Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Is the very reason why humans don’t have enough power to fill a thimble.
I am not talking about power which is demonstrated by and offered by manmade machineries or other forms of soft-meat bodies:
Examples: automobiles or other forms of machinery propelled by added form of energy: petrol, wind, water, electricity, gas in form of vapour or moved by human bodies: Like rolling out dough on a board.
Agreements create makes belief into solid reality: they become like walls carved out of diamond or made of titanium, newly added collected agreements further solidify the same subject-item: THEREFORE the content-subjects of these Agreements can’t be changed: they persist –continue : are UN- AFFECTED “UNTILL” the original AGREEMENT IS AS-ISED by the person who has agreed!
But keep it in view that the words of these agreements its contents – the very considerations are sitting on a huge mass of energy and every new agreement enhances adds to the original mass.
Example: Buddha had a though a belief and he has passed that belief to his immediate company of friends and their agreement –acknowledgement made it solid existing and look around today [400 million believers ] just how solid those believes has become but the problem is that the original realizations have ben miss-duplicated and added too twisted it to unrecognizable mass by 400 million! The original realisation only exist in one person universe, the same entity who had it in the first place.
Other Examples: we all need a good night sleep, we need to nurture the body in order to survive, sex is the greatest pleasure human can experience, we were born, we are inside the body, we can’t fly, we can’t walk through walls, and WE CANT MOVE ITEMs- things BY INTENTION, by thoughts or sheer willpower!!!!
As a result of the agreements-beliefs :objects can only be moved by other objects! Because we agreed that they can move things and we can’t do it without the use of the body part : we assigned by powered to these agreements -beliefs and from this we can understand what assigned ASIGNED POWER is and can do: has robbed deprived us from our abilities.
You got it…
Over the eons the agreements on any subject has grown into immense amount of beliefs=considerations and these Agreements because they are consolidated –many sided, a huge collection of believes-considerations are in place, will not let intentions change the unwanted into our own preferred state.
If you have a thought a belief that we can walk through walls, we can levitate, we can levitate objects we can fly… if you have these believes because in other times-place you could.
We only have thought-believes-consideration because at one time we have experienced them… even they were illusions yet they were real therefore happened.
Hehehe… how this can be: illusion yet real? Agreements made them real.


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