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Dont skeep this one !

Elizabeth, I would say the same as you are saying about personal bank.
I have written “FULLY undoing the Bank is not a job for a (one) person alone” because I feel that besides one’s personal bank there is a WHOLE bank everybody lives is, and this Bank (or Universe, or Set of beliefs) is constantly created and made real for anyone by anyone. EVERYBODY WANT TO HAVE SOMETHING BE THERE, therefore it is unstoppable as a mutual creation. Moreover, each person is “convinced” that undoing the BIG BANK would be the biggest crime, unforgivable in eternal time. What is “allowed” is trying a personal solitary escape. A cruel joke, since any door out opens into a much bigger Bank summarized in the 8 Dynamics.”

Let me give on this my newly gained reality. I am not guessing, assuming or have come to conclusions by evaluation of read material which was compiled-amassed by other from their own ALTERED REALITY.
About 15 years back I started to work on “What is, what are Agreement-agreements, Laws, Regulations, and Rules, ” because I realised by having agreements, these agreed upon realities made me the part of the Group, therefore I wanted to know how this has come about, where its origin was.
And over the next few months I drawn dragged into session every agreement, every Law, every religious Order, I ever belonged by freewill or forced into and obeyed, I looked at Secret Sects I was the part of, the Blood Oaths I have taken in order to belong to be part of the group and followed their rules-regulations.
These sessions were of course were done by the rules how to audit, have a session  on 4 Flows, went earlier similar and of course included ARCb’s O/W’s suppress b. etc..till VGI’s and cognitions.
These sessions went on daily for months and they were long- many as 10 hours a day.
As the results I had thousands of cognitions and because of them my reality have changes profoundly. What I have discovered that Laws, Agreements are the part of the contents of implants and those who are affected by these implants=sitting in it, are held there by the agreed upon laws and they are required to fallow them.
Example: the Human Race what is, is on IMPLANT: to belong into this implant the Entity agrees to have: with that “having” A body, a life= that means that package contains every reality –belief there is: conceived, born growing adult, sex, sleep, eat, beingness, tired-nes, values, Fear, death, and becoming Nothing!” ETC….ETC.
Being a human is nothing more than being stuck in on agreed upon established laws-rules-regulations.

Hehehe soon as these agreed upon realities are as-ised in session that Entity IS NO LONGER A HUMAN! Because to that ENTITY HAS AS_ISED THE VALANCE=THE BEIGNESS “WHAT IT MEANS BEING A HUMAN”!!!!!!!
Simple as that! Well, that simple thing to achieve taken over a 1000 hours in session.
When I have as-ised all the agreements-rules-regulations I ever made since I become the part of this Universal mass that moment I no longer was the ENFORCED PART OF ANY RACE ANY GROUP with that I no longer was part of the masses- the crowd and to me that concept-consideration no longer existed.
You see Diogene, To be on Italian.. or a Hungarians, Chinese with that the Entity has taken on the VALANCE = the laws, rules regulations of that implanted material.
Italian appearance, language, likes and dislikes behaviour etc, the laws are the Characteristics of the race. Of course these laws-agreements have been altered-modified over the eons these means the Entity itself has belonged to many different groups before and has altered the laws.
There is no such a thing=Entity as a Hungarian or Italian Entity!
We simply can’t as-is the reality of someone else’s because we can’t sense it and what we can’t sense, feel what we can’t confront.
The most challenging part of not belonging to any group is when we don’t belong we don’t have that Valance, we are not recognised by the group, acknowledged is a member.
I truly stand alone, BUT ….hehehe… I love Buts…. When all the reasons are as-ised which made me the part of groups-races-societies I have gained entry to a different Universe and that Universe is called by the Group of scientologists as Theta and the Human Race has named it a Spiritual Realm. I simply call it the Magical Kingdom because here belongs all, including the Fairies, the Gnomes, the Dragons and all who know that dreams are real and solidity to is only a dream.
The Dynamics they meaning exist only because it is agree upon, therefore they do, so is any other groups, beliefs, realities, sensations aches and pains.
You want miracles hehehe all you need to do is believe in something: bingo! you have it in that instant! :):) 🙂


Answer for Maribel :)

