want happen.HEHEHE !!!!
$50 million was in my bag already!
Wow, hehehe, dream on! illusions are so fragile! And hundreds of sessions later on the same and similar subjects: intention-change-have or not-winning losing—knowing that I can, well that $ 50 million is still not in that bag!
But had hundreds of Cognitions and each of these cogs have brought vital information’s and new reality – awareness that without them not having them I never would become free! So I have been gained more than what money could have bought.
AND I gained new awareness that I am as an ENTITY on the Tone Scale are lower than the bottom of the frog!: IN NONE EXISTANCE as in INTENTION-CONTROL—HAVING WILL POWER OVER MEST.
You believe you have control, willpower and what you intend happens?
I dare you, I challenge you to step out of your customary condition, your normal daily life, that routine those repetitive actions and do something different for change “example”: you believe and always have believed that you can walk through that wall, you can move that ashtray by intention, you can be at will at Niagara Falls dangling your feet over the roaring waters!
Nothing will happen!!!!!! and the grand illusion of having power over MEST that you are in control will evaporate faster than the air from the lungs when the elephant happen to step on that ribcage.
By the way that BELIEF YOU HAVE THAT YOU CAN WALK THROUGH WALLS OR ON WATER WITH THE BODY, OR MOVE ON ASHTRAY OR A MOUNTAIN by sheer will, the only reason you have those realities the awareness of those concepts because you have done that and much more!
God: that mighty monumental implant you have imbedded into the fiber of your universe will not allow your plans to become what you intended: it has total control till it will be found and confronted.
The belief: I don’t believe in god… well, that belief will not release because that belief has come later and the God implant was instated –established first!.

ONLY GOD HAS THE POWER AND HE HAS THE POWER OVER ALL LIVING CRITTERS :.hehehe…… just stop for one moment and do your best to comprehend how many Prayers are being sent daily to that Implant Factory, how many sigh leave the lips in silence or in private and asks: DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP ME JUST THIS ONCE, I PROMISE I BE GOOD AND I WILL REMAIN YOUR SERVENT!
Oh.. assigned power… yes we have that in place but will that wish be granted?


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