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“They put a spell on me, baby!”

I’d like to share a story.

I’ve told this story to a few people, to a mostly sceptical response. I’m sceptical myself, and yet these facts are true for me.

Due to my own personal disillusionment with non-optimum situations prevailing in the church, I left Corporate Scientology years ago. For personal reasons I am still under the radar, however this should not detract from the credibility of this story.

I still apply a number of aspects of Scientology to my daily life, though to be honest I regard these tools more as natural laws of life than religious dogma.

Over the last few years I noticed my work flow was slowly drying up with me occasionally doing conditions and seeing an improvement, but a steady roller-coaster emergency condition. I found all sorts of reasons and justifications for this situation but must admit at the back of my mind I wondered if all these allegations were true about “things going wrong in life”, “not doing well”, even “cancer” etc when one is no longer “connected to source”. It did enough to keep me anxious and worried to the point of making occasional overtures to the org in desperation to change my condition.

I have sniffed around various Indy practices and liked what I saw of the actual tech, but was put off by ‘conspiracy theories’ – and one in particular. I was told that at Flag they get solo NOTs auditors in session in order to perform Black Dianetics on those who’ve left the church. I really didn’t get all the data on this as I frankly didn’t believe it and saw no reason to enquire further. However, I’ve heard from people doing solo auditing outside of the church that they’ve experienced such incidents.

Earlier this year things got pretty tough. I managed to keep the wolf from the door by making extraordinary solutions. But during one memorable 10-day period my phone literally never rang and absolutely no work came in. It dawned on me – this was completely unnatural. Whenever I had applied conditions in the past it had changed – but now it wasn’t budging. What struck me the most was how much effort was required to pull in the smallest bit of work, whereas previously it just rolled in of its own accord.

I realized this couldn’t carry on and I grabbed my e-meter, got my ‘Act 1’ in, sort of got my TRs in, and sternly enquired “Is anyone fucking with my case?”

Well, I got something.

About a year and a half ago a Class 9 auditor arrived at my office with his e-meter and, despite me initially refusing to go on the cans, I believed I had nothing to apologise for, so I capitulated. It was just a meaningless DofP and I wondered why he’d gone to so much trouble. But this is what now came up in my session!

I handled the charge accordingly and within an hour I had the first work come in.

Now, I’m not one for claiming my income 10X’d itself after such and such run-down, and that hasn’t happened. But what I’ve without doubt observed since that session (and a few others I gave myself in succeeding days) is that the unnaturalness has disappeared, my flows quite definitely changed with conditions now working as expected, particularly outflow equals inflow.

Possibly there was nothing to the original incident. Possibly I imagined it all in session. I neither know nor care, really. All I do know is that it delivered the result I was looking for. Almost every day since I’ve been having work flow in, and I’ve been doing a considerable amount of outflowing. Actions taken now perform as expected, no miracles – but previously they didn’t. The heavy effort has vanished.

As a further illustration, as soon as I’d finished a first draft of this article and saved it for later review, I checked my emails and there was a request for some work from a new company that had been referred to me by a mutual acquaintance. This is how I used to get all my work in the past – yet until that moment, it hadn’t happened in 18 months.

I may be regarded by Corporate Scientology as a ‘squirrel’, but I have no doubt LRH in the same situation would have similarly grabbed his e-meter and enquired of it: “Is anyone fucking with my case?”

Dr. Mac


Comments on: "“They put a spell on me, baby!" (1)

  1. marknr1011 said:

    Wonderful account of a successful action. To me, this goes to show what a talented and caring person can do with the tech.

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