Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Dedicated to MARILDI…my friend Marilyna
COGNITION  because of YOU! 
Man has known to attack, destroy, eliminate eradicate each other with use of weapons whatever is and was available through the history of our track.
Words are included in the category of weapons in fact “words as weapon” has more power than any other ever been designed.
We attack those who oppose our beliefs and we mercilessly ruthlessly evaluate their belief and why is that?
Hehehe…… for a simple reason: we have a belief so strongly imbedded implanted into our conscious by THE IMPLANT IT SELF that we must defend these implanted beliefs because we have: our survival depends on this belief. 
IN FACT: IT IS NOT OUR OWN SURVIVAL WE DEFAND WHEN WE ATTACK OTHERS, KILL THEM OFF, ELIMINATE THEM, rub they beliefs their bodies off THE FACE OF THE EARTH BUT WHEN WE DEFAND our own BELIEFs WITH THAT WE ENSURE THE STANDING THE SOLIDITY THE CONTINIUM of OUR OWN IMPLANTED MATERIAL: we when attack –evaluate-invalidate or kill, with that act we want to erase the implant which is threatening our embedded crap.
PS: is will be in my blog too.


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