When I was having sessions on the Item what is being Human: first: conceived, born having a body : went through different stages of growth, than maturity, aging and getting old and dying, included before the body was conceived and after death.
Every concept I mentioned above has many other concepts and those too were taken into sessions. The cogs poured!. These sessions went on for months and I was in sessions daily.
I have seen, re-experienced incredible different life styles and I have seen how the different variety of bodies was created –constructed and what they were used for.
The soft meat bodies were made in order to be consumed to become FOOD.
I seen in these sessions how they were created: how these meat bodies could re-create, reproduce them-self and how they could ‘’survive’’ on their own and did not had to be looked after. But they could multiply fast and that was good, that was the intention to create never ending food supply!
The male body had the same function as it has now and so are the females: Sex for pleasure was not part of the original package. Female bodies were the cows and they could re-produce fast and also give-produce nourishment too what the new born needed to grow and be healthy.
But sex was only used to reproduce and these bodies lived in groups but in fact these groups were HEARDs, they were grazers, veggie eaters.
The Bodies were regularly harvested when they were in their ‘’prime’ ’by their original creators, than processed and eaten of course. [ saying still lingers: taken in his/her prime.] The processing of meat was on ship and transported in condensed form.
I have seen the processed food: it looked like gray paste and was considered as delicacy, perfect food since it contained every element what these aliens needed to survive.
Their planet was swept away by a galactic storm and the planet where these herds lived drifted off into different location.
I did not recall how I gotten trapped that time in that meat body, but obviously I was because otherwise I could not see what I have.
I also seen that those aliens did not have hands like ours but claws like crabs have…. hehehe.. seen the claw delicately taken a morsel of paste and savouring it!
Now why any Alien in this universe who have known about the origin of meat bodies, and the reason they were created would ever think, believe that the meat body and those who claim they have one is more than low lives? That they are superior?
The answer you already know: Do one human think believe on this planet that a pig, or a cow is superior to them? Well? Hehehe.. oh yes: stake, fried pork, stewed, barbequed, beef soup: but being superior race?
Also and this is a fact, that the Aliens know that the human race is so badly infected, are contaminated that all their believes are negative-destructive, harmful and they do contaminate each other by telepathic communication=every other form of communication too!
Examples?: just look around this planet and see for yourself.
The Aliens have segregated this planet and it is also well known that those who’s ‘’mind’’ is effected by excess amount of confusing implanted material is also dumped here and forgotten.
Who can leave re-enter the Universe?
Only those who can erase as-is the contaminations, that is the must because long as any one has that BANK –impurities, adulterations, distractive beliefs that will keep the beings here since those beliefs are the trap itself, are the invisible walls of the prison.
The prof of all this that it’s exist: is the continuations –being reborn, getting back into newly born bodies, having a track of long life cycles!

superior race ?

I was reading a post in the Italian blog and one of the members have written that we are superior not like animals because we can reason, think things out!
WOW, that has fired me up hehehe…. because this person belongs to the group of scientologists who believe that they will lead others out of their misery and his group will control the universe from some platform! Shit!
Think….reason things out? What is that I ask?
Thinking- reasoning judging rationalizing evaluating is necessary because the human is sitting in such a huge confusion: ALTERED REALITIES =lies that he needs to judge rationalize in hope and that his guessing= gambling the path he chooses :whatever has been selected will turn out alright!…. wow and that is judging -thinking. Meanwhile he sits there in sweats in fear and prays in silence that all will go well!
LRH said that is: figure-figure.
This person looks at animals and many humans have the same reality that animals are inferior low -grade, less significant than humans are because they are not like humans: can’t think, can’t reason.
I haven’t seen an animal who in drunken stupor killed his wife and his children, or instigated war: with that eliminated millions of the same species, or fixed the Stock Market that when it crashed millions have lost their savings but him and his cronies gained billions at the same time!
I haven’t seen animals who needs drugs, glass or two of alcohol daily to be able to cope with daily-life or kill innocent by standers just for the fun of it.
I don’t think the animals who are the cause of global warming, pollution or the fish of the oceans have polluted the waters so badly that now many species are dead or soon to be dead. I believe you are getting my drift here.
Animals do not need to think, to reason out because they simply know.
Animals don’t need clocks to waken them, to be reminded when to do something, animals don’t need fancy clothing, cars, and jewelry, houses, to be given fancy important titles in order to feel superior to others, to stand out that they are better than others. I never seen or heard of on animal who acted superior toward humans! They are known to allow ”beingness” to humans even after they have been mistreated !
Animals are OT’s they have abilities and me by working having sessions all my life, every day and still haven’t come close to understanding where they are at what these abilities are!
In fact I haven’t comprehended their abilities of communication, their ability to see, to know.
I am not even close, but I do understand that I haven’t got it and if I could achieve their State what they are in this life than I would know that I would have a glimpse of freedom.
The human race’s awareness is so minimal, so narrow –low that they don’t realize that they are totally controlled and the same time they were made to believe that they are superior: and that is the trap itself.
That belief alone holds the human race in stale state: unmoving immobile unchanged.
PS: Do I know it all? Hell, No… I just reached that liberating state where I know I don’t!:)
to boast about superiority, well…. being a superior race well… that is not a good idea…. hehehe…that is on indication of ignorance…
have any of you ever though about why this planet is so segregated from the universe? have any of you taken up that idea and have investigated why that is? I have and what I found was not a pleasant reality. Ask if you want to know what was that.

