Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Inside the robot
Last night I had to do something for a few hours and while doing that the movement of the body was restricted, was repetitive I lost interest in what I was doing very fast; has become boring and boredom is low-low on the TS.
When I got back here my thought remained with the subject and when that happens I know because that subject is re-stimulative, I am glued to it that is the reason for the existence of those thoughts.
I went over the mental images and instantly understood that the body’s movements were totally robotic while doing that task and I went into sessions.
Over the years I have seen in sessions many different pictures-incidents where I observed the robots from distance, but I never actually on purpose recalled incident when I was a robot…inside a robot and let me tell you this short sessions in which I recalled dozen or so incidents being in different robots was enlightening.
But the PROFOUND GRIEF I FELT WHEN THE MACHINES WERE TURNED OFF… now that was somewhat unexpected because this grief was so deep-heavy.
Now, In this recall because when the stimulation the energy of the machine has stopped I wanted to use my own ”willpower”: determination to restart the robot BUT I COULD NOT !!!!! and Because I could not restart the machine with that I was trapped inside the machines!
This reality of not being able to move my-self, or make the machine move: added to my already vast collection of belief a new awareness: being PARALIZED and having this belief in place I deprived myself of one more ability and the same time assigned power to bodies, machinery: that they can move and I need them in order to move, to feel alive!
It was extraordinary experience-session.
And what robot-human bodies do? Handle other robots, give them stimulation, receive the same…and go on believing that that is the only way and there is no other experience which could give them the same feelings-sensations. that belief is just one reality means only being aware that viewpoint: and that is…well… 🙂 just one out of many each Entity can choose from after the elimination of restricting considerations-agreement.
LRH said that sex-stimulation is on the bottom of the TS… and that still stands.


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