true story… magic cape, hehehe, emperors new clothing?

Long time ago, far away on the other side which could have been anywhere in this universe I met someone who was ‘’selling’’ offering Cape made of NOTHINGNESS…. Oh those days that ‘’nothingness’’ was a very coveted item because we all knew each other, there was nothing new for us to see, to experience, to want, to desire because we had everything and that was too much!
In this incident WE DID NOT HAVE BODIES and we lived as Entities, as spirituals do and this incident did not happen ‘’between life’s” because we haven’t hit the bottom on the Tone Scale yet and that goes with having bodies, identify self with solidity.
This person drawn me into his space by intention and those days we had lot of that and that was the reason we had to much of everything!
His space , this Entities or OT’s whatever you want to call, had a very vibrant energy wavelengths which of course was his personal space- universe and this vibration was made of sparkles of diamond like flashes and these vivacities vitalities made sounds to like thousands of tiny crystal bells, very attractive quality, really up-tone!
By the way our communication was not verbal, had no sounds but we communicated with intention, and our intention created a visible images which were seen experienced by the other Entities and this was a perfect way to communicate.
Well, I was ready to get out of the rut of having everything, I was looking for something new, which would give me a escapade and this Entity offered a CAPE: when the cape was placed over the shoulder [ invisible shoulder of course!] the wearer would become undetectable, of course not recognised by others, not known he was at the location, in other words would be completely ignored.
But before I could receive this MAGICAL CAPE, I had to give, sign an agreement, which was done by intention: flashing a picture and this was required because in that moment I have done that the Cape was clocked over my personal space: with that my energy-vibration was overwhelmed, no longer existed what I have been before and my Identity has been rubbed out, erased: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so were all my abilities, like communicate with intention!
First I thought this was fun, I could come and go anywhere I wanted to and no one knew me, no one bothered me, and no one could because: “ I have become singular, separated and with that no longer I was the part of the group”, vanished from the group.
Let me describe this Magical Cape: the cape was made of EMPTINESS instead of let say brocade. This Emptiness which has become my space, my personal universe was invisible to others: that means when they experienced this Emptiness and when they have perceived this emptiness that is what they have seen and felt nothing: zero, zilch.
Of course after while I wanted to shad, take off this Cape but I could not and this incident I write here was recalled because I have forgotten a name and no matter how I wanted to recall this name I could not: and this has prompted me to get into session and look for the reason, the ‘why’ this ‘’blank, emptiness” has taken the place of that name: Because that is what happens: blank-emptiness-nothingness is covering up the memory we have.
As the session continued I have recalled immense amount of incidents and I understood how this Cape of nothing-ness has changed my Universe, how I operated: now this is the joke part: I was not operating but become total effect.
I have seen in different incidents as how me the self was struggling to regain identities or create new identities-valances in order to belong again, I have seen self-fail over and over in every phase in my lives, the problems, the ARCB’s were caused by inabilities.
Long- long list of failures.
Of course I looked for O/W’s and find some but nothing extraordinary so I decided to look for this Implant station where my valance=me was erased and replaced with emptiness!.
I found nothing, so I looked for this Entity who has sold me this Cape because I sensed that if I find him than I will be able SEE HOW THIS IMPLANT-CAPE was put over me. That is easy to do, you see, once communication is established between Entities that communication energy-vibration will remain intact till as-ised in session: this is fact.
So I found him/it…..the joke was on both of us, we shared universe, we have become part of each other in the moment that agreement was in place.
LRH said: soon as we cause, in that moment we become on effect of what we caused: fact, true!
So, I did not have to look far: I recalled the moment when I placed my Chop where it had to be put which sealed my fate and with that changed the course, the path I was walking on.
Yet, I still could not see, re-experience, and understand what really has happened, how that bloody emptiness was placed over me and made me powerless and become: a nobody.
I pulled back from the incident and I observed went though it again and the realization come: this Entity was not part of an implant, but he was like on Elf, a powerful critter, on Entity and his sole –singular ability was that he could make things-beings-universe vanish! Puff the incident has vanished, been as-ised.
Do I now regain all my lost abilities?
By now I am not naïve when it comes to understand the MEST U, not like 30-35 years back when I though a cognition in place =understanding how things were would bring back the abilities… Now I know that it takes much much more than few million cogs to gain back what it was lost.
Those of you who are looking for that Magic Wand which would erased-as-is all the misery well I have news for you people,: that Magic Wand do not recognise, evaluate, sort out incidents: but when it is waved over you: all will disappear. The Magic wand is like antibiotics :not only kill the bad viruses-bacteria’s but the good ones too are eliminated!
Beware what you wish for, and just between us and every Entity in this Universe, you have had that magic wand waved over you who know how many occasion by now: proof of that: how is your recall, how is your memory, can you make things appear or vanish, how is your vitality=lifeforce, can you move object with intention, can you see without the use of ”eyes” etc..etc..?????


If power processing, any auditing dealing with power: all existing lists+ questions pertaining power IF that word POWER would not be used but instead VITALITY: we all could have had much better results and more stable wins.
WE AS HUMAN RACE, we dont know much about power but each of us have a very clear understanding what vitality means, what happens when we dont have any, or just enough to do our daily routine and by the evening that little is exhusted or totally overwhelmed by other heavy masses of energy.
And we always admired people who have boundless vitality!
Power having that, we humans usually connect power with “money” lots of it.
This is a huge subject “VITALITY” and I am going to explore it to its full extant.
This means I will look at items when VITALITY was missing, destroyed, to much, not enough, all the O/W’s ARCB’s connected to vitality…. etc…and definitely the Supressed button will be used…hehehe what fun.!
Yes, I can see why LRH used the word POWER because that word holds importance, like “POWER PROCESSING” my god, that sounded so great, so promising, we all reached for it, we all wanted that and paid for it but not much wins come out of those processes!
We were sold a useless word but if Vitality would have been be run as those power processes -lists, I guarantee that the wins would have been huge and remained stable!

hehehe. this was a bath tub cog…. will be more on Vitality… so far I just seen a tiny bit… just picked through the opening door!

very speacial, extraordenary day…or session?

today September 10th and I had my session but while the session was going even when having the cognition have not brought the realisation that I have reached a major milestone or can be called a huge shift, a complete flip in reality.
that I have stepped out of a level which I was in but did not know that that I can as-is it because it contained a special body of considerations.
in 42 years this kind of shifting happened only twice before: when I realized that I was a spiritual entity and the second time when I moved out of human reality by losing all valances and with them went “value” but the major shift -change was caused by losing FEAR it self.
but today, I still dont know what or where my reality is standing since all this is new.
i am celebrating with on extra cup of coffee:)
when i have moved here to this condo-apartment i have known that here, in this place over looking the forest i will reach a new level, open a door to new realities.
this small almost insignificant cognition was in fact enough to blow away the last remaining layer or wall which was made out of something harder than diamond. i been chipping away this wall about 20 years..:)
what next? session! since each cognition expands the awareness and what I become aware again and always will be confronted… 🙂
i thank you all for sharing space…

Time travel, levitation, moving through walls, going exterior, being outside of the body – my experience…

Time travel, levitation, moving through walls: what is- my experience?

There is no such a thing a time travel but there is the “ability” to recall when something has happened in fact that so called recalled incident is not in the past but it is a reconstructed image what has happened and when the years-locations are added that reassembled incident looks like it has happened in the past: but that is an illusion and that illusion exist because we consider, we accept as true it has happened in the past.
Example: when in session we are going over and over scanning through the same incident till we find the understanding what actually happens in that incident, what we are doing is in each scanning we add a bit more to that incident, we reconstruct a bit more but it is us who are mocking that incident up as in now, in sessions.
Exteriorizations with full perception..
Now that will never happen to human beings because humans reality awareness only extends: what is called “looking—seeing with the eyes” … using the eyes and seeing those colorful pictures of which by now we believe is the real thing!
So all those Rundowns of LRH’s when completed will not bring the desired results but will leave that person very disappointed –disillusioned – let down and have the definite belief- conclusion that the TECH is not working: this will be inevitable because this person in the first place had hidden standards: how EXTERIORIZATION SHOULD BE, and WHAT SHOULD BE SEEN: HOW THE OBJECTS OR TERRAIN or any PERSONS APPEARANCE should be like!
BUT: There is a good reason why this person believed what he believed in because: LRH HIMSELF HAVENT FOUND HAS NOT BECOME “AWARE” what EXTERIORAZATION ACTUALLY MEANS.[ not enough sessions on this topics]
There is no such a thing as popping out of the body: be in Moscow and walk around the Kremlin: looking at this or that object, listening into communications.. That can’t be done.. Impassible to achieve: to accomplish that the person need a body+ eyes+ ears in good working order.[ and more sessions than I had so far, maybe 500 thousand hours, 2 more lifetime worth?]
But the person could see something in those corridors of Kremlin: see on image so thin- flimsy… poor in quality and when paralleled – matched to those bright flat pictures the ‘’eyes’’ see these flimsy holographic images are ignored, period because the ‘’looker=person’’ is still looking for solidity and continuality of the seen pictures.
Let me explain my reality of which I have written by now.
We don’t time travel, we don’t ‘’go’’ anywhere but what we do is we put the attention on a subject and then we can ‘’’see’’’ a holographic image of that item.
But that image will only be observable for a fraction of a second: but in that tiny time span the Entity comes to full understanding what that holographic picture is about.
All these boils down to the level of AWARANESS of each Entity… we see what we believe is there, if the person only aware of what the ‘’eyes’’ can see, only have reality on ‘’looking” seeing bright flat pictures than that person only has AWARENESS on that level: OF THOSE FLAT IMIGES.
I believe that all of us can see these holographic images but they are ignored because they are not bright at all and to us by now the bright solid flat images have become the ‘’real thing’’ and holographic images are too insubstantial – flimsy- thin- and they don’t persist
Same goes for levitation…. An average person has hidden standards and they believe that the ‘’body’’ will be levitated –floated all 100 kilo of it….. hehehe that can be done but only when all I MEAN ALL CONSIDERATIONS WHY IS THE BODY WHAT IT IS,: have weigh, size, dimensions, walking on grounds, need to walk on grounds etc..+ when all other minus and plus beliefs are confronted than that can be done[ my reality of course] but to achieve such the person needs more than one lifetime worth of sessions more that 140 thousands hours’ worth for sure!
I only can levitate holographic images and these images only stay for fractions of the second!
But changes do happen and by now I really don’t care what the BODY CAN DO…. Because “levitation, walking through walls” these ideas meant to happen to the bodies and by now the body itself has become meaningless worthless insignificant article but it had a great value till these beliefs their meanings were challenged in session and replaced by cognitions: with unaltered reality: truth: what bodies really are!
Entity, Spirit is not a made object but it is “intangible “therefore it is INFINITE therefore do not have an location: because of not being something is not inside of something or outside of something: but the Entity is only AWARE of location: the object it self and can be aware=experience what it is like or considered’ believed to be the inside of something or what it is like, what is the mock up of the subjects outside and that awareness is the experience itself!
But the ”considerations: that there is such on thing as inside-outside or here or far, up or down any are in fact the added on beliefs, they are the lies. Because we can be only aware of ONE EXPERIENCE AT THE TIME. But we can call that anything what we like.. that wont change a thing 🙂
The ”eyes” see only flat surface but we, us add the rest what is in the picture.
THE “IN” PART what is in the picture what we know about that subject; EXAMPLE: Looking at a photo and in the photo let say 9 persons standing in a tight formation.
You know who these images are, family members and you when looking at this group you see beyond the flat paper and you add that knowingness to the picture: it was mamas birthday, Tom had a tooth ache on that day, father bough mother a string of pearls, you have given 3 day pass to a holiday resort etc… that is not in the picture!
ANOTHER EXAMPLE: you just moved into a new location: eyes see flat buildings, roads people, but you feel totally last totally disconnected or no connection has been established and that will come when you find out where is what, become familiar with the shops and when you will feel home BY THAT I MEAN IS THAT YOU AFTER EXPERIENCING THE ENERGY FLOWS OF THE PLACE YOU WILL BECOME CONNECTED AND FEEL HOME!
The eyes..looking will never give that experience but the experience of those energy masses will do it for you. FAVORITE CAFE you will like the best because that moving energy mass of the cofe matches your own energy level and here you will find people who are friendly too….hehehe… birds of the feather 🙂

The voice of god!! Shit, what next? Willpower and Lotto!

The voice of god!! Shit, what next? Willpower and Lotto!
I went into session with the intent of exploring the meaning of the concept “CHANGE”.
I just asked at first ‘’what is change’’ when I ask the same question over and over I can see, become aware different facets –meanings of the same word with that the awareness expands and of course if there is charge an these considerations than the pictures will come also and I will go from there.
So, I hardly started when suddenly the BOOMING VOICE OF GOD stopped me dead… I literarily freeze as this voice echoed in ‘’’’my head’’ universe!
Wow… god has spoken and clearly unquestionably known that IT WAS HIS VOICE!
Now if you think that I finally went off the track… nuts, hearing voices of god… hehehe… I want to remind you that in session anything can happen and usually not what we think it will but something we never ever dream of.[hearing commands in session from recalled items or just happens in everyday life: well, the voice is implanted crap.
So, this booming voice ringing in my HEAD and suddenly pictures started to role as in movies: I was in, seen self in ‘unconscious’ state and I was being implanted and the implant was the GOD MATERIAL which we all know so well and all the religions are trumpeting and by that holding that implant in solid state and with that stimulating millions!
I to have been implanted same as all of you… the burning bush… the thundering commands, do this and that…
But here is what all this shit from implant has done made me to accept –agree to: there is a superior being, who is most powerful, who is above all.
Now my friends, outside of changing my own diapers or toothbrush, decide to have coffee or tea, chicken or fish for dinner… well.. free to make these decisions!
But just INTEND to move that object without the use of the body, or intend to move the body from one location example where you are and move from that place into my living room and have coffee with me here!
Or by a lotto ticket and win that huge some, see if you win, I challenge you on this! I could bring up hundreds of these examples and I bet not one could be achieved by sheer willpower!
I been working on these topics since late winter when I first seen-listened to the video: SECRET…. Hehehe and I though than WOW after 41 years’ worth of sessions and by now I knew I have cleared away enough counter intentions to make things work for me, make whatever I want happen.HEHEHE !!!!
$50 million was in my bag already!
Wow, hehehe, dream on! illusions are so fragile! And hundreds of sessions later on the same and similar subjects: intention-change-have or not-winning losing—knowing that I can, well that $ 50 million is still not in that bag!
But had hundreds of Cognitions and each of these cogs have brought vital information’s and new reality – awareness that without them not having them I never would become free! So I have been gained more than what money could have bought.
AND I gained new awareness that I am as an ENTITY on the Tone Scale are lower than the bottom of the frog!: IN NONE EXISTANCE as in INTENTION-CONTROL—HAVING WILL POWER OVER MEST.
You believe you have control, willpower and what you intend happens?
I dare you, I challenge you to step out of your customary condition, your normal daily life, that routine those repetitive actions and do something different for change “example”: you believe and always have believed that you can walk through that wall, you can move that ashtray by intention, you can be at will at Niagara Falls dangling your feet over the roaring waters!
Nothing will happen!!!!!! and the grand illusion of having power over MEST that you are in control will evaporate faster than the air from the lungs when the elephant happen to step on that ribcage.
By the way that BELIEF YOU HAVE THAT YOU CAN WALK THROUGH WALLS OR ON WATER WITH THE BODY, OR MOVE ON ASHTRAY OR A MOUNTAIN by sheer will, the only reason you have those realities the awareness of those concepts because you have done that and much more!
God: that mighty monumental implant you have imbedded into the fiber of your universe will not allow your plans to become what you intended: it has total control till it will be found and confronted.
The belief: I don’t believe in god… well, that belief will not release because that belief has come later and the God implant was instated –established first!.

ONLY GOD HAS THE POWER AND HE HAS THE POWER OVER ALL LIVING CRITTERS :.hehehe…… just stop for one moment and do your best to comprehend how many Prayers are being sent daily to that Implant Factory, how many sigh leave the lips in silence or in private and asks: DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP ME JUST THIS ONCE, I PROMISE I BE GOOD AND I WILL REMAIN YOUR SERVENT!
Oh.. assigned power… yes we have that in place but will that wish be granted?